Exclusive: MINI to Keep the Name Paceman for New Crossover

Worldwide MINI Brand Manager Dr. Kay Segler has confirmed to us that they intend to keep the name “Paceman” for the forthcoming Countryman based crossover coupe. While the concept was of course originally called the Paceman, we had heard from within MINI that the name would likely be changing.

Countryman Coupe and Countryman GT were floated but MINI wanted the model to be further differentiated from the Countryman and be able to stand on its own with a unique identity. So Paceman it is.

The Paceman will have a digital preview in the coming months with production starting this fall. Sales should commence by the end of the year in some markets with the US likely seeing the car on dealer showrooms in early 2013.

  • that.guy

    For both the exterior design and naming of this car, it seems MINI drew inspiration from the infamous AMC Pacer.

    • R.Burns

      fortunately not

  • otter

    I am quite glad they decided to keep the name, it may not be great but IMO it the lesser of two evils.

  • Makar

    Can’t wait to see the interior

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      Same as the Countryman with a few trim variations. This is just a repackaged Countryman much like the coupe and roadster are repackaged convertibles. Not full ground up new models.

      • Vanmini

        regardless, this will save rally MINI cars from havuing to weld the rear doors closed!

  • Aurel

    smart move … now let’s also keep “that green”

    • jeff

      i didn’t want to be the broken record, but if there’s one think i want out of the paceman it’s to see that green in the lineup.

  • Any info on the suspension tuning? Hoping that it is more ‘coupe-like’…

    • The Coupe has a fundamentally altered chassis from the Hardtop which necessitated specific suspension tuning. Also, because the Coupe can never have back seat passengers, MINI was able to fine-tune the tail-happy nature of the Coupe that much more aggressively. The Paceman, on the other hand, will not only retain its rear seats, but will likely not have any substantial changes to the underlying chassis itself — just the size of the doors and the shape of the rear half of the roof. Given that even the JCW Countryman won’t see a one-off suspension, it’s likely that the Paceman will simply have the same Standard/Sport setup as the Countryman. Would we love a more aggressive suspension? Sure! But don’t hold your breath.