Outgoing MINI Canada Ad Agency Auctions their MINI for Charity

Toronto-based marketing agency Taxi just celebrated the end of an era. After 10 years of servicing MINI’s advertising needs in the great white north, Taxi and MINI have parted ways. In a particularly fun case of making lemonade, Taxi “has one more MINI to sell.” They’ve auctioned off their company car for charity, raising C $13,301.00 for Covenant House Toronto.

What you are looking at here is the last MINI Taxi Canada is ever going to sell. And that’s pretty significant, because over the past 10 years we’ve managed to help sell over 40,000 of them. That’s quite a few. And we’ve had a lot of fun in the process, picking up a bunch of awards from all over the world.

But alas, all great drives must come to an end. So to honor 10 years of good times and even better work, we’re making our last sale one we can all feel really good about and are donating the proceeds to our favorite charity – Covenant House Toronto.

So go ahead and bid generously. Maybe the karma alone will get you out of a traffic ticket or two.

Thinking back, Taxi has done some great work with MINI Canada. The MINI Dominate Winter microsite comes to mind. As does the MINI Quartet. But it wasn’t all just great interactive work. There were terrific outdoor and environmental projects as well.

We wish Taxi and MINI Canada all the best. It was a partnership that produced some terrific work and we expect nothing less from both parties in the future. In the mean time, congrats to the auction winner and enjoy your MINI!

  • The end of an era. I’ve done some work along side TAXI professionally for another client of their’s and they were always great to work with. Best to both in the future!

  • Mark Smith

    Who’s taking over? BSSP?

  • VanMINI

    Exiting with style and grace.. so very Canadian. well done boys.

  • James

    Wow!!!! some one stole that mini for 13 gs CAN, what a deal. Why was there not a post about the actual eBay action before it closed? I would have paid 14 gs cash for that Baby easy. Plus I have a very personal affection for Covenant House they do great work for those with out. Very good Job Taxi well done.

  • lilcoopr

    NOOOOOOOO! So sad! I love TAXI and agree they have produced some AMAZING work for MINI in the past 10 years! Wonder who will take over…?