Video: MINI Paceman ‘Ring Testing

With the ‘Ring now officially in a state of bankruptcy and the future up in the air, testing continues for manufacturers such as MINI. The next vehicle of the MINI line to make its production debut is the Paceman and it is burning through tires and displaying its roll testing on the Nordschleife. A full reveal is anticipated shortly and public debut in Paris but the swirly camo does little to hide driving ability so check out the video to get a peek at what the Paceman has in store.

  • JonPD

    Looks decent though you can tell its still fighting some with the cars mass. Could just be the video but does not look particularly fast through those sections.

    • Yea, this is going to be a HUGE deal in my daily LA commute

  • Kev50027

    Don’t you just hate the sound of understeer?

  • rkpoon

    tons of lean and plowing through the corners.

  • Dunno if it stings like a bee, but it definitely floats like a butterfly.

  • m8o

    N20 or nuthn.

  • John

    It cracks me up that all cars are now judged by how well they handle the “ring”. Back to reality now people! This car looks like it handles it just fine for it’s intended use. This isn’t the WRC.

  • otter

    For me, not being on a track, it is less about how fast you can throw it through the curves and more about how much fun and mayhem you can wring out of it in the twistys. I have a feeling that with a little effort one could get that tail to wag a bit, which could be quite amusing.

  • that.guy

    Frank Stephenson must get nauseous whenever he sees this thing. My God, it is hideous.

  • robblef

    wow.. he was certainly pushing that thing HARD.