Video: Anders Warming on the JCW GP

One thing is clear about the second generation JCW GP: MINI has put a lot of thought into it. Love it or hate it, it’s a car designed on purpose to be distinctive, emulative of the first GP, and above all else: the fastest production MINI ever made. In this video we have Head of MINI Design, Anders Warming himself walking us through some of the details and design thinking that make the JCW GP what it is. Plus, we get some gorgeous up-close shots of the car.

  • R.Burns

    Why the “GP 12” license plate ?

    • BimmerFile_Michael


  • Jose

    How completely uninformative.

    • Ike

      Completely agree.

  • Ike

    Motoringfile… I want more Mini GP Updates – I have a deposit on one (I’ve never done that before seeing the car) but I’m lusting after this car so hard. Will it have the toys of other minis? Will it come with the JCW Shifter/ Wheel? Will packages be options? Will it come with HD radio? Auto Air Conditioning? CRAVING INFO!

    • James

      Ike, where did you put down the deposit? because the dealership around here said its too soon to even put down a deposit. And… how much was the deposit and is it a refundable deposit? My dealership told me that the GP would be about $38k to $40k and the deposit would be a $5000 non-refundable.

      • Ike

        Hey James,

        A dealership in NJ. We worked a price and first allocation. We worked out a $500 deposit to secure the first spot (and % off MSRP) on a sales order. 10% will be due as soon as they get their allocation/ MSRP.

        Shoot me an email – I’d love to help you out and give you more specifics if you’re interested.