White Roof Radio #432

Another rousing episode of White Roof Radio mostly revolving around the photo above. Good stuff, you should like it! If you are looking for Ask Chad, we ran late this so we did it as a stand-alone episode that you can download when you like. And, for the record, Nathaniel likes the Countryman. here’s proof.

Woofcast 432:

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  • Aurel

    good show … listened half way and got to the pros/cons of the new location of the start/sop button.

    so the reasoning behind the START/STOP button’s new position is that your right (or left in other countries) hand needs to be on the shifter to get the car moving … you can just extend a finger from the shifter to the new start/stop button location to turn the car on/off.

    pretty much every supercar nowadays has it near the shifter as well … 😉


    I believe the new Jaguars have the start/stop button down in that area too. Maybe that’ll help solve some of the issues with the unusable cup holders being right there? Here’s hoping!

  • Adam

    See, this was a good discussion on the Countryman! I was one of the critical people of you last show, not because some of you didn’t like the Countryman (it does have some pretty big issues) but just the way you went about the discussion. Appreciate you addressing the comments, nice show this week.