JCW GP: First Look at the Interior

The JCW GP is months away from dealerships and we still don’t know pricing, final specs and what the options list will be. But the interior? We now can cross that off the list.

As we reported last spring the GP will feature the exceptional Recaro sport seats up front and a whole lot of nothing in the back. MINI has seen fit to add red belts and an embossed GP logo to the head rests of the Recaros as well a variation of the JCW leather dash, unique trim.

Don’t expect such accessories as the JCW shift knob or e-brake handle to make the options list as MINI will be staying true to the original formula of less is more when it comes to options and accessories. Like all other models, MINI expects owners to add accessories post purchase at their local dealer.

We’ll have more details on pricing, final specs and other details soon.

  • Um. Is that it? One photo and 3 paragraphs? Can’t wait for more details!


    Sure, it’ll be a great place to be I’m sure(i already have money down on one, so don’t think I’m trying to knock it), but doesn’t really look like anything different in there that you couldn’t get on any other JCW car. Sure, GP is embossed in the seat-back, and there’s a sticker in the dash and red seat belts, but it’s really kinda underwhelming for all the buildup and not letting us see it this long. You could build the same for your own and order all the exterior bits to make a duplicate with little trouble from what I’ve heard with realoem and such.

    Again, not knocking it. I’m excited to get one when they come in and I’m sure others are too. Will be a fun car to have, just making observations based on the limited shots and initial feelings towards it.

  • Erik Rutberg

    Can’t see door pulls, hoping for a red belt sticking out like the Cayman RS/Boxster Spyder, the only other car i seriously considered (Lotus Exige, not so seriously because of the lack of dealers)

    Erik R GP 0080

  • JPPD

    I will bet dealers will charge a premium for JCW GP, perhaps in excess of 2K. My BMW dealer tacked on 10K to One Series M last year. Both examples were sold sight unseen. Don’t look for 10K on JCW GP, but who knows.

  • veggivet

    Nice of MINI to throw in the free helmet for the track addicts…

  • Still not getting my panties wet. This car is a waste of time.

  • Alpinamike

    $42,895 , my guess on price.

  • kmccornick

    just for curiosity sake, could you add a back seat from an R56 if one so desired? I really loved the 1st GP, and dig this one, but a 2 seater with a 3 person family makes it a hard sell for the wifee….

  • Kurtster

    They include a CD player which adds weight and will never be used (at least not by anyone in my house), but no MINI Connected system… in a > $40k car.

    • John

      I think they should have taken out the CD player too and just have the AUX port for an MP3 player or phone.

      • RedAFMINI

        Looks like there are 4 front speakers in there, does that mean that H/K will be made an option? The amp is already in there, just wires and 2 more speakers shouldn’t add that much weight, especially if there isn’t a cd player and Connected setup there… Would a leather dash be any extra weight over the standard plastic pieces?

  • VanMINI

    appears to be a red insert in teh shift knob – perhaps a GP specific trim?

  • K33ROR

    was hoping for the recaro sportster cs seats, they look heavier :/