Video: JCW GP Road Testing on the ‘Ring

Love it or hate it, MINI has spent considerable time and effort developing the R56 JCW GP. Part of that development meant more than a little bit of time on the Nürburgring. That’s old news to regular MotoringFile readers, though. Spy shots stretch back months for both the GP Hardtop Prototype and the now shelved GP Coupe. In this video, MINI and JCW give us a small peak into that road-bound development process.

Video after the jump.

  • Ike

    Deposit is down, but that giveaway said sticker was at 43k.. I was really hoping to be at 40k or under…

    How hard is it to install 2 seats in the back of the GP?

    • R.Burns

      let things be clear this car is not legally allowed to have back seats

    • That was including the trip to pick it up.

      • Ike

        Gabriel – FANTASTIC tip! Thank you!

        What’re we approximating the actual sticker to be at – 38-39k? 4k Approx for roundtrip airfare and hotel stay/ amenities?

        Thanks for the clarification!

      • RedAFMINI

        And including shipping back to the us?

    • James

      I heard its a painful process of buying lots of parts and installing and re-registering the car as a four seater. So lots of paperwork and $ involved.

  • James

    I do have a deposit down for my GP but the MSRP rumors and really making think twice… I can probably get a brand new S4 for about the same price. Given that I can talk to S4 down some and GP, not really. What do you guys think? GP or S4?

  • kellyp

    It was interesting to here him say the used the surrounding roads and autobahn for testing in addition to the green hell. Also the pod with all the instrumentation and data equipment was cool. Looked like it was designed to fit in the front seat and used the seat belt. I wonder if that’s cots or engineered by BMW.