MINI Connected Updates to Version 2.3.0

A new update to MINI Connected is available for download through iTunes. Existing users should see the update as available on their iPhones as well. Enhancements include updates to Foursquare functionality, access to your iPhone calendar and new features in the MINIMALISM Analyser. Full update description after the jump.

[Official copy from iTunes] The comprehensive range of functions to be found in MINI Connected has now been enhanced by the latest app update. In addition some technical restrictions have now been removed and stability has been improved.

For more details, please check out:

Check-in from the road through MINI Connected to keep in touch with friends, earn points towards badges, unlock rewards and share your adventures. Get tips from the foursquare community about new places to explore.

MINI Connected gives you access to your iPhone calendar while you’re on the go and don’t miss any appointments. You can even call a number listed in your appointment.*

MINIMALISM Analyser: All Star Timer
This feature determines your personal high score while driving with MINIMALISM Analyser. When you achieved five stars in all MINIMALISM categories the All Star Timer will start automatically. The MINIMALISM Analyser is a driving style analysis that evaluates how efficiently the driver accelerates, slows down and changes gear, enabling him or her to gain or lose MINIMALISM points.

*Some functions are only available if the iPhone has been connected to a vehicle that has been specially equipped with MINI Connected. The range of services and functions varies according to the specifications of the equipment and the country. Some selected functions work in cooperation with a third-party provider and may not always be available or function in the same form.

[Source: iTunes]

Tip of the hat to Jay for letting us know.

  • Mysticeti

    ~15 gallons is only going to get that person ~250 miles? Yikes!

    • Depends how they drove the first 622 miles.

      • Theo

        Actually, it’s how they drove over the last 18 miles, according to the description of “Cruising Range” in my MINI manual…

    • Edge

      It’s probably from a JCW Countryman that had been romped on. 🙂

  • white ears


  • Kurtster

    Why is it again that this is a “luxury” item that shouldn’t be available in the $40k GP instead of a CD player? I guess people who like to drive fast shouldn’t be into the internet and cool, fun apps?

    • Erik Rutberg

      I think you are missing the point of the GP. It’s not supposed to be mainstream. When I ordered my original GP, it was known as the MINI Cooper S, with JCW works lightweight GP kit. I still don’t really know why it had heated seats and multi function SW, but I’ve learned to appreciate them. Have to think the screen, extra speedo and hard drive add more weight than the CD player. I’d be happy with no stereo at all, and until this past summer would have given up AC too. Should it have a sunroof and back seat too?

      • Kurtster

        I’m not really into cars having “a point”. I see them as a product that appeals to different people for different reasons. I don’t care if someone else wants a back seat, sunroof, and a Union Jack on top. That’s their problem. I don’t have to drive their car because they paid for it, not me. They can demand it be delivered in pink for all I care.

        Making only 2000 of them, in itself, makes the car less mainstream by default. They don’t need to try any harder than that in my opinion. Just give the BUYER what they want, which they already provide with every other MINI. Have you seen how much they are spending on videos, brochures and other promotional materials for this non-mainstream car? If this car is only for racers, why sell it through the dealer channel at all? Just sell it directly to race teams and be done with it. No stereo at all? Are you kidding? take out the passenger seat too why don’t you? put in a roll cage and lose all that leather while you’re at it. Yeah, uh…talk about limiting its appeal to a very narrow group of people. That would probably push me into a Ford Focus ST or Mazdaspeed 3 and save me boatloads of cash in the process. I just think it’s short-sighted to deny enthusiasts of a car (that is arguably all about options) the most high-powered car in the lineup unless they agree to sacrifice factory options in order to get it. It’s like Burger King. They started the whole “have it your way” thing in their business. Like the Whopper at BK, the Minis is über customizable. What if BK came out with a delicious Kobe beef burger but, unlike everything else on the menu, you can only get it without any condiments, just meat and a bun. If you want cheese on it, they won’t even sell you a slice or give you the cheese if you want it. (If it were Mini, they would also be the only place on earth to get a slice of cheese – you can’t just add MINI Connected w/NAV on your own…) They’ve decided for you that this burger just shouldn’t have cheese and if that’s what you want, well just pick something else on the menu and forget about that Kobe beef burger. I can just hear the BK manager telling me, “You’re missing the point of the burger.”

        • Bob Hayhurst

          Get that man a large order of fries… 🙂

        • Erik Rutberg

          I guess I just expect limited or no options on a car like this. I also own a US market 1988 BMW M5. You could get that car in any color you wanted as long as it was black with a tan interior (some with black interior went to Canada). Mine has the one available option, heated seats. The original GP did not make much more power than the regular JCW. It added the performance by reducing weight, and that is what made it special. It seems they are using the same formula for the GP2. If you want choices, there is still a normal JCW that can be speced as you want it. Sorry, but I had to laugh at the Burger King comparison. I would never want to get a Kobe burger from a fast food chain, and when I have had Kobe burgers, I take it as the chef recommends. I was at a restaurant last night, as you posted this, that serves exotic meets and wild game. When I was asked how I wanted my ostrich prepared, I said however Chef Lo (owners name) thinks it should be done. It was perfect, just like my GP 0080.

        • Kurtster

          I understand. We each have expectations that differ from one another but we also share the same passion for these cars. I’m sure I’ll have little to say after I actually start driving it but until then I just want to make sure MINI knows loud and clear that if I had the choice, I’d pay the extra for MINI Connected w/NAV. I called them and I don’t think the people on the phones actually get messages to decision-makers for this kind of stuff so I think I’m out of luck.

          No problem on the BK analogy. I meant it tongue-in-cheek anyway. nobody owns all the cheese. 🙂

        • Erik Rutberg

          No worries. Not completely serious anyway, but I have been a BMW enthusiast since 2002s and 3.0 CSi’s roamed the earth, and have learned to be careful what you wish for.

          I wanted all the new tech and luxury when that meant abs and leather, but with each year BMW added more fluff, and lessened the feel that made it so much better that the competition. I’m just afraid that might be what is in store for MINI too.

  • Ben

    “A new update to MINI Connected is available for download trough iTunes.” trough is not a word

  • minipuma

    so how many of you with MINI Connected actually use it in a satisfying manner? what do you use it for?

  • I’m wondering what the “technical restrictions have now been removed”. Anyone have an idea?

  • Previously, MINI Connected required you to pick your Driving Style, as either “MINImalism & Infotainment” or “Driving Enthusiasm”. Then you were limited to a subset of apps they determined appropriate for that style. They’ve dropped the driving styles and you can get to all of the apps, no matter what driving style you’re in the mood for that day. EXCELLENT!