2013 JCW Production Delayed

What began as anecdotal reports of customers being told their cars were delayed has now been confirmed by our sources inside MINI. Production of model year 2013 JCWs is currently delayed. Dealers were informed several weeks back that cars ordered with the JCW power plant would indeed be held up.

The duration of the delay, and specific reasons for the delay remain undisclosed, so we can only speculate at this point. Our money would be on either supply or certification issues for the updated JCW engine. Now equipped with Valvetronic variable valve timing, this new JCW engine will be available across the MINI lineup …eventually.

  • mike74jcw

    I assume this ties in with GP news (lack thereof). Anymore info on that front at this time? 😀

    • Kurtster

      I don’t think this should affect the GP. It’s a 2012 model year. At least I hope not. I need mine for winter.

      • BimmerFile_Michael

        In the US it won’t be a 2012 (will it???)… that makes no sense especially if they are building any after December because then they would need to make it a split model year. The GP will need its own certification so I would imagine it would need to be a 2013 at this point.

        • It’s a 2013 in the US.

        • Melou

          So there you have it: they’re pushing the 2013 to make room for the 2012 GPs. Wouldn’t make any sense if to change the assembly line twice (engine section anywyas).

        • No the GP is a 2013. They’re not pushing the regular JCWs for any reason other than technical or production relations issues.

        • Melou

          Sorry Gabe, misread you through my tears.

        • Kurtster

          Well then, that pretty much knocks me out of GP ownership I think. I gotta to get my deposit back from my dealer today or tomorrow if this is true, and start shopping for something else. #veryunhappy

  • Melou

    Oh! The Humanity! Thank you for looking into this guys, it’s appreciated. Although you are bearer of indeed bad news 🙁

  • MrsDarcy

    Happy I scooped up my 2012 when I did! I was going to wait for a ’13, but who knows when they’ll be ready… And how many will be backed up in line at the factory?!

  • Guest

    was this a bulletin that is newer than the one put out back in May?

  • fairchilr001

    Is this something newer than the bulletin that was posted back in May? Right now I show we have two JCWs that are supposed to start production next week.

    • The last bulletin stating that JCW cars were released and stating when the respective bodystyles (R5X + R6X) would start production was from July 3rd.

  • Hi everyone. This article is very informative however the delay is not long. At our dealer MINI of ————- (Out of respect for the dealers that advertise on here) we have allocation for 2013 R5X JCW’s for September production. R60 JCW’s will go into production in November and we’kll start seeing them barring any unforseen delays in December. Not as bad as everyone thinks.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      Thanks Mark for the further clarification.

    • Kurtster

      That’s a relief. Last I heard from my dealer that was the schedule they gave me for the GP: production in November, delivery around December. I can do that but a month longer probably would have put me out of the running as I need it for winter. I can borrow my wife’s Clubman until the GP is ready. Thanks for the update.

  • hemisedan

    Two years ago when I ordered my r56, JCW there was a hold up then on the JCW’s. And in 2011 model year there were the Chili Red options for the interior, as well as the top paint. This year there are the engine changes along with the automatic transmission issue. So, many more changes or options to consider. Also, although I have no information to this effect, I think that when they build JCW cars they build up a number so that they can run several thru, rather than just one at a time. But the new engine is what I think is the issue here. They can’t just pull a 2009 Prince JCW motor out of the back room like they probably did in my case. Still, worth the wait guys. JCW’s are fun.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      It’s all just in time production so they are not stocking parts in a back room. The issue may just be EPA, DOT. It could also be supply chain issues for a specific part crucial to only JCW cars. Let’s not forget that many plants in Europe/suppliers shut down for much of August for worker vacations and to retool/upgrade the line.

  • Didier Doucet

    In Europe (Belgium), it was impossible to configure a JCW online since June I think… I’ve just checked and the JCW models are back in the configurator 🙂 So the issue should be fixed now !

  • Kurtster

    Someone in UAE just ordered theirs and posted on the Northamericanmotoring site. Here are the GP pics with specs! http://www.northamericanmotoring.com/forums/r56-hatch-talk-2007/236822-2013-mini-gp-order-sheet.html Looks like 218HP.

  • Kurtster

    Weird. I just posted a link to the NAM site where someone in UAE officially placed their order for the GP. My post disappeared the second I posted it though. Looks like 218HP. I’ll just upload the pics here instead. Very cool that the details are finally here!

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  • Hemisedan

    Gabe, I don’t know where I read this, but kind caught my attention, beings I will be back in the Mini market next year for the F56. Could there be a possibility that Mini will either, offer an engine option (Prince JCW motor) for the Mini S, Or just move that motor up to an S engine? Of course I’m very interested in what will be coming for the 3rd Gen Mini, but I still want the performance of my JCW that I have now. Talk about a very under rated engine.