Austrailian GP Details Revealed

Our friends over at have grabbed the details for the Austrailian GP Release. There will be 30 heading down under, priced at $56,900 each.

The first batch of Australian deliveries is scheduled to be built in November for delivery early next year. We understand the remaining allocation will be built in February 2013 for April/May delivery.

So there you have it. Hard core Aussie MINI fans get 30 chances to own the most rarified R56 MINI is going to offer. Let’s hear it, Australian readers, who’s got their name on the waiting list?

[Sourece: Ausmotive]
  • That’s HUGE $$$, looking close to 1:1 to USD; surely the USA will be lower price than this

  • Sadly we pay heaps for new cars in Australia (comparatively speaking). Here’s a story I did last year when our dollar reached a (then) record high against the USD:

    Also, I’d say those 30 GP2s are almost all gone by now as well. My local dealer has put in an order for one and doesn’t know if he’ll get it. Two friends have also put in orders.

    Getting 30 cars is a good score for us I think. We got 10 WC50s and last I officially heard MINI Aus had managed to get 20 GP2s, so an extra 10 is good work.

    Cheers Liam

  • H.K

    In germany she will be priced at 36 800 euros : Are not Minis always cheaper in your country than by us in europe ?

    • In Portugal, a MINI GP like this one could cost around 50 000 euros. I have a MINI Clubman Cooper D and with all the extras, it was worth around 35 000 euros.