MINI Paceman Videos

We’ve seen it in still photography and read the press release. Now let’s see the things move. Check out both videos after the break.

  • mgv


    There’s an old saying: “….. if you need to design and build something useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful….” The Countryman/Paceman concept makes business since, but they need a little fine-tuning.

  • otter

    Personally I think it looks quite nice, with an Eclipse Gray body and roof (or a black roof) it would come off as rather sharp. Unfortunately it seems very under powered and not very premium for its price tag. If only the Paceman had the brass of the WRX, or the WRX had the style of the Paceman. There are just too few manual AWD small sports(ish) cars out there and even fewer that don’t come with complimentary Rogaine or Viagra samples

  • So if the Paceman was smaller could it give a few clues to the shape and look of the 3rd generation MINI?