MINI USA to Release Paceman (Including JCW) next March

The Paceman starts production this November in Austria but if you’re in the US you’ll have to wait a few months to get your hands on the new tall hatch. We’ve learned that MINI USA is planning an on-sale date of March 2013 for all three models; Cooper, Cooper S and JCW.

Pricing will be announced in the next 30-45 days with a US debut expected at the LA Auto Show.

  • aasdf

    they better hurry up if they don’t want to lose sales to vw

    • hemisedan

      aasdf: you’re right about this. As on another option that VW GTI has, their performance package includes mechanical limited slip axle. You know, what Mini in their wisdom decided to discontinue! Lets see now, the 230 hp option, with the limited slip to handle more power, weight around 2900 lbs, six speed or DSG available, price for a loaded GTI less than $35K, I think that Mini/BMW better get their act together and quick. And all this before the VW R comes out in 2015 which will still be much less in cost than any of the JCW’s including a performance All Wheel Drive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Mini guy with my JCW hatch, but VW is making much more sense now that they’ve looked at weight and aren’t afraid of horsepower/torque. Maybe the reason that Mini is afraid of going into the mid 200’s for power is because the electronic/brake limited slip won’t be strong enough.

      • aasdf

        i was under the impression that the r was out already? either way, local vw inventory stock is showing some impressively equipped cars for around 28k… much more offered than my 2006 S for 4k less than that. price has always been important but you’d be a fool to buy a mini at this point in time. and i love my car……

  • Adam

    I like the boot on the Paceman better than the Countryman. The front is more or less the same, but nice looking car. Still has the stupid Micky Mouse dash though.

    • i love the stupid micky mouse dash. probably one of the reason to buy a countryman or paceman 😀

  • Aurel

    Yes, this looks really nice overall … wish they could have made the Countryman this slick looking.

  • veggivet

    MINI blew the timing on this release. After leaks of production dates beginning in January, now pushed back to March, winter will be over by the time early orders are delivered. For a model pushing the ALL 4 variant, this makes as much sense as MINI having their dealer spec cars destined for the Southern US equipped with the cold weather package. No joke, that actually happened a few years ago.

    I’ll be calling my MA to request my deposit back.

    • thatMINIguy

      MINI has always released their new model variants in the spring. It has to do with the product life cycle. BMW/MINI updates their product life cycle every 7 model years, releasing the cars in the spring makes it easier to produce the car in time for the new year when the life cycle is due for a change. If the car was released in the winter of the previous year, it would technically be a year old at the New Year turn. Dealers have Paceman assigned to their inventory right now, but can’t release them until March. You should be able to start ordering this car in Dec. for March delivery.

      • BimmerFile_Michael

        Your information is not entirely correct- MINI has never updated products on a 7 year cycle before. Launches are not always in the Spring either- MINI has launched in the Fall before, it has more to do with model years than anything, as long as they build all units of a product after Jan 1 they can call it the following MY.

        With the recent update to the 3 series they did a short 2012 MY- 2/12- 5/12 because cars were built in 2011 (production began in late October). They switched to 2013 5/12. The R53 LCI was 8/04 for MY 05. WIth the R56 I believe the launch was 11/06…… the surprise of the F56 will be sooner than later.

  • nuffsaid

    MINI went from niche car for a driving enthusiast who wants to stand out subtly to “buy this car for me mommy and daddy i know its really expensive but isnt it just CUTE?!” faster than i get my paychecks

    • Frank Granados

      Agreed! MINI of 2012 is the total opposite of MINI of 2002.

  • BimmerFile_Michael

    They are going to launch this in the US as a 2014 model year. Should help push the JCW Countryman a bit as some holding out for the Paceman may not want to wait (not sure who in their right mind would do that but marketing probably thinks like that).

    There could be supply constraints as well for parts etc. but they really are going to lose some sales to other brands with this decision; its is not going to be an easy sell anyway but the competition is not to market yet either.

    EU gets the car next month so we can see what demand is… It looks sharp and has an audience so it should do well- heck the coupe is selling at a good clip and this is much better for practicality.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      I love getting voted “down” for speaking the truth. @b9fa682fa6b63a55a64d7b25a2d4a1ef:disqus seems to agree with the idea the release of this is a bit of downer as well, so at least I am not alone.