iPhone 5 works with MINI Connected

A topic of discussion under the White Roof lately has been whether or not the iPhone 5 works with MINI Connected. We discussed it at length over the past few shows. Finally, with some testing done, it can be reported that MINI Connected does work with the iPhone 5 as we discussed during Woofcast 441.

We originally heard that the iPhone 5 wouldn’t be supported at this time. Apple isn’t making the connector available to OEMs until November. Once it is available, testing and further development can begin and it’s being reported that a final solution will not be available until mid 2013. We are not sure what those updates will entail. Also, while most of the features still work, there are a few features, like video out, that do not. We have also discovered that when using the Apple 0.2m 30-pin to Lightning adapter, the iPhone does not charge, but it will with the full sized adapter. This from Motoringfile.com reader Zubin:

When I used the “Y” cable with my 09 JCW Convertible with the “Lightning to 30pin Adapter”, I can access all my music and play lists and my iPhone 5 charges without issue (albeit very slowly). Now here is the interesting and weird thing which I believe is undocumented so far. When I use the “Y” cable with my 090 JCW Convertible with the “Lightning to 30pin 0.2m Adapter” I can access all my music, but IT WILL NOT CHARGE the iPhone.

Read his entire comment here.

It would seem that the lack of charging and other issues with the 0.2m Adapter aren’t only issues with MINI Connected. A quick search shows users of the DICE system as well as Audi’s in car system are having similar issues. It might have something to do with the connector, as described at apple.com:

This adapter lets you connect devices with a Lightning connector to many of your 30-pin accessories.* Support for analog audio output, USB audio, as well as syncing and charging. Video output not supported. *Some 30-pin accessories are not supported.

We are watching for updates and will share those when we find them!

  • Thanks Guys for the info, Saves me from going out and buying the adapter. I wil lstick with using Aux and a lightning cable for charging untill they figure this out.

    • Just bought the .2m Adapter and it charges and ipod controls work great. I agree it is much faster then the 4s as mentioned by another commenter.

  • Mario

    I use the lightning cable instead of the y-adaptor with USB/Aux in my Cooper S R56 2010. And it works like a charm (and the digital quality of my music is MUCH better than before with the Aux cable). So there is no need to get an adaptor or a BMW-developed cable (unless you are interested in a black-colored one 😉 ).

    Best regards from Germany!

    • walk0080

      Thanks – As of today I now have both the USB-Lightning cable and the Lightning-30pin adapters (but no iPhone5 yet!! ETA 2 weeks – talk about a first world problem…) so I will try just the USB cable before opening the adapter box. From reading on NAM it seemed like some functionality was lost without using the y-cable but look forward to trying this myself.

      I have a 2012 JCW w/ USB in (no MINI connected).

  • My iphone 5 arrived yesterday. I am away on business (Thanks Verizon for delivering a week early on your promise of the 26th of Oct) So when I get back home later this week I will test my solution to the problem of the adapter and let you know how it goes.

  • I can confirm that in both my wife’s 2011 Cooper Hardtop and my 2011 Countryman we are able to get the full charging and iPod capabilities from our iPhone 5’s using the “Y” cable and “Lightning to 30pin Adapter.” The adapter arrived just yesterday and we tested it out in both cars and had no issues.

  • I am a bit confused. What is the .2m adapter? I am having a hard time understanding what exactly is being said in the quoted section. Same car, same adapter same cable but one is also using the .2m adapter? Hu? Can someone please explain?

  • Jay

    Yep everything works. I was quite happy to discover this myself shortly after getting the iPhone 5. I’d be interested to see if MINI can solve the video/input interface whenever they upgrade the stock cable. Not that I use it really, just would be nice to have it working as advertised.

  • “When I use the “Y” cable with my 090 JCW Convertible with the “Lightning to 30pin 0.2m Adapter” I can access all my music, but IT WILL NOT CHARGE the iPhone.” The answer to this statement is really simple. MINI’s did not charge apple products after the iPhone 3, 5th Generation iPods, and 2nd Gen ipod Touch came out due to the slight change in their pin connectors. The only MINI’s I know that will charge any of these devices and newer are the 2011 (US Market) and newer MINI’s as they were updated to the newer setup. Any older model years require a cumbersome and costly adapter that you can buy through any MINI parts department just to be able to charge your device.

    • Actually, there’s a slightly better, more expensive option than a charging adapter for some MINI owners.

      BMW part number 65 11 2 154 178 is a black iPod/iPhone cable that replaces the white iPod cable that shipped with the OEM iPod Integration Kit. This updated cable provides charging and interaction without the otherwise necessary charging adapter.

      As for me, I’ve got an 06 with a H/K system and the OEM iPod Integration kit, and can confirm that the original white cable will not charge the iPhone 5, but does provide interaction. I also have the Scosche passPORT charging adapter, and can confirm that it both charges the iPhone 5 and provides interaction.

  • maybe someone can explain this. why do you need the Y adapter when the USB wire works just fine for music and charging? I’m using it now and it works.

  • Kurtster

    I hate to say I told you so, but…

  • robble

    I reported in the comments for the original iPhone 5 artice a day or two after the iPhone 5 came out that I was able to get it to work using the lightning cable and an aux cable.

    • Actually we published a story a week before it came out that it would work (per sources at MINI – different sources than dealers had).

  • One problem is that there’s multiple variants of MINI and interior tech (as mentioned already the 12V / 5V charging problem). My test on (similar) BMW shows that using the included-with-iPhone lightning-to-usb cable, I had no problem accessing/playing music (iPod usage) – but the Connected App just didn’t connect. I expect the same App failure on MINI Connect, and I don’t see anyone reporting if that does or does not work. I’d be quite upset to pay the extra $$$ for the Connected feature and then find it doesn’t do any more than iPod playback on the iPhone 5.

  • Sal

    I have a 2011 MINI Clubman S with MINI Connect with Nav. I connect using the Y cable from under the center console near the cup holder. My iPhone 5 works with all features using the Apple 30 pin connector to 9pin adapter. The phone charges, plays music controlled from the screen, displays artwork, accesses apps like contacts and Mission Control. I did have to remove the bottom of my phone from the case to get a proper connection to the 9 pin but other than that, I am very pleased.

  • nazmulla

    I own a 2011 MINI Cooper S Countryman All4 and have just received my 30pin to lightning adapter which works as advertised once I added it to the supplied y-cable. I’m even finding the response time a little quicker on my iPhone 5 than my previous iPhone 4. The only let down is the lack of video support. I used to enjoy watching music videos, video podcasts, etc when waiting in the car – now that’s gone until we get an adapter/solution that supports video.

  • Frustrated Mini driver

    Sounds like the older model seems to work with the iPhone5. I have a 2012 countryman s all4 and was ecstatic to plug in my iphone5, only to realize nothing works with the new 30pin to lightning USB cable I purposely got for my car. My MINI connected doesn’t work so I cannot use pandora as advertised nor can I upload or access my phone directory. Very frustrated. I called the dealership and they are very aware of the problems with iphone5 and says it may take months until apple comes up with a solution but apparently apple does confirm there may be issues with connectivity to the Mini connected.

    • It should work. However another solution is to use the loghtening cable and a separate audio cable.

  • Mini mad

    Sorry that info is incorrect on my lci works with y cable & adapter & iPhone 5 doesn’t always work. Yes it works for a few days & then continued booting out & loss of connection via the cable. With have to hard reboot or switchoff on,y way of sorting. as this sometimes happens two or three times a day it gets very tedious. It’s as if the car know the adapter is there!! I for one hope they hurry up with updating the app & changing the cable.