JCW GP Buying Guide, Standard Equipment & Options List

Now that we know the price ($39,950) and the timing, lets talk a bit about how to get one of the 500 GPs and what comes on the car.

MINI USA will be allotting one GP to each dealer in the US for March delivery. The rest however will go to customers on a first come first serve basis. MINI USA will set-up a toll-free reservations number in mid-November that will allow anyone to plunk down a deposits (likely around $1,000) and name their dealer where they want to take delivery. However a few questions remain. Will those dealers that are given allotment based on the reservation line, be held to MSRP pricing? Obviously one would hope and assume so but we wouldn’t be surprised if a few didn’t.

Yet we’re not all that worried about people wanting GPs not getting them. Even with the first GP owners getting first crack at the reservation line, we would suspect many of them (who are actually interested) already have a deposit or an understanding of some kind with their local dealer. And beyond that this is a car that is not a widely attractive buying proposition for most. At $40k with no amenities such as Nav and lacking rear seats, the GP inherently has a small market compared with most MINIs. In our minds if you want a GP, we’d bet that you’ll be able to get one either through the reservation line or finding one on the lot somewhere.

So that’s how you buy a GP. But what are you actually buying? Find out after the break.

Interestingly the GP will technically be sold as a R56 John Cooper Works with option code 7KH. The standard equipment list is broken into three categories – the first being equipment that is available on all MINI. The second list is what (some of it unique) makes up the 7KH options package (aka the GP). The final list are the options that will come standard on the US GP.

Series Equipment

  • Air condionting
  • Fog lights
  • Sport Button (re-calibrated for the uprated GP engine)
  • Radio MINI Boost CD

7KH Equipment

  • Roof in Silver
  • 3A2 Black Headlights
  • 423 GP Floor Mats
  • 522 B-Xenon lights
  • 550 On-Board Computer
  • 563 Interior Lights Package
  • 785 White direction indicator lights
  • Z1XX Special Upholstery – 940 Special Equipment — Coil-over suspension — Optimized 6 pot caliper brake system — Gear knob JCW badge in red with black symbols — Specific JCW sport leather steering wheel (a version of the thicker aftermarket steering wheel) — PU stocker with GP lettering on fascia — Knee roll in leather ray carbon black with stitching in chili red — Topper pad in leather ray carbon black with stitching in chili red — Floor mats with chili red binding — JCW Recaro seats with stitching in chili red (incl. 494 seat heating & 450 passenger seat height adjustment — Engine under tray — JCW Front and rear bumper — Brake air duct painted chili red — Modification Aerkokit rear diffuser — Rear Spoiler & rear spoiler upper finishing — Aerolips front and rear — Radiator grille with new geometry and painted black — Radiator grille frame painted in black — GP Tailgate badge — JCW Side Scuttle — New rear screen (deletion of hole/rear wiper) — Rubber spacer for brake lines — R56 GP Exterior graphics — Strut brace — 7.5 x 17″ GP alloy wheels — Kumho ECSTA V700 (215/40 R17)

US Specific standard Equipment (options in other markets)

  • 534 Auto air conditioning
  • 6ND Bluetooth hands free kit with USB interface
  • 302 Alarm system

The one optional extra will be the standard JCW Challenge spoke wheels with run flats available for an extra $100. That will be there for anyone who prefers the safety of run flats and/or the styling of the more classic JCW Challenge spoke.

We’ll have many more details on the GP soon.

MINI JCW GP Final Specifications (PDF)

MINI JCW GP Interior, Exterior & Engine Photos

MINI United Debut Photos

Official GP Photos

  • Random question .. how does one answer the Bluetooth handsfree phone without buttons on the steering wheel? Do you touch the radio?

    • This option puts those buttons back on the steering wheel.

      • Ike

        Which is standard correct?

        • Yes. Sorry for the confusion. It’s standard in the US and optional in most other markets.

        • Ike

          U!S!A!!!! U!S!A!!!!

        • KS

          That made me laugh so hard!

  • Back in July I was told to put a deposit down at my local dealer to guarantee the first spot of their allocation. Which I did. I’m going to assume now that if I’m not the first person to call MINI USA in November that I can loose my allocation spot at my local dealer?

    • In a word no. Any allocation that comes the dealer’s way via someone reserving via the phone is in addition to the one allocation they are guaranteed to get from MINIUSA.

  • Chris Underwood

    Does the $100 for Challenge Spoke wheels get you the Challenge Spokes in addition to or in lieu of the GP-specific wheels? If the latter, that’d be a pretty dumb move – easy enough to pick up a set of Challenge Spokes, not so easy to get a limited set of wheels.

    • The option replaces the GP wheels.

    • John

      I agree, a dumb move. Because if you were to resell the car there is a great chance the potential buyer will want to original wheels.

      • Yes it would be a massively mistake to spend an extra $100 on the standard wheels and tires and give up the very collectable set of GP wheels ad much better tires.

  • Ike

    Will it be possible to add in the multifunction to the steering wheel? I love that feature!

    • It should come standard with the Bluetooth option.

      • Ike

        Ah – I misunderstood then, I saw the picture of the wheel without it and assumed it wasn’t available.

        Bluetooth is included – so I’m assuming the multifunction is as well.

        Can’t wait to pick one up. Tried to confirm with my dealer that I’ll get one of the delivery events if they have one – will be sure to report.

        Tell me more about the wheel – this isn’t the JCW wheel that you can buy, it’s an in-between? I really like the JCW wheel.

  • that.guy

    Is the large red tube behind the seats structural? Can it serve as a harness mounting point?

    • that.guy


    • I imagine it’s like the last GP, only a luggage bar. So no to the harness attachment.

      • Correct. It exists just to keep big stuff from sliding forward under braking. Not structural.

        • that.guy

          Disappointing. Another “Decorative Cargo Restraint Bar.” I expected more from Mr. Weidinger, the “racer”.

  • Ike

    Tell me more about the wheel – this isn’t the JCW wheel that you can buy, it’s an in-between? I really like the JCW wheel.

    • b-

      The photo shows the JCW Leather steering wheel with the red stitching to match the rest of the interior, I am guessing the red stitching is the GP version.

  • cakelytie

    When will you guys be testing the new gp?

  • cakelytie

    If the us market got the m135i and it costed the same as the gp, which one would you buy 🙂 🙂 ?

  • akng

    Just to confirm, are all US Allocations scheduled to be delivered in March, none earlier and one later?

    • anonymous

      Nobody knows…

      • If earlier it’ll be by a couple of weeks.

        • akng

          In Canada, I have been told that they could get cars from productions in December, January and February with delivery expected in the month following production. So if US is getting all deliveries in March, that means US will get the last batch of cars.

  • Steveworks

    I get my John Cooper Works GP2 the 1st week in December, and I can not wait for it, I put down a £1,000 6 months ago, all the UK GPs are now sold out

  • Bob Hayhurst

    I’ve had a deposit on a GP II at my dealership in Richmond for a while but I wasn’t (#2 is such a lousy number) first. While I realize this car certainly isn’t for everyone; for those who do want it, it would be nice to have some additional info prior to purchase. I saw GP II this past summer go cross gountry in MTTS, so I’m well aware of the presence it has but I’d like to know more. Videos of it going around Nurburgring are great but lack detail about the driving experience. I’m looking for what a MINI enthusiast honestly feels about how this car handles and performs. Valvetronic JCW motor is a game changer and I’d like to know what it feels like with this suspension configuration. I went back and looked at the WC50 MINI put out a couple years ago. As an exclusive issue, it’s $40 K price didn’t seem to scare off too many people. Point being, it’s not the price that people balk at; it’s the perceived value. It’s important to know that you are getting a product that performs well outside the norm even though the outside packaging is mundane. It’s when these two factors (performance and styling) come together, as in BMW 1M, that a unique auto is created. The ’06 GP was a sucess and continues to have a following simply because it did exactly what it was supposed to do; be exclusive and perform. Sometimes we overlook or don’t recall some of the shortcomings of the earlier GP; but those characteristics are what define the vehicle. I’m looking forward to the MF road test of GP II to see if this car does what it has been advertised to do…

    • You will get a lot of details from MF in a little over a week 🙂

      • mike74jcw

        Awesome, can’t wait!

    • mike74jcw

      I have the #1 deposit in Richmond as I live about 5 miles from the dealership :-). Currently have a factory JCW Clubman.

      • Bob Hayhurst

        …aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh….. 🙂

        • mike74jcw

          I am sure you will be able to get one no problem….should be enough to go around!

        • ITSUCKS2B2nd

          …so says number one… : )

    • Hemisedan

      I get a kick out reading about how “perfect” the 1st generation GP was in 06. Go back in the archives and read about that perfect GP. Right, many people were not all that thrilled with it at the time, and had lots of complaints, including the horsepower rating then. 215 if I remember correctly, and the lack of some options available to the regular JCW then. I saw the 2013 GP last summer here in Des Moines at the MTTS. It looked nice to me, even the decals didn’t look bad to me. I didn’t like the red brake inlets, but that’s just me. It’ll be a good car, and probably worth the $40. Value? That’s up to those that want and buy the GP. Nice car.

  • piper

    The car is okay, but the price is definitely not okay. It’s way overpriced and not nearly as distinctive as its predecessor. On the 1 – 10 cigars scale, I’d give it a 7.5 score.

    • You’ve got to be clear what you’re comparing the GP to. I’ve got to completely disagree with you and say that compared to a standard R56 Factory JCW this is a complete bargain! If you configure a factory JCW as similarly as possible to the GP with: xenons, black headlight clusters, Recaros, JCW leather dash, alarm, auto air-con, JCW suspension, JCW steering wheel, JCW Roof Spoiler, JCW strut brace and JCW side scuttles the price is $40,082 (and as some of these parts are dealer-only install, this price also does not include installation!). Compare that to the GP which also includes the custom coilovers, 6-piston brakes, near-slick tires, GP wheels, GP graphics, rear seat delete, rear brace, extra aerodynamics, and custom modifications of the “standard” optional JCW parts I mentioned above and you are actually saving money by buying a GP than with a fully optioned factory JCW. GPs also hold their resale value much longer than non-GPs if you want to look at the longer-term implications regarding price.

  • piper

    The Abarth is arguably a much more distinctive car. Perhaps not as capable a performance car, but nevertheless quite charming in its execution. It definitely has the panache that the GP now regrettably lacks. In two words — It’s cool!

    • The Abarth has a tremendous amount of character as the WRR hosts who have driven it can attest. It’s a hoot to drive because it is a fun and unrefined hot hatch, but it has absolutely no track aspirations unlike the GP. The Abarth is a mass-produced hatch that we will likely see tons of on the road as compared to the GP. There will likely be fewer 06 and 12 GPs combined as compared to Abarths making it far more distinctive numbers-wise. As for styling, the Abarth is handsome, but I don’t see it turning heads as the original 06 GP did or the 12 GP will.

  • that.guy

    So, are we all in agreement that this car is a complete “fail” at $40k?

  • Erik R

    Got my letter, ordered GP, requested 0080 to match current GP, may be going to Oxford for delivery. Will be at dealer tomorrow to find out more info. So excited I’m shaking. Going to hit 80k on Gp 0080 next week.

    • akng

      Sounds very exciting!!! Keep us all posted!!! 🙂

  • chris