Video: MINI GP is @#$%ing Fast

How many of us really drive our MINIs in anger? I know that every time I really push my car, I’m always impressed with just how capable it is. But what’s it like for the unsuspecting passenger when they take a seat in a JCW GP on a racecourse and see what the car is really capable of? The video after the jump has the answer.

  • Erik Rutberg

    Has anyone else ordered through the 800 number yet? Keep waiting for someone else to post, but only me so far.

    • Where did you get the 800 number?

      • It’s only for current GP owners.

        • Brent

          Im a GP owner and didn’t get the number? they mail it to you??

        • Yes it should be in your mailbox soon.

  • JonPD

    Still think the best reaction ever to any MINI I have seen is SCCA instructor that rode along with my at a MINI track day that said hands down the 2006 GP was magical on the track. After a half dozen laps of the track his only concern was were could he go buy one. Not a bad video but would like to see them take a half dozen GP owners (that take their GP’s to the track) and see how they respond to GP2. The video to me is a little hollow as a good track driver could take general people to a track and blow their minds with just about any car. Still not a bad video for views of the car (still not feeling that side graphic).

  • Hemisedan

    Really good, but put anyone that usually is a driver, in the passenger seat and things look very different. I’ve put the fear of god in my wife a couple of times, just getting out of a accident situation. I tell her that that’s why I buy high performance cars and build them, to use the power to get out of trouble situations, not make them.

  • Gary

    The wet track certainly would have added to the fear factor, particularly for the passenger. :nod:

  • brt356

    Can’t wait to get my hands on mine…wasn’t thinking of tracking it, but I may have to [re]consider taking it to Summit Point Raceway (I think the GP would be a blast on their Shenandoah circuit). Nice video – wonder who the test driver is?


    I was there at the event!! It was a amazing day out

    Here is my video of me being a passenger in the hot lap in the new MINI GP

    • JonPD

      Nice exhaust note inside, still have to say I adore the scream of the supercharger and exhaust note in the original GP. I personally was looking at the new GP but for six years of evolution really have to say that GP2 just seems broadly in the same performance area as the first, while this is not a bad place I would have liked them to set the bar higher.

      • piper

        yes, I agree, but not only the performance bar, the aesthetic bar as well. GP2 just doesn’t have “it!”

  • piper

    Yes, the GP is a nice car despite is outrageous price. But nothing may be as outrageous ( and incredible) as this Chinese Volkswagen. I guarantee you will not believe your eyes!