MINIUSA Launches 2013 Countryman Configurator w/JCW Model has flipped the switch on the 2013 configurator for the MINI Countryman. New for 2013 are two new colors (Blazing Red being the standout) and an updated interior design with window switches on the doors, improved door insert design and an additional, small center cubby. Having experienced it all first-hand, we can vouch for these updates as being subtle but welcome.

Also included in this update is the addition of the Countryman JCW model. Complete with unique JCW wheels and trim, the R60 range is finally complete. Take a look, and share your spec in the comments.

Before you ask, look for the Paceman configurator to go live in early 2013.

  • Jac Cottrell

    FInally, Chili Red for the CM. Of course, Chili seems to be JCW only…

    • Correct. Personally, I think Chili Red is the definitive MINI color and should be available across the range until the end of time, but they didn’t ask me. 😉

    • Hemisedan

      By the way, it’s nice to see another FREE color available other than the Chili Red and Pepper White. While I really like those two, the Kite Blue will maybe be my color of choice in my next either Coupe or Roadster in 2014. I’m leaning towards the Roadster JCW right now, in Kite Blue.

      • John

        Did you notice that Kite Blue is the only blue JCW that is available with the red roof? Found that interesting.

        • Hemisedan

          I noticed that too. And personally, I am not a fan of it on Kite Blue, I could see it on Lightning Blue, but it just doesn’t match well for me on Kite Blue. Sure would like to see more no cost colors. Am I cheap, maybe but VW doesn’t charge for any colors on their GTI.

  • Disappointed that their configurator is still Flash-based (in 2012?!), and visiting the site on an iOS device brings up the minimal mobile site (which looks especially silly on an iPad). Here’s hoping they support modern devices soon. 🙂

    • Tell me about it. It’s almost unfathomable that MINI has a flash based site at this point.

      • Hemisedan

        Me too on that. I spent one day trying to figure that out as to why I can get on the configuration sight, or other parts of the MINIUSA sight, to no avail. By the way GABE, when are you going to have more updates on the Roadster? Driving in Chicago, and dealing with the cooler weather. By the way, I really wish that the Top-o-Meter was a deleteable option.

      • HeyWuWu

        Something is in the works 😉

      • TheMINIformant

        New site and tablet design should coincide with 2014 models…

    • Phil

      Very true. Even more annoying once you realize that the BMW USA site including configurator works on iPad. MINI needs t have their web guys and gals talking to the BMW folks down the hall.