MINIUSA’s GP Site is Live

It’s not that relaunch of a Flash-less we’ve been waiting for but there is something new that’s worth noting. MINI has flipped the switch on the GP microsite which means the broader public can now order the car via phone. The will allow MINI to direct traffic from social media and potentially online advertising to a dedicated site meant to to extol all the virtues of the fastest MINI of all time.

For more on the GP check out our first drive and video review of the car.

  • link?

  • Eimr

    Flash site works just fine on Windows Phone 8 (Nokia Lumia 920)and my Lenovo ThinkPad twist, you guys need to get over Apple. Any news on my GP Oxford delivery?

    • Oh for goodness sake, could just one technology post not turn into a fanboy flame war from either side? Thanks and thanks again.

      • eimr

        The post brought up the flash-less site, so I couldn’t help myself as I checked it out on my phone.

    • I think the point is that Flash is a constricting battery hogging technology that has never proven itself a good solution. And now with new technologies at play it’s time to move on. MINI will be as well.