MINI’s Exclusive Goodwood Edition Priced to Sell at $39,995

The following is an editorial that wasn’t influenced by advertising on this site but more inspired by what it and what it means for the future.

As those of you in the US have likely noticed, MotoringFile’s advertising partner MINI of Chicago is now offering the $52,000 MINI Goodwood for an astonishing price of $39,995. That’s over $12k off the list price and surely not what MINI had in mind when they created such an exclusive car. For the right buyer it represents an incredible value. But for any future MINI high-end special editions, it could be a little troubling.

The Goodwood has no exclusive exterior styling or even wheels. Designers at Rolls Royce didn’t want to create a car that was an extrovert. As is their philosophy, they simply wanted to created understated elegance that led into a rich and sumptuous driver environment. For a MINI owners used to seeing Union Jacks decals and white wheels, it’s a foreign idea. But for the Roll Royce owner (or anyone with a similar mind-set) the exterior is for the world, the interior is for them.

And what a world awaits you when you open the door. The leather (which covers almost everything), isn’t what we know from the rest of the automotive world. Where almost all cars use leather with printed patterns on them to hide the mediocre quality of the hide, Rolls Royce uses hides that are carefully prepared to ensure consistency of color throughout. Every millimeter is inspected by eye to make sure there are no imperfections. Additionally the leather is pre-shrunk and specially dyed so that it won’t squeak or crack with age. This is the first handmade MINI interior ever done by the factory and the quality is astonishing.

Then there’s the carpeting which will likely be one of the softest and most luxurious things you’ll ever lay your hands on. Even the boot matt is made from thick and long-lasting leather. Nice touches are seemingly everywhere.

Yet I think it’s safe to say that this concept doesn’t work for the typical MINI owner. At least not when it comes to a selling 1000 of them at $52k a pop. In talking with a few Motoring Advisors around the country the Goodwood is a hard sell not just because of the price but what it lacks – the crucial sunroof. Add in the lack of a manual option (in the US only) and the potential buyers group is further sliced.

In our eyes none of this makes the Goodwood any less desirable. For those who are looking for a fully optioned automatic Cooper S, a $39,995 Goodwood should be almost impossible to pass-up. If you don’t mind the lack of sunroof (which Rolls Royce designers deemed inappropriate in combination with the silk headliner) then the Goodwood is pretty much your dream MINI. And subtle as it is, it can certainly be amped up with any number of (hopefully) tasteful MINI accessories.

To be transparent we wanted and still want the Goodwood to be successful. Not only for our advertisers and our friends at MINI Corporate, but for the us – the fans of the brand. MINI has created so many sticker and wheel special editions over the years that’s we’ve actually lost count. But the Goodwood was different. Created with the help of Rolls themselves and designed with materials and at a quality level beyond anything MINI had ever seen before. This is how special editions should be created and we want more of them.

Just imagine if MINI decided next up was something in association with BMW M? With the $52k Goodwood struggling to sell-out it could lessen the likelihood of any future high-end special editions coming from the factory.

Which of course should make the Goodwood even more attractive and ultimately valuable in the years ahead.

If you’re interested give MINI of Chicago a call(877-793-0218) and let them know MF sent you.

  • r.burns

    The buyers who paid $50.000 will appreciate this official discount. Thank you Mini.

    • This is not an official discount but just a discount at MINI of Chicago.

      • r.burns

        Come on… it’s no secret that hundreds of Goodwood are still on sale for months…

        • The price noted here is not officially sanctioned by MINI. Not sure how else to describe it. MINIUSA may be giving money back to dealers on each car but this goes far beyond that figure. Just look at other prices out there.

        • r.burns

          Are you so naive to believe that from the beginning, Goodwoods have been sold to the announced price ?

        • I’m sure some element of discount was part of most deals as they are on many new MINIs that are bought off the lot. However I do know first hand of several being bought locally for MSRP when they were initially released. Either way seems like you like to argue for no good reason.

        • r.burns

          Except that I’m not arguing anything, I’m talking about reality.

        • Who’s disagreeing with what?

        • r.burns

          So, I’m glad to see you understand what I mean 😉

        • So bizarre.

        • r.burns

          …if you say it….

        • MINI_CS

          I think this more a statement on the US economy than the car. This car was a sellout success in markets where the economy isn’t a basket case.

        • The US economy was responsible for record sales of MINIs, BMWs and most brands last year.

  • Bob Hayhurst

    IMHO, while this is a truly sumptuous automobile; it just miss’s the mark. I was amazed at the quality and presence of the Goodwood. However, intrinsically, (don’t want to hurt feelings here) this is not a car that most MINI buyers would care to own. I know it hurts to advertise the huge discount but price sells product and these have got to go…

    • r.burns

      And because most Mini buyers would not have bought this car, Mini would have done better not to commercialize it ?

      Happily Mini cares for a lot of people, included even very rich people

      • Bob Hayhurst

        Not my point. Nice car; really well done but it was a solution in search of a problem. It wasn’t that it wouldn’t be appreciated or bought; its just that few MINI buyers (as evidenced by the discount) are willing to buy a MINI that is dressed up in this manner. It isn’t that MINI made a mistake making the car; its just that it didn’t sell as well as anticipated, simple as that…

        • R.Burns

          That is the result, for sure !

  • John McLauchlan

    Not surprised, as most of the 1000 Inspired by Goodwood Editions remain unsold. I think the GP2 and WC50 represent the high water mark for MSRP on a MINI Hardtop.

    • MINI_CS

      Only in the USA which only got 142.

  • ulrichd

    Never realized the Cooper S hood scoop was non-functional. The lack of one on this car seems to prove that.

    • r.burns

      No : there is special special coating under the hood, to disperse heat

  • Karl

    Took a look at one here in Dallas. It had that amazing interior, and the smell of the leather they used was unbelievable. Once I saw the automatic transmission, I was completely turned-off.

    • John McLauchlan

      Interestingly, the illustration above shows 3 pedals, and prior articles here on MotoringFile report that it is available with manual or automatic. Does anyone know if the US-spec cars are automatic only? Just curious.

      • The Goodwood is available outside the US with a manual.

        • MINI_CS

          USA 141, 134 Automatics 7 Manuals 127 Diamond Black 14 Reef Blue

        • Thanks for all the data on this – amazing work!

  • NoHoR56

    I love my MINI but performance at price point is definitely part of its charm. I have a fairly stripped down S and marvel at the fun I have for the dollars I’ve spent. However, if I were spending 40 or 50K on a car I would definitely be spending it on something other than a MINI. This may be the perfect car for someone but it’s definitely a marketing 101 FAIL in a broader sense. A less expensive high end car tends to sell but an expensive cheaper car not so much. (re VW Phaeton) It’s a classic market position “mistake” (or, at least, it shouldn’t be surprising that these weren’t gobbled up). It seems like it’s even a hard sell at $40K.

    MINI has a great position in the car market for these times but “luxury” isn’t part of it and probably never should be.

    • You say that (and it’s logical) but $40-50K MINIs are selling more and more these days. I think you’re partly correctly but I also think it was how this car was specced.

      • NoHoR56

        A $40-50K MINI that is specced for performance makes more sense. Still, I’d get a used Porsche Boxster in that zone – or a 1 series BMW, if I needed a back seat.

  • oldsbear

    This mistake of a car would require daily grooming to not look shabby. Or it might do well on a dust-free pedestal on the mezzanine. Actually drive it in a Chicago winter? Be serious.

    • You’d just use rubber mats in the winter. I’ve done that on all my MINIs.

      • ulrichd

        Interesting. I actually prefer the lower, slightly flatter bonnet on the non-S Cooper without the intake.

  • Ike

    This car was a disaster from the beginning. I don’t think this car sells even at $39.. I think it needs to come down to the 33k mark or less.

    What ‘value’ is there here? The pricetag doesn’t reflect a standard set of options; discounts of retail don’t equate to value – think of a discounted prada handbag… unless there is inherent value in the vehicle for resale, this isn’t a ‘deal’ to be had.

    It needed the hood scoop – I think a lot of people have a problem with the missing aesthetic.

    • MINI_CS

      The real disaster is the US economy. In other markets this car sold out even before they landed. Bonnet scoop no way.

      • veindoc1

        I agree. A hood scoop? Are you kidding me? That was a space cadet comment. Motors break down on the sky roof and I think it was smart not to put it on the Goodwood (and it set it apart as not one of your “regular options” and you have the nice inside roofing touch to match the ultra nice leather). I got 4 years of wonderful riding with my Goodwood before all this nonsense. And agreed, the economy had more to do with it than anything. And the to JCW decked out is at $43,000 and to me, just tacky, although it will burn rubber, so to speak. Give me my Goodwood any day. If I am in love with MINIs, I have a luxury model of the car I prefer over them all (except for when I need an SUV) and that is a whole new can or worms, and I have one of them too.

  • While I can appreciate the sheer beauty and top notch materials/craftsmanship that went into the Goodwood’s interior, I personally, will never pay that kind of money for a MINI, make that, any MINI. Far better cars can be had these days in that price range in nearly every aspect of the equation. Having said that, if you are a huge MINI fan and you want to have a Rolls Royce like (Or close to) type of interior, then this will probably be a reasonable proposition for that one of a kind customer. We are living in very tough financial times and even well off customers are dissecting these kind of purchases much more now than ever before.

  • ulrichd

    Just went online and specced a (non-JCW) Cooper S with ALL of the luxury options and then some and it came to $35,500. At $5K more maybe the Goodwood is not such a crazy proposition. I would assume at trade-in/sell time it will command a premium and you’ll get some of that money back.

  • Andrew Calabrese

    Instead of doing a Goodwood car, it might be better in the future to just have a Goodwood interior option package that you can spec for any MINI. Yes it would be an expensive option and the wait may be longish, but that would save MINI the trouble of having excess inventory.

    • r.burns

      It would not be as exclusive as the Goodwood…

  • I think that when one of the Rolls Royce crowd has a whim to drop $40-50k on a Mini, they don’t want it to look like a Rolls. They want it fancy, sure, but with the bold color, stripes, and the Union Jack, all that stuff. Y’know, so they can forget the tedium of their lives by pretending to only be upper middle class. 😉

  • John

    If you have the cash to buy a half year old Goodwood you’re be better of by buying a fully spec JCW hatch with your own specs. You’re only miss on the full leather interior and the sun roof.

  • BBS

    My mother just picked up a 2012 Goodwood, and she absolutely loves it. For her, it’s everything a highly optioned, fashionable, yet understated MINI should be. She also owns a Bentley Continental Flying Spur, for those wondering. For her, there was NO better car for $40-50k that would match this car in terms of quality, charm, exclusivity, class or elegance. MINI of Chicago is offering an incredible incentive, and if you are on the fence about buying a MINI Goodwood you should take the plunge!

    • BBS

      Furthermore, I’m pretty stunned at all the ignorance surrounding this car. Everyone’s gripes and complaints about the Goodwood are bogus when you consider what this car is really about. For $50k you could go pick up an M3. If you see an M3 as a better choice for you and your lifestyle over a MINI Goodwood, no one is stopping you!

      • NoHoR56

        I imagine this would be the perfect car for a Bentley owner when they desired a lower profile: just hop in the shuttle craft and not be so conspicuous about how rich you are. However, I don’t think there are that many buyers with that perspective and it seems the market is bearing that out with these discounts.

        • I agree. The Goodwood seems to be aimed squarely at very wealthy clientele (Possibly existing RR or Bentley owners) for whose this car is a second or third “Fun” vehicle or something more practical and less ostentatious depending on the circumstance at hand. But not even at $40K you would have me on board with this car. Yes, it is exquisitely finished inside and out but it is still a MINI at heart (Nothing wrong with that). At those prices, you’ll have me looking for other excellent BMW Group products that will provide far more comfort, power and speed than the Goodwood ever will.

        • MINI_CS

          I am not wealthy and I own a Goodwood that isn’t a daily drive. It is a club run only car. I have a JCW Clubman as my daily drive. I brought the JCW and the Goodwood on the same day.

      • FYI, an M3 retails for around $70K not $50K. Fifty grand buys you a well equipped F30 BMW 328i sedan (2013) or even a base F10 528i sedan.

      • MINI_CS

        Many people just don’t get it. There are only 1000 of these cars. Australia only got 10 the USA 142 these will be a modern collectible. They are very understated and go under the radar that is until you look inside.

        • veindoc1

          I agree….mine has very low mileage (below 9000) and garaged and not used except special events. It compliments my 2003 MINI cooper for school colors at football games, etc. Every time I take it in, there are still crowds that gather around it at regular service visits. I love it. I got it less than $52,000 with some extras here and there, but at $39,995 in Chicago, you add in transportation costs (cross country possibly), taxes, etc. and you are looking at $43-45,000 even at that price! I still am very happy I got it when I could, locally, and have enjoyed it for 5 years before this adverisement.

        • MINI_CS
        • MINI_CS

          We have a group for Goodwood owners.

          We can also help you get your build number. Mine is 104 of 1000

  • Mark Smith

    I have a correction for this article. The Goodwood was offered with the option of a manual. We had 1 and sold it last June. I can email you the original bulletin for proof if you would like me to Gabe?

    • MINI_CS

      Now that is a very rare car. Lucky buyer.

  • This is the answer to a question nobody asked.


    This car was $80k in Australia!

  • mazal

    i always thought the tag line should be..

    “Goodwood. For those who know luxury from an inside place.”


    The Official Count Statistics

    I will only use the recognised Production cars for this.

    Colours Diamond Black and Reef Blue

    Diamond Black 909 (99 Manuals 810 Automatics), Reef Blue 91 (20 Manuals 71 Automatics) Automatic Cars 881, Manual Cars 119

    Left Hand Drive 752 Right Hand Drive 248

    If you have a Reef Blue Manual Goodwood look after it these cars are very rare. The Right Hand Drive cars there are only 5 and all are Great Britain market cars. The other 15 Left Hand drive cars. Germany 4, Holland 3, France 3 Spain 1 and USA 4.

    There are 16 cars with out a market on them all are Right Hand drive most are Hot Climate Versions I suspect 10 of them are the South African cars.