MINI Goodwood – How Would you Change it?

We love MINI and we are pretty fond of the Goodwood as well. But over the years we haven’t pulled any punches in second guessing some design and specification choices are various MINI models – especially JCW. And now it’s your turn. We want to hear how you’d change MINI highest priced model – the Goodwood.

To recap the current MINI Goodwood was designed by Rolls Royce designers and priced at $52,000 (although you can now find them heavily discounted). Most of the RR touches can be found in the interior with its cashmere headliner and enormous amounts of high-end leather spread throughout the cabin. In short it’s completely sumptuous and almost breath-taking the first time you sit in the sit down and smell the leather. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been better designed for the market.

So with that said let’s hear your thoughts. What would you change on the MINI Goodwood? What should it look like? What options should be included? How much should it cost? And how should MINI market it? Sound-off below.

  • Matt

    I wouldn’t. Maybe give it a manual as the automatic transmission isn’t very good.

    It’s a baby supreme luxury car. IMO, it’s perfect, if a bit expensive.

    • MINI_CS

      There was a manual option none went to the USA

  • Mark

    The GOODWOOD is a pretty impressive car. But I can’t see how it’s $52,000 impressive. (or even $40,000) That is problem #1 with the car. I think the Navigation should be left out. This is clearly a car that will not get many miles per year, and within a few years the Navigation system will be outdated. So you end up with a car that was too expensive new, and is working with yesterday’s technology. It’s a neat idea, but I’m not sure it translates into a neat car. If the GOODWOOD package could be ordered as a factory option for $5,000 maybe it would sell.

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      You can’t even by the floor mats and wood trim for that… and that is what the majority of people just do not understand… You can’t even get a BMW Individual interior, which is not even near RR quality or finish for that cost.

  • This MINI needed to have the Rolls Royce emblem somewhere on it and included more prominently in it’s name. Maybe a fancy bonnet statue or something? Maybe block letters saying Rolls Royce across the boot. Something on the outside of the car that screams that you just paid $50k for a MINI Cooper.

    That’s why they are still sitting on showrooms and being sold at such discounts. Lack of swagger.

    • Ali

      As this is luxury car the auto box is fine as ONE is too busy other things on their Mind

      Having sat in one and gone for a quick spin. Its truely a nice place to be

      The floor mats in there £2,000 each

      The Cooper S logo should be there, instead the Goodwood edition logo with the lettering made of solid brushed aluminium

      Same again on the side scuttles

      A nice RR logo/badge on the passenger dash piece would have been nice

      Different rims should have been put on maybe some besoke diamond cut or burnished with the MINI logo doesnt move the wheel moves

      Where the buttons for the moodlights n interiors lights are they should have made a storage place there where you could put your sunglasses

      The roof lining should have had the starlight headliner like in the RR – more than 1,600 tiny fibre optic lights which are hand-woven into the leather roof lining to create a beautiful starry sky

      Like on a RR you should get a pop out Umbrella or they should give one at least

      You be able to raise and close the boot with a push of a button

      I wonder if they could have put suicide doors on it hmmmm

      • R.Burns

        No RR logo ! When you buy a $200,000 car, you don’t want its logo to be on a Mini !

        • Jim Carman

          Explain that to Aston Martin and the Cygnet.

        • R.Burns

          And ? If your neighbor swings by the window, you do the same ?

          Mini don’t have to follow bad examples

  • Bob Hayhurst

    1) Manual standard, Automatic optional 2) Custom wheels available only on Goodwood 3) DB said it, RR symbol somewhere on the car (wheel centers, hood, trunk, wherever) 4) I agree about the navigation; it gets dated quickly 5) Smiths gauges on the interior with black faces

    • R.Burns

      1) No; R/R are not manual > Automatic standard 2) Ok 3) No R/R logo as it is absolutely not a R/R 4) Connected is very useful for much other things than just navigation ! 5) White gauges are better : R/R don’t have black gauges

      • Bob Hayhurst

        Geez Dude…the topic is how would I change the Goodwood; not do you approve of my changes; think up your own and stop trolling…

        • R.Burns

          If you don’t want me to say what I think, tell me directly

        • I think there’s a language barrier issue here.

        • R.Burns

          It is possible… 😉

  • cp3657197

    interior is too light for a daily car. an option on interior color such as the dark brown it has on the dashboard would’ve been sweet. priced at 50K, ridiculous…

    …my $0.02 of the matter.

  • Ben

    Offer other color interiors than this (beautiful but I personally can not live with one this light) and offer a red exterior (personal preference on this) – perhaps something in the BMW Imola Red or other bright red range. A couple “luxury” toys are missing – a rearview camera and also top view and front view corner cameras for one thing (it’s not about need, it’s about having the toys) – Lane Departure Warning (needed, no – but it’s about having the latest safety tech “toys”) – at least an optional Sunroof (I get why but for a $50K+ car – offer the silk or the sunroof with the normal headliner). Manual transmission option is a must (this by itself took me off the buyer list). As a reference point, my 2011 MCS HB was a $36k+ (list) vehicle and when I heard about the walnut interior, I was ready to trade up….

  • oldsbear

    Re-badge it as “MINI Cimarron.” Then it would sell like crazy.

  • Jason

    I would actually consider one (at the discounted price) if it had a manual. I really dislike the non-functional scoop on the S, and I think that this MINI looks great. I agree that custom wheels would be nice, as well as, a few unique interior and exterior color options. Also, while the carpets and mats are nice, here in FL the rain would make them look pretty rough most of the time. Since moving here I have always bought rubber mats for all of my cars. The money that went towards a few of these touches could have gone towards some elements to make the MINI live up to its ‘premium’ aspirations such as additional sound deadening and measures taken to eliminate all of the rattles. I know that it would be tricky to market these additions (MINI: Now with only mini annoyances and noises), but it would be money well spent. On that note, I really want to love the next-gen MINI; is there any talk of trying to eliminate all of the rattles that drive us obsessive types up the wall?

    • MINI_CS

      There were I believe there are 90 manual cars none went to the USA

  • Minty

    I love the idea of the Goodwood. I love the idea of a traditional British beige interior with wood veneers, but agree there should have been an alternative option for those concerned about marking the pristine interior. The exterior colours were not to my taste, I would not have chosen black, and the blue offered was not exclusive to this model. I’m more familiar with the Aston Martin range of colours than the Rolls Royce palette, and would have loved to have seen an exclusive dark green (such as Aston’s Pentland Green), an exclusive navy blue (such as Aston’s Antrim Blue), and a dark burgundy (such as Aston’s awesome Royal Cherry). The ‘inspired by Goodwood’ badging looked cheap, and an exclusive (but subtle) grill and alloys would have been nice. I too hate the superfluous bonnet scoop, and loved the fact it was deleted on this edition.

  • Minty

    I thought these had sold well in the UK? Weren’t there big hopes it’d sell well in Asia too. Has the Goodwood underperformed globally, or just in the US?

    • MINI_CS

      It sold out in most markets even before the first cars landed.

  • cp3657197

    Mini and RR could’ve done a lot of what have mentioned here but imagine how much it would cost to produce one. I like the idea of RR luxury but give me some options that are sensible to me

  • JDUR53

    6 speed, panoramic sunroof and a hood scoop would be just the tip of the iceberg, but for that money, a JCW setup is almost expected even if the car is not badged to be so. I also think it should have come with a lower price!

  • Kurtster

    This car only needed one thing different: a lower price. Now it has that and they should sell quickly.

  • Jim Carman

    For the MSRP, it should have had every possible option as standard (sunroof, rally lights, etc) with delete options for some (sun roof, for example). Offer a manual transmission, and make the auto a dual-clutch gearbox. Standard engine should have been ‘at least’ on-par with the JCW. A 3-year Sirius / XM subscription as standard. Same with the nav system, 3 years’ worth of free updates. Exclusive wheels. As in, you can’t buy a replacement without either exchange of the old wheel (assuming damage) or the VIN (assuming theft).

     Exclusive paint. As in, no other MINI will ever have it. And not another variation of black, or dark blue. Maybe even offer a custom paint color, like BMW and Audi offer (for extra $$).

    By the way, I keep hearing the headliner described as silk. It’s cashmere. Big difference there.

  • Ellis

    1) At least one RR logo or name. 2) Sunroof. 3) Steering Wheel needs accent; too plain. 4) Brown or Reddish Brown interior. 5) Special Paint.

    • Just a note the standard metallic black on the car is a very special paint taken straight from RR. It’s incredible in person.

      • R.Burns

        Exactly It is a very very metallic color, a lot more than midnight black

      • Ellis

        Didn’t know….Thanks Gabe 🙂

      • MINI_CS

        In sunlight this paint is stunning

  • BimmerFile_Michael

    People are missing the point. This is not meant to be a performance car- rally lights/ hood scoo/ JCW be damned. The lack of sunroof was by design as RR likes roofs but the amazing lighted one would be astronomical in price (get it). This is supposed to be pomp and luxury on the inside- who wants a manual in this target audience (No one!).

    Also, those dreaming of RR putting there badge on this are even more nuts, why on earth would they lower their standards to those of MINI? The entire car would need to be redesigned to qualify as an RR, same reason you’ll never see a BMW badge or M badge on a MINI. This is a collaboration and a great one at that. In markets outside the US these sold well because people are not all about badges but substance and knowing what they have- people de-badge cars here not put more on (parked next to an AMG black on Maximilianstrasse today with NO badges).

    This is not an enthusiasts car- it is a person that wants a Brioni suit, to match the headliner kind of car and there is a market for it- it’s just not as big as MINI thought in the US… OR they didn’t get the word out to those types of people.

    Having driven a RR, it is about the inside and the overall experience of luxury- even the power delivery is special. There is no way that anything coming from RR will have a manual, sport suspension or any of the thoughts mentioned here and nor should they- that car is called the JCW or GP.

    Options are what they and were market dependent outside the sunroof IIRC but they could have spiced the Nav up a bit- I will agree with that as RR has its own system based off iDrive that ROCKS.

    Take a step back and look at what this is and why it is that way- The hood scoop delete on an S says a lot….

    • Jim Carman

      A typical RR weighs what, 6000 pounds? And can propel 0-60 in 7 seconds or less. So why not use the JCW powertrain in a RR-influenced MINI? It’s not about whether or not the typical RR owner would use that power. It’s that, it’s on-call when/if they want to use it.

       Keep the RR badges off, as it's not an RR. Or put them on, call it an RR (like Aston Martin did with the Cygnet, aka Toyota iQ), add $30-$40K to the sticker, and sell it that way.

      • BimmerFile_Michael

        A RR has a totally different feel, it is relentless and effortless but not fast and does not snap your neck… the JCW package would negate that entirely. RR’s are a different breed, and the MINI build is NOT up to par for harmonics etc- The IQ was hand honed by by AM and AM is not looked at as the same as RR in any circle. (The Cygnet is nothing special compared to even the Goodwood)

        It is what it is, and there was something on the table for the future that would possibly be what you are suggesting- the issue is this “test” was only partially successful.

        • thatotherguy

          You missed Jim’s point Michael.

    • Jason

      Why was my reply removed?

      • No one has removed any comments. Not sure when it was made or what it said but feel free to re-post if it’s not there.

        • Jason

          Thank you; my bad. Anyway, I have driven a RR as well, and, even if I had the money, would not buy one b/c it does not offer a manual either. A manual has nothing to do with it being an ‘enthusiast’s’ car. It has to do with it being an automobile vs an appliance. I agree that the RR badges would be way out of place, but putting a manual in this car, or in ANY other car, does not detract from luxury, nor does it necessarily make it more sporty; it just makes it something worth driving instead of sitting idly inside of until you reach your destination.

        • Jason

          “This is supposed to be pomp and luxury on the inside- who wants a manual in this target audience (No one!).” – So, with that said, consider me ‘no one,’ b/c I always would want the manual.

        • BimmerFile_Michael

          Are you really in this target demo? I am not trying to be rude but people in this target demo have this for their city car in the garage when they feel like driving in the city and not their driver- the 911 GT3 is the manual they drive.

        • Jason

          I understand that those are the individuals that MINI thought would be their target, but they obviously missed their mark. I would be shocked that anyone who has a GT3 considers a MINI as an option. Perhaps an M3 or Evora would be their comfy non-sporting car. With that said, while I might not have been their original target demo, at the current price, I would be an individual who would walk into the showroom and possibly buy one if it had a manual. I would do this while the original target demo is out having lunch at the University Club or something of the sort. Wherever the target audience is, they are not flooding MINI showrooms. Even with the auto, I have toyed with the idea of purchasing this car for my wife, but I would really not enjoy it without a manual. This is just a personal preference, not anything more. The thread posed the question, “How would you change the Goodwood?” Regardless of whether I, or any other individual posting, am the original target audience, all have their own thoughts of how the car could have been improved, and ultimately, more successful.

    • R.Burns

      BimmerFile_Michael : you are totally right !!!

    • John McLauchlan

      Regarding the lack of sunroof, no modern MINI Limited Edition has come with one in the US. GP1, GP2, MC40, WC50, Laurel, Goodwood. Appears to be a policy.

    • MINI_CS

      Mini say the Goodwood has a standard Cooper S engine and you have to believe what they say. I own a JCW Clubman and a Goodwood, I have also owned another Auto Cooper S. The Goodwood is a match for performance against my JCW my wife was driving the Goodwood I was in the JCW she gave it a big boot full and I could not make any ground on her. The seat of the pants tells me the Goodwood have more power than our last Auto Cooper S. The Goodwood also has the JCW airbox.

  • VanMINI

    my dealer group also reps RR in Vancouver, and the one thing that would have been cool is that RR hubs have a floating logo, ie no matter how fast teh car goes, the logo always stays level to the road on all 4 wheels.. subtle, but classy.

  • DaCrema

    I thought I read that the standard was available in other markets. That would have been nice to have as an option – the Goodwood is still a drivers car.

    I would not change anything in the interior.

    A nice to have would be a slight change to the grill and bumper giving a nod to RR. I trust the pin and ink guys at RR and MINI could come up with something appropriately understated but different the Cooper.

  • chris

    i’m all for the idea of it. I would have liked to have been given a choice of more upscale interior when I bought my Mini. I’m also a fan of understated luxury, that said, it would have been nice if the wheels had been more special, and they had offered a few more bespoke colors for the exterior, nothing flashy but just delicious, rich colors. the wool floor mats are very nice but,I wouldnt be able to keep them clean so, they’re lost on me. Give me rubber ones. The rest I’d seriously consider. They should make a Clubman version for sure, with a set of polo clubs and saddle and a luxury picnic basket and a built-in Champagne cooler in the boot, for those days in the country estate.

  • The car Imelda marcos would love to own…..

    • Bob Hayhurst

      Oh and the shoes to match… 🙂

  • RakSiam

    I’m not sure this car really makes any sense. Who is the target market? Anybody willing to spend $52K on a car isn’t likely looking at MINI.

    • MINI_CS

      Not true I brought 2 Mini’s on the day I brought the Goodwood. Before that I also had 2 Mini’s I like them in pairs.

  • dtclubman
    1. Make a Clubman version

    2. Add sound deadening

    3. Do not equip with runflats

    4. Add panoramic moonroof

    5. Allow for optional trims on dash on doors, not just fake wood

    6. Take lessons from Bentley Continental GT Speed and make the engine high performance ala JCW or better.

    • Good ideas. however one note – the wood sustainable old growth hardwood (as it MINI’s standard wood trim).

    • MINI_CS
      1. Nope
      2. The extra leather and carpet is that.
      3. Agree
      4. Nope
      5. The wood is real
      6. I don’t believe its a standard Cooper S engine.
  • BMWPlow

    I work at a dealership in Northern California, and we still have ours. I am not sure when/if we are ever going to sell it.

    The car is pretty nice to sit in, but like others have said, I question the market they were going for with the car. My area does not have the sort of income bracket that would support this car, and honestly, since my dealership does BMW too.,…they wander over there if they are spending that kind of money.

    The main thing I would change is the floor mats…..Kinda worthless if you ask me 🙂

  • GoRixter

    It’s the wrong type of car to target to a potential MINI customer. BMW would be better off equiping a 5-series with the RR emblem. People who want a MINI are looking for kidney-pounding suspension and a lot of fun. Sound dampening be damned.

  • AMS

    There’s been one sitting in the Memphis dealership for FOREVER. I don’t care a whit about the RR badge, but I think the overall look of the interior is fantastic. More than once, I’ve been tempted to take detailed pics of what is leather-wrapped and how, in order to pay someone to spruce up the otherwise kinda low-rent MINI interior.

  • r53tuning

    I work for a MINI Dealer as well and I had no issues selling the vehicle. We added the JCW Tuning Kit, Rally lights and custom colour matched pin stripeing to match the interior. The Goodwood shouldive included the Sunroof, better sound dampening and custom wheels….That was a huge miss!! You couldive got one in standard if you preorderd it only…other then that it’s automatic. The RR badge shouldnt and wouldn’t be placed on the vehicle. It’s not a Rolls people, its a MINI. The gauges were in black not silver. Over all, they did an amazing job with this special edition however like Michael said, it targets a upscale client base who doesnt care for a noisy cabin. It’s to show how diverse the brand can and always will be.


    I own a Goodwood and a 2012 JCW Clubman. There are certainly some things Mini could have done to finish this car off.

    1. Build Numbers mine is #108 off the line

    2. Brembo brakes but the calipers in silver or black

    3. Some black interior trim should have been colour matched

    4. Chrome grill I have seen one fitted it looks better.

    5. Dressed up engine bay

    6. JCW Engine

    The Goodwood is a very different car to drive than our JCW. It has a different feel to any other Mini I have owned get in it after driving the JCW and it is more refined it certainly isn’t down on power compared to the JCW I believe Mini have tweeked the Goodwood engine it has much more power than our last Auto Cooper S.

  • John Bridger

    Forget the RR badge and any JCW upgrade. Just make the grill distinctive, look more like the RR grill or actual metal mesh instead of the cheap looking plastic S grill

    • MINI_CS

      Agreed the grill is cheap and nasty.

  • Rea Rea

    Rear view camera, directional arrows in the side mirrors, ability to update nav info (a la computer updates), date display alongside the time, boot hatch hydraulics (similar to the wave-your-foot-under-the-bumper), key fob presentation folder in ALL markets, caliper covers, sequence number on paperwork, burl wood glove box button.. Would NOT change color of interior, lambs wool, cashmere or any of that…THAT sets it apart from all the other MINIs.


    The Official Count Statistics

    I will only use the recognised Production cars for this.

    Colours Diamond Black and Reef Blue

    Diamond Black 909 (99 Manuals 810 Automatics), Reef Blue 91 (20 Manuals 71 Automatics) Automatic Cars 881, Manual Cars 119

    Left Hand Drive 752 Right Hand Drive 248

    If you have a Reef Blue Manual Goodwood look after it these cars are very rare. The Right Hand Drive cars there are only 5 and all are Great Britain market cars. The other 15 Left Hand drive cars. Germany 4, Holland 3, France 3 Spain 1 and USA 4.

    There are 16 cars with out a market on them all are Right Hand drive most are Hot Climate Versions I suspect 10 of them are the South African cars.

  • Mark Allen

    Add paddle shifters and a burr walnut gearshift surround. Other than that, this car is about as perfect as a Mini can be!