The 2013 NAIAS Gallery (Updated w/200 photos)

Updated: The 2013 NAIAS will be remembered for a lot of things. It was the show where the BMW 3 Series became the 4 Series. There were the debuts of both the Lexus IS and Infiniti Q50 – two serious 3 Series competitors. Then there’s the updated NSX concept and the new Audi RS7. And of course that fiberglass superhero the C7 Corvette Stingray.

For MINI it was a relatively quiet show with only one introduction – the public debut of the Paceman JCW. Otherwise it was an opportunity for MINI to show-off the entire JCW range – something they intend to do much more of in 2013 and the years ahead.

What was it like to roam the show floor? Click through to the full 200 image gallery to find out.

  • Bob Hayhurst

    Great pictures as always. Keep them coming!!

  • lavardera

    I’m just waiting for the 18″ wheel crowd to complain about the tires on the F1 cars…


    I was really hoping Mini would fix the emergency break in the Countryman/Paceman and , the Mickey Mouse speedo. The e-brake makes the center rail useless and I honestly can’t stand looking at the center speedo, spending $30,000 to look like a joke, ugh.

    This from a potential buyer with the Mini high on the list but these two point really nag at me.

    • The Mickey Mouse issue was partially resolved with the refresh.

      • Foxhoundadam

        I agree it is better. The black trim is improved but I still think all the other mini dashes look better with the vents at the 3:00 and 9:00 positions.

        Thanks for the reply.

  • Tim Henn

    anyone else notice the gas cap is very simple and dull. like an 80’s car. flap with a finger notch. lol.

  • Herr26

    Geneva will be a more “interesting” show for MINI fans. News coming in February.