Exclusive: MINI USA Launches Paceman Configurator

MINI USA has snuck the new Paceman into the Configurator, but you have to know where to look. Details after the break.

To access it, you have to start a configuration on any other MINI model and then switch to the Paceman. Voilà pure Paceman configuration. Give it a look, then share your spec in the comments below. Here’s our first take.

MotoringFile takes no responsibility for lost productivity in your work day due to time spent configuring a new Paceman!

MINI USA Configurator

  • D.Knight

    Thanks for the info. $38,000 even. With most options and packages minus navigation.

  • ulrichd

    32K for a manual Cooper S model with a few carefully selected options and the honking big 19″ wheels.

  • Gaston

    I’m on my second MINI, a 2007 MCS, so I’m a fan of the brand, but I can only hope the Paceman looks better in the flesh than on the screen. And the color choices don’t help: boring boring boring. And why oh why does every color have be metallic? Metallic is no longer unique; hell, half the cars on the road seem to be some variant of metallic grey.

    • ulrichd

      Gaston, I agree with you in principal but look around you in traffic: white, black, grey. It’s what people buy and if you are a dealer or manufacturer that’s what you make. Personally I think the blue with white top looks fantastic.

  • Salpjs

    vuala? Perhaps you mean voila`. Sorry, I’m an English teacher.

    • lemelou

      Still better than “wala” or “ouala”. And you meant “voilà”, of course. Sorry, I’m French 😉

  • John McLauchlan

    The configurator shows runflats as optional (you can toggle them on/off). I assume that is a mistake? Back to building now…

    • ulrichd

      Since the Countryman has been dinged for its hard as nails ride in many reviews (including motoringfile), maybe Mini has decided to make a change.

      • R.Burns

        It’s been 2 years that runflats are optional in Europe

  • LoveMyMINI

    it’s still a little buggy – if you switch trans types, the image of the top of the manual shifter remains when the auto shifter is drawn… the seats don’t render properly, and I don’t see any ‘sport stripes’ (the center stripes) in the options – I’m sure they’re still working it out before it goes fully live

  • Veggivet

    Under 25K for my basic Justa in Starlight Blue.

  • Sorry messed up that link from an earlier comment. It’s live on the mini USA website now.