US JCW GPs to Receive Roof Numbers Like the Original

Some of you may have missed this news buried in our interview with MINI USA’s head Jim McDowell and Marketing leader Tom Salkowski but it’s worth another mention. Bowing to pressure from MINI fans, MINI USA has devised a way to individually number each GP meant for the US market. MINI USA worked with MINI Design in Munich directly to create something that reflected the original design while working seamlessly with the new car.

Furthermore the material used is of the exact same quality of the rest of the decals on the GP so it should wear evenly. MINI USA intends to install the replacement graphics at the port once they hit the US.

So why the lack of numbers for the rest of the world? Based on what we’ve heard from sources, it’s due to certain large Asian markets and specific numbers being either lucky or unlucky. Why does it matter now when it didn’t in 2006 with the original? Two reasons. First the make-up of the sales will be more Asia focused due to the that market growing exponentially. Secondly the Euro economic crisis will likely soften sales there sending more cars elsewhere throughout the world.


  • Ike

    Hey Guys,

    3 questions:

    1. Why do the interior pics never show redundant steering wheel controls (for radio/ cruise). It was my understanding the US versions WILL get them correct?

    2. Will it have bluetooth?

    3. Any educated guess/ info on which day these will land at my dealer (East Coast)? I’ve been waiting since September-ish?

    • RedAFMINI

      I’ve been asking corporate and my dealer #3 for a while now… Still vague answers

    • The Dude

      I heard March 5th.

      • Ike

        I appreciate that! Are all dealers receiving them on the same day, or will the east coast get them first (as they’re brought in by ship)? May I ask your source for this info (was it handed down from corpo or was it a dealer estimate?)

        • The Dude

          My dealer contacted me to say that they were told March 5th.

        • Yes it’s March 5th. No special delivery available unfortunately.

        • brt356

          Thanks for the update – hope you are correct (you usually are). We’ve been patiently waiting for our GP since last September so it would be sweet if we could start the 30 day countdown clock!

  • Kurtster

    Without numbering all of them, to me it kind of defeats the purpose of numbering and makes the US customers look like we’re a bunch of whiners who the company had to do something special for. A numbered GP is no more special than a non-numbered one and as far as I can tell the number is completely arbitrary with no relation to where in the production sequence the car was made. I guess I’m just not getting the importance of having MINI put a number decal on a car unless it has some significance other than vanity.

    • The numbers will reflect the sequence of production according to MINI.

      • Kurtster

        Thanks, Gabriel. That’s good. They have some significance that way.

  • Dealer told me that they are at port but cant be released til March.

    • RedAFMINI

      I was told today that they’re at port currently, and are to be shipped to dealers later in Feb. MINI decided that they can’t be sold until March 5, no matter how early they arrive. I also got this by email…

      “Greetings GP MINI-acs,

      We hope you are as revved up as we are about the forthcoming arrival of the 2013 MINI John Cooper Works GP on U.S shores. First, we’d like to congratulate you on reserving a brand spankin’ new GP of your very own—you are part of a very exclusive crowd of lucky Motorers who will soon be motoring in the fastest production MINI yet. And it is fine with us if you want to run screaming into the streets telling everyone who will listen, just that.

      You have been patient since placing your order (thanks for that) and now we’d like to provide a few updates:

      The cars are slated to arrive in March (we wish it were sooner too, but our factory geniuses in Oxford are busy putting the final touches on your GP).

      Each U.S GP will be numbered.Can we get a WOOT WOOT? Over the past month, we have been working diligently with our European colleagues to “save the numbers.” We are thrilled to have the numbers back for the U.S GPs.

      The number of each GP will be assigned based on Production to ensure its Authenticity (and that’s with a capital ‘A’).

      We’ve told you just about everything we know… but if we can answer any questions, please call 1-866-ASK-MINI (275-6464). Otherwise, stay tuned for updates as we eagerly await the arrival of our latest MINI masterpiece.

      Until then, Motor On.

      The Team at MINIUSA”

      • Kurtster

        Well that’s cool. At least the numbering will be sequential as they came from the production line so it’s not irrelevant. Still, I’d have to laugh a little if I were buying one outside the U.S. about why only one country in the world demanded (and got) numbered cars.

        • RedAFMINI

          I saw a post somewhere from a person overseas that was disappointed that they couldn’t get numbers on their GP like we will.

      • The delivery now is April 5th because of the numbers

  • akng

    I heard that the Canadian GPs will also be getting individual numbers as well. Canada is supposed to get 50 cars, so each car will be numbered 1-50.