MINI USA Sales Up for January 10%

MINI USA reported the best January ever with sales of 3,682 automobiles, an increase of 10.4 percent from the 3,334 sold in the same month a year ago. But the month was notable in other ways as well.

For the first time the MINI Roadster has outsold the more versatile and less attractive Convertible by 24 units. And as expected in the depths of winter, the Countryman has closed the gap to the hatch to within about 200 units once again proving how valuable the R60 is to MINI’s bottom line.

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  • Gary

    I had expected “Roadster > Convertible” to happen much earlier. Perhaps increased production is allowing dealers to finally have a respectable variety of R59s on the lot.

    • Having aggressive lease and finance programs offered by MINI USA here in the Northeast lit a little “Fire” under the Roadsters boot.

  • Kurtster

    Only 97 Coupes sold. Kind of makes me happy on one hand that I won’t see many other Coupes on the road and a little sad that such a fun car is having such poor sales.

  • ulrichd

    Little off topic, but 3 series sales are down 29% from a year ago in spite of the fact that it’s a new model.

    • GoRixter

      I’m surprised how much the 1-series are down, month over month. I see quite a few in our part of the world

      • The 1 series is quickly approaching the end of its production cycle. BMWNA made another huge mistake by not bringing here the 5 door hatchback variant of this car, thus curbing its appeal. I guess they were afraid of cannibalizing into MINI sales. But in Europe and elsewhere, the mere existence of the 1 series doesn’t seem to have an adverse impact on MINI sales.

    • I am not surprised to be honest. The way packages and options were setup for these cars is terrible (The all or nothing approach), the flaccid electric steering set up and the tractor sounding N20 turbo 4 cyl engine. And let’s be honest… BMW made a tactical mistake by removing the main reason most buyers in NA opted for a new 3 series…. The sublime 6 cyl N52 engine that was standard equipment in the 328i trim level. Not many are buying the argument that a raspy 4 cyl turbo is a good long term substitute for the smooth and great sounding 3 liter sixer. And yes I have driven a 2013 328i with the N20 and while the ZF 8 speed automatic is sensational, the 4 banger has no place on a car that stickers well north of $40K. Maybe you can dupe Mercedes Benz and Audi buyers into 4 bangers, but not so easily with BMW loyalists.

  • GoRixter

    I’m still surprised to see ConvertIble at all with the Roadster released. I really wonder how many times people want to get 4 passengers in a Convertible.

    • heli_guy

      All the time for us. We have a family of 4, and although we don’t always have the kids in there, it gives us the best of both worlds. Can have some fun, but still fit everyone in when we need to.

      • GoRixter

        Good for you. I bet the kids like that. I hadn’t considered too many families (of 4) would be using a convertible. I was mostly thinking adults and I know how squishy it is in terms of leg room. My 6’3″ sons (twins) in the back of ours is interesting. Have to fold themselves in half and I have to have the steering wheel resting on my waist to get us all in. LoL