MINI Connected Adds Driving Excitement Analyser

Official News from MINI: MINI provides the perfect stage for show-stealing driving fun, but it is down to the driver to deliver the perfect performance. And now the Driving Excitement Analyser from MINI Connected is on hand to highlight just how skilfully and safely drivers are exploiting the potential of their new MINI. This innovative and globally unique function assesses how safely drivers can accelerate and steer the car, and how well planned their gear changes and braking can be. The results are displayed on the onboard monitor, with Experience Points (XP) awarded for sporty but safe driving. The Driving Excitement Analyser is another addition to the existing Driving Excitement suite of features and therefore included in the MINI Connected App update, which drivers can access in their MINI via their iPhone. The free update will be available from March 2013 from the Apple App Store and can be uploaded into the car via an iPhone.

The Driving Excitement Analyser is the latest example of how MINI owners can enjoy a distinctive brand of driving fun through the intelligent link-up of the driver, car and outside world. The MINI Connected app is regularly updated to include new and innovative infotainment, driving fun and social network functions. In cars equipped with the MINI Visual Boost radio or MINI navigation system, MINI Connected already offers features such as a web radio function, the Google Local Search and Send to Car services, use of Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, the AUPEO! and Stitcher services, reception of RSS news feeds, use of the iPhone’s calendar, and the Driving Excitement, Mission Control, Dynamic Music and MINIMALISM Analyser functions. All are intuitive to use and presented with customary MINI flair with the help of the MINI joystick, steering wheel buttons and onboard monitor.

Driving Excitement Analyzer

The Driving Excitement Analyser allows drivers to experience the hallmark MINI driving fun in even greater depth. In addition to the Condition Check function, Force Meter and digital sports instruments already included in the Driving Excitement app from MINI Connected, the new points system rates the driver’s ability to pilot the MINI with a sporty yet steady hand. Praise is given to particularly sprightly sprints, precise gear changes, controlled braking, smooth cornering and U-turns executed at well-judged speeds. For example, the system awards maximum Experience Points for upshifts carried out within the ideal rev range and in less than 1.2 seconds. Super-slick gear changes prompt a “Perfect change up” message on the on-board monitor, while a “Breathtaking U-turn” and a masterful touch with the anchors (“Well-balanced braking”) are similarly recognised with top marks and positive, MINI-style feedback. At the opposite end of the scale, no points are given for potentially dangerous manoeuvres. Instead, excessively sharp braking and precarious or erratic cornering cause a warning to be displayed on the monitor.

In other words, sustained poise and assurance at the wheel are the key to sending a driver’s points total skywards. Topping 100 points in any of the four categories results in promotion to the next level. Added to which, drivers can collect badges reflecting their accomplished acceleration, gear changes or cornering technique within the scope of special tests. Navigation-linked badges are awarded as a special bonus, lighting up on the onboard monitor if the MINI passes one of the essential destinations identified by the app – the MINI factory in Oxford, for instance.

  • LeeF

    Call me a bit slow with this, but while I love the new app, I am still scratching my head over the “10 from 10 XP” phraseology (top image above). I understand that XP = experience points, but “10 from 10”? Does that mean ten points awarded out of a maximum of 10?

    What I’d LOVE to see is Google Send-to-Car improvements. As it is, I can finesse a custom routing with the wonderful mapping tools at Google, but MiNi Nav only takes the end points, ignores the routing, and uses it’s own algorithm. I recently did an elaborate “Parkway Only” routing from Philadelphia to Boston to minimize exposure to highway truck traffic, imported it with Send-to-Car, and MiNi just gave me the Interstate. Begs the question why I would bother using Send-to-Car if it results in its best features being ignored. Haven’t had a chance to see if that was changed in this latest app update. If anyone knows, please post!

    • RayT

      Agreed. If Send-to-Car resulted in a route that was exactly like the source map then this would be a major selling point for me.

      • stew

        Send it to car and it will change its sounds poor, so its not that smart an option then?! You want exactly what you put in the Pc screen in the car. Some of us use the car to take routes made for various reason like enjoyment and scenery. Wake up MINI. TomTom and the “tyre” program still the best I’ve used.

  • Timothy Daniel

    Of all the things that MINI should (IMO) be spending their money on, stuff like this is so far down the list.

  • r_k_w

    “Curves Tamer” with an image of a snowboarder? Instead of turning driving into a video game, they should just display regular gauges.

    • Gary

      Yes, the original Driving Excitement display with water temp was a tiny step in the right direction, but it could be made so much more useful through more efficient use of the available display space and tapping into some of the other useful on-board data so it becomes a true, multi-use, “one-stop shop” display.

      I’m afraid this new “game” will engender appeal from the very segment of the driving public that would be better served paying attention to situational awareness and the road ahead.

  • asdf

    the road is not for games or achievement points, this is scion level corny

    • Kurtster

      The Scion doesn’t have anything this cool. Sorry.

  • sav

    In the New F56 they are getting rid of the center speedo, can you not just make it Digital or is the screen just to square and small????

  • Cello

    Hell I’d just me happy if my MINI Connected iPod interface worked reliably. The need to spend time on the Car to phone interface (machine to machine) not BS gameplay.

    • les

      Agreed. Why must the MINI use the Y cable, while BMW does everything perfect with just the Apple Basic white cable?

      • Because MINI didn’t up its system. It will be with the F5X generation of cars.

  • Tim H

    I think this is hilarious…kinda cheeky fun

  • Kurtster

    I’ve been playing with this since it appeared as an update and I like it. I guess I’m a crappy driver that needs to pay attention to the road according to some in here. WHATEVER. If you don’t like it, don’t use it, but don’t come here to dis other drivers because you’re resistant to change. You have no idea how I drive and for all you know I’m a better driver with this on the screen than someone else may be without it. I think it’s one of the cooler things they’ve put in there. I’m having a blast with it. Just having a gauge is boring. When I accelerate or corner and get points for it – I think it’s fun. At least they’re doing something and offering free upgrades. They could just sell it to you and say, “your’e on your own” like so many other car companies.

    When you buy a computer is it a waste of money unless you’re using a spreadsheet? No, because there’s a million other things the computer does other than spreadsheets, so don’t get all bent out of shape because YOU don’t like one of a dozen modern features in the car. Just move on and don’t use it if you don’t like it. Jeez. Lighten up, people.

  • Alpinamike

    I think if they came out with a Auto X function / track function or link toggle through to better interface the engine, this would cover be useful to the track savvy . Also include more diagnostics and readings based on the functionally of this display , I think they might have something. I also think the biggest thing that MINI owner want more useful display readings. How about possible oil service / level function that contains a sensor that tells you the oil level like newer BMW. But don’t eliminate the dipstick. It can be mounted to the bottom of the oil pan just like BMWs. Furthermore. I really do like the innovations and BMW | MNI tech center in Cali , they do a great job with interfaces working with BMW technical of Germany. These examples have been talked about internally and I hope we can see these down the road. I still remember the days of the PDC in the e34 , motorola center console e32 phone, and the first BMW / MINI ULF. That was high tech.

    • Alpinamike

      Sorry IPad auto correct

  • Nicko

    Presumably this is something you can only access at the end of each journey, as a summary, rather than something you keep your eye on as your driving? No? I don’t get this. Don’t people enjoy driving for its own sake, keeping an eye on the road, anticipating other drivers and situations, working all the controls to get whatever you want out of your vehicle at the time? Stuff like this is for reading up on when youre at home, then putting into practice later. Its sad that people don’t get satisfaction out of merely driving a car.