The Countryman Gets Properly Named for 2013

Starting with March production the Countryman will follow the Paceman and become the second MINI to actually have its model name on it. According to those familiar with the situation, MINI is bowing to market research that has shown how people don’t understand the differences between the MINI models. The change is especially important now, as MINI prepares to unleash the Paceman on the world.





    So the car shown is a JCW Countryman. For a non-JCW vehicle, is it still going to say Cooper or Cooper S AND Countryman on it?

    • Yes, and in that location. You can see examples on the back of the Paceman.

  • …and thousands of graphic designers all over the world cry out in horror at that much tracking dialed into a single, all-caps word. 😉

    • RedAFMINI

      And were suddenly silenced… By MINI…

  • Kev50027

    That looks hideous, and would make the rear of the car really hard to wax or wash. Couldn’t they just use smaller letters and put it in the corner? The way it is, it looks more like a billboard than a car. Are the letters just stuck on? Could we remove them or get a “not ugly” name delete option?

  • b-

    I see these being removed by enthusiasts e everywhere!

  • I know I’m not the target audience, but I find these odd names to be off-putting. Give me a couple of digits or a single letter and be done with it. No need to tell a story or sell an emotion. Reeks of focus groups.

  • I’m actually glad this is happening. I think it’s retarded that my Countryman S All4 says ‘Cooper’ on the back. It’s not a Cooper, it’s a Countryman. I would get mine refitted with the new letters if I didn’t have the JCW appearance package that has the red stripe going all the way down the hatch rather than halfway as the French Dakar edition in the pic

    As to denoting it’s an ‘S’ model, it should have the red script S kind of offset and slightly out of line and below the end of the ‘Countryman’ badge.

    • Well you would be correct if a “Cooper S Countryman” was really a “Countryman S” however its not. In MINI’s naming convention the Engine type (Cooper, Cooper S, John Cooper Works) is second after the brand name. The Body style name comes last. Thats just how it is. You can call a MINI anything you would like however this is how MINI does it.

      • BimmerFile_Michael

        That’s how they “DID” it…. that convention is dead as MINI has decided to stop confusing people and to shorten naming.

  • Captain

    Garish! Just leave it alone already. Underpowered and overdressed. FAIL.

  • hoho

    I’m leaving mines alone, a COOPER S. hahaha makes me feel part of the MINI family. a COOPER S.

  • But wil it look like the above?

  • I don’t see the miniusa configurator showing COUNTRYMAN on the boot. Is there official word from miniusa on this?

  • Bob Harsh

    Pretty darn ugly! Glad I have a2011.

  • Bob Hayhurst

    …It looks awfully busy back there on the tail section of the Countryman. Maybe during some future refresh someone will look at it with fresh eyes and come up with a simpler way to distinquish one model from another without the tail gate having the appearence of a billboard. It certainly doesn’t look bad but just seems to have a lot going on and that takes away from the styling, IMHO…

  • Nicko

    In my opinion the MINI badge on the back of the Countryman and Paceman is already far too big, this just makes a laughing stock of the vehicle. Horrible.

  • donburnside

    If I owned a Countryman, I would be bugging my parts guy for these numbers and installing them immediately! It reminds me of the way the Big 3 used to brand cars back in the 60’s and 70’s.

    I dig it.

  • Frank Granados

    How about:

    R A N G E R O V E R

  • aaron

    I hope they have “debadging” option.

    • Your local bait and tackle aisle would. It’s called fishing line.