When MINI released the first GP any part associated with it could only be bought if you had an actual GP VIN. It was assumed this would be the case with new GP as well. But surprisingly longtime reader Karl Muller did some digging and was able to order perhaps the more interesting of all parts on the new GP – the rear diffuser. And perhaps most surprising it was not only easy but relatively cheap and simple to install.

Let’s start with the parts that make up the retro-fit:

– 51747370213 and 51747370214 (rear brackets – 9) – about $45 each
– 51747330559 and 51747330560 (left and right air ducts – 8) about $48 each
– 51747330558 (air duct center – 7) about $110

The retro-fit is a fantastic way to help reduce rear lift while giving your MINI has fantastic performance look. And even better it should be compatible with the Coupe, Roadster and Convertible.

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