Decoding the GP: Finding & Buying the Parts

Unlike the first GP MINI hasn’t gone to the same lengths in keeping non-owners from finding and buying the unique components of the car. This means that any one who owns a R5X MINI has some opportunity to customize their car with some of the relatively rare parts found on the fastest MINI ever made.

As you showed you earlier this week the rear diffuser is perhaps the easiest install with the most bang for your buck:

  • 51747370213 and 51747370214 (rear brackets – 9) – about $45 each
  • 51747330559 and 51747330560 (left and right air ducts – 8) about $48 each
  • 51747330558 (air duct center – 7) about $110
  • 07147212669 attachment, screw on the holder No.9 (6x)
  • 07147212669 screw for the rear middle of the diffuser attachment to the holder of the bumper (2x)
  • 51127070202 Clip (2x)
  • 07131484155 Screw for fixing the air guide to the underbody paneling (2x)
  • 07146951655 Clip (2x)

Not near as easy or cheap but probably the most identifiable GP accessory is the rear wing:

  • 51627341933 Rear spoiler
  • 51317333694 Rear window sealing
  • 51717111215 PROTECTION FOIL

Note: You’ll also need the specific GP rear glass. We’re still digging that number up.

Rounding out the major aero advancements of the GP has to be the underbody tray. This, while playing a role in reducing lft on the GP, as actually been standard on the MCS and JCW in many markets for years.

  • 51-75-2-753-163 UNDERSIDE $109.21/ 1 piece
  • 51-75-2-753-164 UNDERSIDE $109.21 / 1 piece
  • 51-75-2-753-165 BRACKET $7.31 / 1 piece
  • 51-75-2-753-166 BRACKET $7.31 / 1 piece
  • 51-16-1-943-122 PLASTIC N $0.40 / 20 pieces
  • 51-71-2-752-360 FILLISTER $0.66 / 2 pieces
  • 07-13-0-702-966 EXPANDING $0.58 / 2 pieces
  • 07-14-7-117-693 HEX BOLT $1.18 / 2 pieces
  • 07-11-9-904-042 HEX BOLT $0.78 / 2 pieces


But what about those GP wheels?

  • 36116856220 17″ JCW GP wheels

Then there are those red front brake ducts:

  • 51747330891 (left) and 51747330892 (right)

But it’s what is behind those ducts that matter most to us. Behold the entire GP six-pot front brake system:

  • 34106858069 Caliper housing left
  • 34106858070 Caliper housing right
  • 34116858071 Ventilated disc (2)
  • 34116858073 Fender left
  • 34116858074 Fender right
  • 34206858072 Rear brake carrier
  • 34356859135 Brake pad sensor rear
  • 34306858079 Brake hose, front (2)
  • 34336857907 Master Cylinder
  • 34336863500 Booster (Only in connection with seal 34336770915)
  • 07129906196 Hexagon nut, self-locking


The interior of course is also pretty unique on the GP. But of course it’s still available if you dig a bit.

Red GP Belts

  • 72117331061 Front left
  • 72117331062 Front right

And then there are those fantastic Recaro GP Seats

  • 52107331059 Reference Sport Recaro leather seat left
  • 52107315522 Reference Sport Recaro leather seat right

Interested? Get in touch with one of MF’s preferred MINI dealers below. And tell them we sent you.

And be sure to check out our three reviews of the GP if you’ve missed them over the past few months.

  • Ike

    What’s MSRP on those brakes and the wing?

  • Like I posted in your diffuser spot you can get some of the parts here,

  • Edge

    Yeah I already picked up a set of the GP2 wheels to use for autocross. I took delivery of them on Valentine’s Day. Technically I owned more of a GP2 than actual GP2 buyers for the rest of February! 🙂

    • Ike

      You can buy the WHEELS?! I thought that was the most exclusive part!

      If you don’t mind me asking, what was the MSRP on the wheels?

      • IowaM1N1

        DISK WHEEL LIGHT-ALLOY GLO36907111 – [36116856220]

                    DISK WHEEL LIGHT-ALLOY GLO36907111

              Make : Bmw

          Part#: 36116856220

        List Price : $ 418.52

      • Kurtster

        Anyone know the weight of those wheels? If they’re really light I might replace my R112 wheels with these.

        • Hemisedan

          Kurt, I think that you have to go OZ, Enkei, or Kosei to get the light wheels. Those wheels, to me that is, look awfully heavy. I’m betting on the north side of 20 lbs. By the way, the r59 has his booking ticket for March 11th departure from Southamption to arrive in Baltimore on March 20th. Yes I’m pppppumped. I think that that rear diffuser will find a home on the rear of my r59 by end of summer.

        • Edge

          I just weighed one of the GP2 wheels on a mail room scale… it weighed 21 lb 0.5 oz. More than I was hoping for. Ah well. Seems the original GP wheels are still the lightest “big” MINI wheel (it’s an 18″, but lighter than ALL of the MINI 17″ wheels too).

  • I think the Recaro Seat Part numbers you have listed are for the seat covers only and not the entire seat including frames and padding. I would recommend double checking this. I would check however our parts dept is closed for the day.

  • anonymous

    Thanks MINI. I guess exclusivity doesn’t count for anything as long as you make a buck from it

    • John McLauchlan

      This. If you want all of these parts, just get a GP2. Also, I suspect MINI has a certain number of spares to support the GP2s built. If they are sold off for other purposes, then GP2 owners are left without. Doesn’t make sense to me.

      • anonymous

        Yeah, it’s not like they told us any of these parts would be exclusive. Oh hang on, they did! “Exclusive 17″ MINI Challenge wheels, high-performance tires designed in a special partnership with Kumho, adjustable coil over suspension and 6-piston Brembo® front calipers for extra stopping power.” From their own model page. OOPS! False advertising if i ever saw it

        • Kurtster

          That does not constitute “false advertising”. All that stuff is exclusive to that model. You can’t order a Clubman with any of that on it from the factory. Exclusivity is relative. A MINI R112 wheel is exclusive to MINI dealers so if you go to a Honda dealer to get some to put on your Civic, they will tell you that you can’t. That doesn’t mean you can’t find an R112 and make it fit your Honda somehow.

        • anonymous

          How is it exclusive to the GP if you can order it up for your Coupe? If all these things are readily available to the rest of the MINI line, it’s not so special anymore. Isn’t a GP supposed to be the ‘last hoorah’ to a specific model? Why would they build a GP Coupe 2 years into it’s life cycle?

        • There’s a big difference between ordering a car from the factory and assembling something yourself out of the parts bin. Most people won’t go to the trouble or the expense. There’s also a little bit of an unspoken understanding there that a pseudo-GP, or another MINI with a bunch of GP parts on it still isn’t a GP.

      • Kurtster

        Except that MINI wouldn’t let me buy a GP with MINI Connected at any price, which is why I gave up my first-in-line GP deposit for my JCW Coupe. Now I can get the GP Coupe they chose not to make with the amenities they wouldn’t let me buy on the GP Hardtop.

  • sean5294

    Fyi most of the parts have not been released yet. I ran the numbers through DCS

  • sean5294

    It looks like the wing retails for around $2500

  • sean5294

    Hey Mark the part numbers for the seat are just for the covers.

  • Miguel

    I just ordered the diffuser and wheels from

    • Miguel

      sorry, i found it here . they said they will be adding more parts this week but the guy i talked to said he can get most of the GP2 parts. i want the wing!

    • Doesn’t mean they’ll arrive any time soon 😉

      • Miguel

        he gave me an ETA of a few weeks to get all of it. he said a lot of it is in the US and his actual warehouse.

        • Well fingers crossed! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ordered things remotely only to have them take weeks or months to arrive. Not from that specific vendor, mind you, just in general.

        • Miguel

          same here! the guys there are nice and update me by email or my order status on my account. we will see!

  • Dr Obnxs

    I think MINI has realized that the aftermarket is making good money from stuff, and they want to too. I’m sure that keeping the lid on the first GP parts was nothing but a headache for them. If I were them, I’d sell to anyone, and just make it expensive! The parts will get out anyway (as witnessed with the first GP), so keeping them restricted didn’t work anyway.

    Also, I’m sure that adding up all the parts to “convert” your MCS to a GP is more than just buying the car to start with. When I was in high school, I was rebuilding a moped, and found that if I bought all the parts one by one, it was the cost of between 3-4 mopeds! MINI probably will make more profit per car by having someone try to convert over than to have bought in the first place! That’s good for the company and good for the customer who can get what they want.

    If one bought a GP because it’s rare, I think one is missing what fun cars are all about!

  • Kurtster

    I read that the Khumo tires are Ecsta V700. The Tire Rack site says they are for track only Are the ones MINI is selling a custom made “exclusive” version to MINI? If so, the part number for those would be helpful too.

    • Bob Hayhurst

      This is an interesting read re; the link to V700 tires. I’m curious to know did Khumo change/modify the tires compound to make it more consumer friendly for MINI therefore more marketable for general use. Khumo’s qualifiers for this tire are significant; not something many manufacturers (tires or otherwise) like to do. I’d like to think that when GP was tested these tires were able hold up to realistic real world conditions.

    • Here is MINI’s part number for the Kumho Ecsta V700. 36 12 2 334 536

      • Yes they are an exclusive compound.

      • According to MINI, yes, they are a custom compound version of the V700s. We don’t have a part number for those at this time.

  • Alpinamike

    The GP parts are pretty nice. After seeing them all in person, I would add them .

  • You forgot about the GP2 shift knob with boot. 25 11 7 638 583 $69.95

  • I was browsing around on realoem and came acrossed the GP2 Rear window glass. Which is part number #51 31 7 345 341.

  • Front Strut Brace GP 51 7 17 333 695

  • Ike

    Got a call from my Mini Dealer telling me the car is at the dealership. The numbered stickers were NOT applied at port – and need to be installed by the dealer….

    Says I may be able to pick it up tomorrow – or at least soon!

    Apparently, I also need to sign a waiver for the Kumho’s, or agree to ride on them until regular performance tires come in (free) and replace my Kumhos, at which point they will take and destroy the Kumhos. The Kumhos are NOT to be used under 45 degrees etc etc.

    Pretty Excited – I’ll be sure to have pics as soon as its mine.

  • Komet155

    Would anyone happen to know the part number for the steering wheel? It’s similar to the all-leather JCW accessory wheel, with red stitching.

    • I’ve been trying to figure that out as well.

    • Hey I think I figured out the steering wheel.

      JCW Steering Wheel Leather W/ Red Stitching for manual transmission

      32 30 6 798 801

      JCW Steering Wheel Leather W/Red Stitching for automatic transmission

      32 30 9 811 222

  • GP2 JCW GP2 Chili Red Front Grille Air Intakes

    51747330891 left 51747330892 right

  • GP Suspension Components

    Front Left Strut 31 30 6 858 041 Front Right Strut 31 30 6 858 042 Adj Tool Kit 31 30 6 863 943 Left Strut Bearing 31 30 6 859 001 Right Strut Bearing 31 30 6 859 002 Set, spring base, lower 33 53 6 863 755 Rear Left Shock 33 50 6 858 043 Rear Right Shock 33 50 6 858 044 Set, spring base, lower 33 53 6 863 755 Set, auxliary damper, rear 33 53 6 863 754 Protection tube 33 50 6 860 172

    • Kurtster

      Awesome! Thank you!

  • Does anyone know the part number for the winglets on the rear wheel arches?

  • Roboknutsch

    I just installed my difuser kit, its great… thanks for the tip!!! I own a JCW Roadster in CHILE….