R50/R53 MINI Power Steering Warranty Extension

Do you own a ’02 – ’05 MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper S or MINI Cooper Convertible in the US? Have you had to replace your power steering pump at your cost? Did you get the letter?

In the interest of customer satisfaction, we are extending the warranty coverage for the power-assist steering pump and associated cooling fan on your vehicle to 13 years/150,000 miles, whichever occurs first, starting from the date of first retail sale or the date the vehicle was first placed in service as a demonstrator or company vehicle, whichever is earlier.

If you have not had to replace yours, and if it should fail before your MINI is 13 years old or has 150K miles, the repair will be covered. If you have replaced yours out of warranty and at your own expense, you have a very good chance of getting reimbursed. I received an email from MINIUSA earlier this week and that was indicated.

Thanks for contacting MINI USA regarding the Electro-Hydraulic Power (Assist) Steering (EHPS) Pump. Affected vehicles include model year 2002-05 MINI Cooper and Cooper S vehicles and model year 2005 Cooper Convertible and Cooper S Convertible vehicles.

If you had the power assist steering pump and/or the associated cooling fan replaced at your own expense, you may qualify for reimbursement of the associated costs you incurred.

If you have been paying attention, you would already know that this is not a new issue. I first wrote about this back in 2008 when mine failed and later posted about it on MotoringFile. I seriously doubt I can get reimbursed. While I was still within the 5 years, I was way outside the mileage restriction by 28k miles. I’m still going to try, but I’m not hopeful.

I’m starting to hear about people that are trying to get this repair done at the dealer now with some success. I say some because, as you might expect, replacement parts are now on backorder at least 2 weeks, possibly longer. If you already paid for this, don’t go running to your dealer. Well, actually, do go running to your dealer because you are going to need a copy of the original repair receipt, to mail in with some other information, to MINIUSA. If you qualify, your check will be mailed to you within four to six weeks. You might also be able to apply for reimbursement consideration at your dealer. Remember, nice guys finish first in this area. If your dealer isn’t willing or able to help, move along to contacting MINIUSA directly.

If your power steering is working, by all means don’t even worry about it. The parts are back ordered anyway at the dealer. If your power steering does fail, it’s not like your MINI is going to catch fire or stop steering. It just means that your MINI will be very hard to steer, especially at lower speeds. Not the most enjoyable experience, but nothing that will leave you stranded.

Have you been reimbursed or had the dealer do the repair early? Comments are open, let us know how it turned out!

  • Brendan OConnor

    No coverage for 2006 models? I have had to replace mine twice already and have less than 150k

    • donburnside

      This only applies to 02-05 models. 2006 is when they changed the design of those parts. But, if you think yours should be covered, maybe ask at your dealer.

      • Tim H

        I had mine (fan) done by my machanic as it was out of warranty and i too have an 06′ mini S. any advice re: this?

        • donburnside

          Since this only affects 02 through some 05’s, I don’t know if there is anything you can do. Worth looking into, but don’t get your hopes up.

      • Frank Granados

        But, how about MY 2006 models that were built during 2005?

        • MINIAC

          The “upgraded” pump was introduced during MY 2005 production … either February or March 2005.

      • Mac Flash

        the bad part is they know it continues through the 2009 model year, I suggest the aftermarket ZF pump, when ours first went out (LADIES TAKE NOTE!) we were in a very low speed 90 degree corner, crossed the lane of traffic, and almost ended up in Puget Sound. it took me as a passenger to help my wife turn the car, if your at a slow speed they are a bear to turn, highway speeds are a little better but very tough. and because there was no place to pull overwe had drive a half mile to get it safely off the road. at which time the smoke was rolling out from the bonnet.

        Ladies and gentlemen if you don’t know how, learn how to disconnect the negative battery cable, and carry an 8 mm wrench with you. don’t get me wrong we love our Mini, and will not trade it for anything but the slow response and lack luster commitment from mini is very disheartening.

        Anyone in the Seattle area I do suggest European Car Authority in Redmond. 1300 bucks for the aftermarket pump and as a mechanic myself, top quality repairs by Ken and his crew. I WILL NOT say this about many other mechanics

        • KH

          Good advice, but most cars it is a 10mm wrench. Be sure to leave the hatch door open or ensure you have access to the manual hatch release, as you won’t be able to open the electrically operated hatch door after the battery is disconnected.

      • Andrew

        The parts are exactly the same, the part number for the pump in all the 1st gen years are the same…

  • Erik06MCS

    No 2006 Models? Anyone have any idea what is different about the 06? RealOEM and lists the 2006 models as having the same replacement part number for the pump as what 2005 models have…

    • donburnside

      I think that is because the part has been updated. All cars are now using the same part.


    Not all 2005 models are covered … depends on build date.

    • donburnside

      The letter does say “certain model year” for each car, so good catch!

  • Andrej Tsukamoto

    I still drive a 2003 R50, about 165.000 km on clock and still it’s all good with the PS. I’ve lived with all the constant stories about it failing and it does whine like a mouse since day one. In the beginning it was all about a feared 1.000 and more Euros repair but nowadays it can be done for just a couple hundred, and easily found refurbished so it’s kinda ok even if it does fail someday.

    • Mark Smith

      All electrohydraulic power steering systems make a whining sound. For me I like the sound as it was like no other car even though it was strange at first. My 2006 MCS JCW (November 2005 Build) power steering is now making a death whine (Its a constant drone) and I do not expect it to last too much longer. So far, so good though. No difference in feel at all since it started sounding like this.

  • memphismini

    My pump and fan went out, but it’s an Apr 05 build, so no refund for me.

  • Jimbo

    Since I am the second owner, I will not get a letter. Can anyone post a copy or share where we should send our request (and any data for reference)?

  • Evan

    I was glad to have the warranty extended. Knowing how things are it’ll be 13 years and one month or 150,005 miles when it goes. I have four more years and 50k more miles to go with it though.

    I wonder if the people with 2006s should approach MINI now about it….

  • Guatemini

    I have a 2005 R53 and the Power Steering cooking fan went out when the car was about a year or two years old. I paid for it to be fixed out of pocket. Though it is a US car, the failure happened over the six years it was in Guatemala. Somehow I don’t think they’re going to reimburse my Quetzales but I’ll give it a shot!

  • Frank Granados

    I drove my 2005 6MT Cooper S hardtop for 97,000 miles and still on the original PW pump. I traded the car in for a 2011 BMW 328i back in November. At least good to know that if I had kept the car longer, the EPHS would have been covered. Now MINI needs to extended the warranty to the prematurely failing Superchargers. I had to get a rebuilt S/C when the car had 72K miles.

  • SicSemperTyrannis

    153000 on mine when it died. Damn!

    • Lindy

      Most auto dealers will do a “policy” and help you.

  • andk1987

    LOL shouldnt catch fire….. imma in the uk here but my power steering pump almost set the engine bay on fire… took bout 10 inches of the wiring loom with it and the plugs on the unit were nothing but dust….. lets see what my ocal mini garage has to say 🙁

    • Jeremy Schow

      Same happened to mine. The dealer tried to only cover one of the two wire harnesses. I had to threaten to get an attorney before they replaced it for free.

  • Mini Mouse

    Actually it could catch fire – mine almost did (was charred – wiring harness fried), and I’ve heard of others that did actually catch fire. My steering stopped working while I was driving on a curve at highway speeds, pretty dangerous. I’m so glad MINI is finally dealing with this major issue.

  • Dave A

    I have an 2004 Mini which the power assist unit has failed. We do not have a local dealer close by, so we took it to the Import mechanic who has been servicing the car. They happen to service VW, BMW and Honda to name a few. I had been calling since I mailed my paperwork in(after 4 weeks) and am being told call back next week for the last 2 weeks. They told me today the paperwork got to them on the 20th of June. Earlier it was the 10th of June. Can you advise if this is a scam?

    • Corinne A.

      I don’t think its a scam, i have send the paperwork in June as well with the original repair bill from 2 years ago… no check yet or anything… my car is a mini copper S 2004. My steering went out on my way to work then the fan did turn off at all. I had to see a mechanic close buy that deal with BMW. I couldn’t go to a dealer since the closest one is 2 hrs away 🙁 This is very frustrating because they send you some form of hope that they are dealing with an ongoing problem but it is not the case.

  • Sherri

    I had mine repaired once, then replaced less than a year after that. I submitted my refund paperwork to the dealer on 6/3, who said 4-6 weeks. I’ve heard nothing. I emailed the service person again at the dealer. I’m told they’re waiting to hear from MINI. Frustrating. I sent over $1,000 on this and would like to have that money back.

    • Sherri
      • spent 🙂 And it is a 2004, just FYI.
  • Evoldad

    I replaced the PS pump on my 2005 S at my dealer in January, 2013, and got the warranty letter in May. Sent in the required reimbursement info May 31, but haven’t heard anything. I sent an email inquiry in mid-July — Nothing. Still waiting.

  • JeffL

    I still have my 2002 that I bought original with now 134000 miles. I have had at least 3 pumps and fans replaced. Two at my current dealer. We showed proof of the two, about 1500 or more and only got a check in the mail for 525 dollars. While we got something it does not seem adequate. Cleveland, OH

  • jaime

    trying to get reimbursed and getting the runaround from Mini!! my mechanic hand writes his invoices, it is written on a clearly printed receipt with all my mechanics info and the part number needed to be replaced but Mini North America will not accept a receipt that isn’t computer generated???? then I was told my mechanic needs to supply mini with his invoice from mini north america showing how much the mechanic paid for the part….going on every social media I can and calling consumer reports until this is resolved. really disappointed in Mini, too bad because we are beginning to look for a new car looks like it won’t be a Mini or BMW…

  • Mac Flash

    Uh be careful with the ” wont catch fire” . The issue is two-fold, the fan that cools the pump becomes inoperative when debris stops it, or the seal on the electrical connection to the pump gets moisture into it. in the second case you will also see a discharge light, and the car will do some really crazy stuff. I.E.: keep running with the key off and out, smoke from under the hood, fan on pump continuing to run, Etc. This WILL melt the wires and they WILL keep going until the battery negative cable is disconnected. If your steering fails, pull over IMMEDIATELY. and unhook the negative cable from your battery. and call a tow truck. The aftermarket ZF pumps are quieter and a little less expensive than the O.E. ones, plus ZF has addressed the seal problem so moisture can’t get in

  • David Kufahl

    Ya I sent all my info into mini about in May of 2013 and have called them at least 4 or 5 times to check on my case still have not received any thing .The last tome I call and ask to speak to a manager they told me the same thing getting very frustrated with they way I was treated on the phone also..

  • Cwaggy

    How does the recall affect a 2003 Mini with a salvaged title? I realize that I have no warranty so the extension on that is ineffective, but does that also cover the recall? The car currently has 148,200 miles on it and is having intermittent power steering issues. I did not receive a letter.

  • jim rose

    yes we’ve taken ours in 10 weeks ago they are having such an influx of people coming in if they need it or not that its causing a backlog of parts awaiting, there are other componets that go alaong with the unit and not all is available at this time, plus shiping woes, so in the meantime we are geting plenty buffed due to the work out you get from parallel parking.

  • alan alda’s sleeve

    The ’02-’03 PS pump fails because it overheats because the PS pump cooling fan doesn’t come on when it is supposed to, either because the fan is clogged up by road debris or because the main radiator cooling fan high speed resistor is corroded and has failed. If the fan is simply clogged but the resistor still works, that is when you have a fire danger, because the electric fan motor will try to turn but can’t so it will overheat and the wires will get very hot and can ignite an electrical wiring fire. One is more lucky to have the pump fail because of the radiator cooling fan resistor failure, because then at least the fan will never energize at all, the PS pump will simply fail because of simple thermal overheating, but no electrical wire overheating. But then one has the problem of the engine itself overheating, too, because the resistor is supposed to run the main cooling fan at low speed when a thermostat relay kicks in at the first threshold setting, before running the fan at full speed at a higher temperature threshold (already way too hot). The bugaboo is that the temperature “gauge” in the instrument panel is really a “dummy” gauge that always shows normal, but will then jump up to overheated when it is too late, no better than an “idiot” light. Even if one replaces the PS pump and the PS cooling fan, if the resistor is still kaput, the source of the problem will still be lurking, waiting for the temperature to rise and fry everything again. The cheap, and most effective, fix is to extract all the pieces of the corroded resistor and simply jump the resistor contacts with a 10 ga wire. Then, when the temperature gets up to its first, lowest, setting, the radiator cooling fan will come on, but at full speed, and the PS pump fan will turn on right along with it, and everything, PS pump AND engine coolant, gets cooled as it’s supposed to, just at high fan speed instead of low fan speed. The resistor is located in the upper plastic housing of the radiator on the passenger side, right on the top at the engine side in a little box-like space. Some owners have replaced the resistor with their own DIY set up, but that seems to be way too much work for so little gain.

  • RS

    Can someone please send me a link to where i can find information about this recall or how to file this claim? I tried entering the recall info in miniusa.com and nothing popped up as an open recall. Thank you

  • Vicky Wood

    I have the same problem. Just back from garage where it’s been confirmed I need a new pump. I have a 2005 model, but am UK resident based in Norway. Any help on how I can get this on the guarantee would be much appreciated. Seems there have been quite a few mini’s here too that have had the problem, but no recall. Tried called dealer, and he said he’d call the importer and we’d hear form them. But we’re still waiting….

  • stig

    My power steering stopped working, temporarily, a few weeks ago. Earlier inspection had the various pieces and parts of this system needing to be replaced (cooling fan, hoses). I have not received the extended warranty letter and bought my car new in 2004. I didn’t know about this until a friend told me he had seen posts online about power steering issues. Unfortunately, my car was already at the shop (not a dealer but using bmw parts). This whole nightmare just cost me $1919!!!! I called Mini Customer Service and she gave me an address to send the receipt to and they will review it. It’s up to them if it gets approved, I guess. No way to contact them (in NJ). I guess I will send my information in and wait. Really hoping they cover most of this.

  • Dan

    Has anyone been reimbursed yet? I sent all my info on 25 Jun 13 and to date have heard nothing.

    • Douglas Rushkoff

      I sent all the info, and original copies of the paperwork on the same day I received the notice from Mini. No response. I will be trying the 800-number today. If you do the same, leave plenty of time for various hold times, and have the VIN# handy. Best to do it with a speaker phone, while working on something.

  • jc

    I still haven’t received a check regarding reimbursement on the power steering. Even the dealership has no clue on how to handle the matter as the Mini Corporate informed them any details. I sent an email and will wait for response.

  • jc

    correction: I still haven’t received a check regarding reimbursement on the power steering. Even the dealership has no clue on how to handle the matter as the Mini Corporate did not inform them any details. I sent an email and will wait for response.

  • DBlake

    I have not heard back after submitting two letters several months ago.

  • richintexas

    Waiting over 18 weeks for my reimbursement check from Mini-USA. The agent there said they were expecting 100 psp requests and they’re overwhelmed with more than “500” requests for refunds. 90K miles on my R50. So far I’ve had to replace the power steering pump, clutch 4 times, shifter linkage, transmission, motor mounts, ac compressor and condensor, 2-speed cooling fan, alternator, throttle body, and window regulators. Out-of-warranty “goodwill” help is non-existent.

  • Nancy Perdichezzi Stolbom

    Waiting for 4 months for my reimbursement. When I made my last inquiry on 9/16 (which was my 4th phone call) they said they had hoped checks would go out by the end of September. I called again today to find out that they APPROVED my stuff, but the girl on the phone couldn’t tell me when the checks were going out. This is all complete crap. How does a company as big as BMW operate like this. And their excuse is that they got flooded with calls. NOT MY PROBLEM. It’s yours. But now I have to wait for my money.

    • Doreen in ATX

      This gives me hope. I have been waiting for 4 months as well. I have not attempted to call.

    • cec

      Four months? I sent mine in a month ago and no update yet (I called twice). This is depressing. I can’t float $1900 for 4 months!

      • Alfredino

        There’s hope, send in my info on steering pump 5/29/13, just got check. Cheers!

        • citieskid

          How long did it take you to receive your check? Thanks!

    • Doreen in ATX

      They called me on Saturday and asked for my VIN #. They admitted to being a little behind.

      • Nancy Perdichezzi Stolbom

        Thanks Doreen. I am going to keep calling until I get my money. I was hopeful when they told me that my claim was approved. However, if it’s approved not sure why they can’t send it to me.

  • David Moorefield

    What about euro spec minis? mine is in the process of going out and its in the extended warranty of 150k miles or 13 years.

  • alan alda’s sleeve

    I called MiniUSA today and was told checks should be arriving before the end of the year. Way more claims than they anticipated.

    • citieskid

      Have you received a check yet? I was told that about 3 weeks ago that checks were sent to their reimbursement offices on 1/16/14, just curious about the turnaround time on this stuff!

      • alan aldas sleeve

        I received my check !!

      • KH

        I’ve been waiting months (since September) – nothing.

  • cec

    I called this week and the CSR told me the same thing. They want to have this wrapped up by the end of the year. Course, I don’t know how they can say that considering there could be many more claims on the way…but that would be about 4 months for me, which sounds like the average time to receive a check.

  • Not_Motoring

    Just wanted to share my experiences..

    • The steering in my 2005 Mini Cooper started to go intermittently, not all at once as some others reported. It would work fine, then I’d park it, and if I started the car again within say 30 minutes, the power steering would be out. If I left it overnight it’d be fine for the next trip. Gradually this has been getting worse to the point that it is out 90% of the time.

    • Mini of San Francisco is really backed up and aren’t taking appointments for the next two weeks. Grr. They say I can drop it off on standby and they hope to fix it within THREE days. Grrrrr. (I need my car.) There are no loaner cars available. Grrrr! Oh and they will charge $190 JUST for the diagnosis, which will NOT be reimbursed by Mini USA. GRRRR!

    • I called up Mini USA to find out about getting a reimbursement from a 3rd party mechanic, who could fix it faster. They are saying that as of June they are no longer reimbursing the work done by other mechanics. GRRRR!

    Thanks a lot guys, for making us pay in time, money and inconvenience for a product defect. Great way to uphold your cute brand.

  • cec

    I called Mini again. No updates. Just “hoping” to complete the requests by year end. Hope doesn’t really go far…And what’s this about them not reimbursing work done by 3rd party mechanics? Are they not authorized mechanics? If they changed their policy on authorized/non-dealer reimbursement, I am going to have a meltdown!

  • j c

    To keep the community updated, customer rep (erin roberts) via email replied that Mini Corp are overwhelm by matter. Anyone with experience with class action law suit? There is too much unknowns that we can not get proper answers, or if will be reimbursed.

  • cec

    Fantastic news! Got a call from BMW yesterday and they are processing my payment!!!! It has been been a little over three months. I had to fax them a copy of my credit card statement. SO EXCITED! Merry Christmas!!!

    • citieskid

      Have you received a check yet? I was told that too about 3 weeks ago, just curious about the turnaround time on this stuff!

      • cec

        I did, about 10 days ago. They covered all the parts, no labor. I’ll take it. Total turnaround time was approx 4 months.

  • gypsy

    How can I get more information about this. I was just in the dealer this week and they gave me a very expensive quote on replacing both of these items (power assist steering pump and/or the associated cooling fan) and never mentioned this warranty recall. They also said that my 2005 MiniS convertible will need a new engine mount due to the leaking of hydraulic fluid. I don’t quite understand how these items are related. Only that the position the power steering box causes it to get to hot and melt the lines. Is this correct. I could not find any recall information for my Mini at Mini USA.

    • cec

      It’s an extended warranty. Your vehicle must have less than 150K miles on it and have been manufactured between 2002-2005 and only certain 2005 build dates qualify. The dealer should be able to tell you if your car qualifies. The letter is floating around here somewhere but I don’t have it. Good luck.

    • Those two issues are not related; why do you think they are related? It is merely coincidental that two independent parts failed around the same time. The upper engine mount is known to fail similarly to how the power steering pumps that are known to fail.

  • Chels

    I bought my 05 mini s in April of 2013. My power steering has failed, no surprise there. My car is in the shop now draining my pockets of $1200. Ive called mini several times because of the 150k warranty, however they advised the warranty was up until Feb 2005 my car was manufactured in Oct 2005 SO long story short Im out of luck! Any tips on how I can get mini to cover the parts at the very least?

  • Paul Goebel

    I had my 2003 R53 EHPS replaced in July 2013, I have had to submit my paperwork twice. I’ve been in constant contact with MINIUSA, at this point I feel like I’m getting the run around.

  • alex

    Went to the dealer last week to see if I was covered for it and they said based on VIN number I am not covered. Dealer wanted $1,495 to do the work. PSP and hoses. And its an 05 R53. 104k miles.

  • scottie10014

    Went to Mini of Manhattan this week with my ’05 S because my power steering was in and out. I have a 10/04 build and they replaced both the fan and the power steering under warranty. Apparently the fan had stopped working causing the power steering to overheat.

  • David

    I have an 05 mini the local dealer MAG of dublin (OH) is refusing to repair they said it does not fall within this extended warranty even though it is under on years and miles. I am looking into further action and would love any advise

  • crabbyolddad

    The operative word is VERY. Hard to steer is a misnomer. Practically impossible would be a closer description. I discovered the trouble after starting while parked at a curb and only had to do a U turn and the a left-right down my street and into my driveway and it was spooky. I can’t imagine having it fail at 70MPH on an exit ramp or when having to evade an idiot who cuts you off!

  • BubbaBob

    2005 MC (08/04 build) w/124,000 and the EHPS just died, I will be calling MINI of Grand Rapids on Monday. Glad I did a little searching to see how big of a deal it would be to swap the EHPSP out myself and found this information on the extended warranty coverage.

    My failure started out with the power steering assist cutting out a few times but always recovered shortly, seem to always be wet and after driving 20+ minutes. Then last week it cut out again and a short time later a shrieking howl emitted from under the hood, again the PS assist came back. A couple of days later the PS assist disappeared but this time it didn’t come back. So I jacked him up this weekend and found the cooling fan to be pretty much seized up, it will move with a decent effort but with a crunching/scrapping sound, definitely not “spinning”.

    For those without coverage, I did find a link to a Power Steering Delete kit, $50 USD. They rate the steering effort as a 3 or 4 on scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is a failed pump and 10 a good pump.


    The author derived no monies or beneficial treatment as a result of this post, the information is only provided for convenience, assume all advice to be faulty unless proven otherwise. No warranty is expressed or implied.

  • Jeremy Schow

    My pump just went out last week and just about caught fire. My entire garage smelled like electrical fire. Also, just an FYI…. If your power steering pump does go out, your alternator will stop charging and you will only make it a few miles before your battery dies. Mini has been fantastic about the repairs. I have 140k miles on my car and they didn’t even hesitate to tow it 170 miles to the closest dealer and cover all the costs for parts and labor. I do have to say I am impressed!

  • James Davy

    Hiya. I have a 2004 r50. I’m in New Zealand currently awaiting the virdict to whether my car qualifies for a replacement. My dealer wasn’t aware of any recalls here, so I googled nz recalls and emailed Tim in charge of recalls for bmw in NZ. I can’t wait to see how this pans out. Crossing my fingers but hey, you don’t know until you ask. Overall apart from a thermostat valve replacement this time last year, the car has been great. Good work BMW!

  • James Booth

    My 2006 MINI R50 has less than 54000 miles and the pump has already failed. It appears to be the same type of pump that is in the earlier models. I think they put a 2005 pump in my 2006. How can you tell the difference?

    • DB

      It should be the same part. You would need to check with your dealer.