MINI USA Sales Down -3.4% for May 2013

BMW Group USA remains on a sales charge in 2013, but for the first time this year, MINI USA sales fell slightly for the month of May — down -3.4% as compared to May 2012. Year-to-date sales were also down, although at a lower loss of only -1.1%.

MINI USA reported sales of 5,944 automobiles in May, a decrease of 3.4 percent from the 6,153 sold in the same month a year ago. Year-to-date, MINI sales in the U.S. are down 1.1 percent on volume of 25,785 compared to 26,064 in the first five months of 2012.

Also reported were sales for pre-owned MINIs, which were up 18.8% year-over-year.

In May, sales of MINI used automobiles (including MINI NEXT certified pre-owned and pre-owned) increased 18.8 percent to 1,964 automobiles from the 1,653 sold in May, 2012. January through May, MINI used vehicle sales are up 19.0 percent on volume of 8,447 compared to 7,096 in the same period of 2012.

May 2013 Sales

Source: MINI

  • Gary

    That sad plopping noise you hear is the ongoing Paceman face-plant, coming in at well less than half of R59 sales in the U.S for the month. Maybe there’s some fuzzy math behind the numbers, but I’m stunned.

  • scamper

    I maintain that soft sales shouldn’t be a surprise during the run-up to a most anticipated unveiling. (Also, Motoringfile, the comment system is janky.)

  • AMS

    Is there anywhere that has the model-by-model breaksdown posted? The link/image in this article is broken, but I’d be curious to see it.

  • Dr Obnxs

    My wife’s next car is a Fiat 500 electric. I drove a Focus ST and it was a blast, as was the BRZ/FRS twins. Even the Juke S fwd was a hoot! There are TONS of cars out there that are closer to MINIs niche that are compelling values. Oddly enough, I really liked the Paceman chassis at the track. I just wish MINI wouldn’t keep putting these over-optioned cars in the press fleet. A Paceman S All4 automatic basically sucks for a track car, but that’s what I got to drive. What I find interesting is that to the MINI lovers, the Paceman is/was big news. When I talk to potential MINI customers who aren’t really into the brand, they have no clue that there is a bigger two door or that the model range is anything other than the original and the “big round one” along with a view low volume variants… Maybe that will change as more Pacemans (Pacemen?) get out there and awareness builds….