The New, Responsive

This just in! has been updated to an all-new website. No more flash. No separate mobile version. The new site is fully responsive, but still 100% MINI. It’s a long overdue update, as the previous site was the same basic flash-based site that the MINI brand launched with back in 2001. This update finally makes the site available to the full spectrum of desktop and mobile devices that make up the modern internet landscape. Pull out your iPad, or your Kindle Fire, your new iPhone 5s or that fancy Galaxy you just got and have a look. It finally works on your device of choice, and it’s all one site. On this new platform, we can likely look forward to much more frequent updates. Good stuff all around. Congrats to MINI USA.

Go have a look and tell us what you think.

  • Awesome! It looks like now that this is live, MINI USA has taken down the tablet site which I used to use even on my desktop. Being from Boston, I think it’s particularly cool that the site was designed locally at Beam (I’m nearly certain). Credit where credit’s due!

  • swiftaw

    Looks good except the Configurator doesn’t work if you try to build a Mini Coupe JCW

    • Hi there, just gave it a try and it looks to be working. Might have been a temporary server issue?

  • b-

    Finally!!! Looks great!

  • Ed

    Can anyone tell me where to find the “saved” configuration? Thanks.

  • oldsbear

    So, I guess we are in charge of beta-testing the site. Positive observation: we see the cars from a realistic, oncoming-view angle, without a wide-angle lens.

  • Hoover

    Whatever happened to the mobile version of MotoringFile? Should I have a different bookmark?

  • lambdacalc

    The configurator – arguably the most crucial part of their website – is still in flash. (And embedding the flash configurator inside the HTML page now also breaks the behavior of a scroll wheel – or at least makes it even less reliable than it was in the past). To me that’s a big opportunity missed to bring the most fun element of the MINI USA website to more people on more devices. Are there any plans to switch the configurator over as well?

    • lambdacalc

      Ok, I eat my words. While the configurator appears to still be in flash when accessed from a desktop / laptop, it does now seem to have a non-flash version for mobile devices. I’ll need to empty my cache and try again the next time I get back to my desktop.

      • lambdacalc

        And I eat my words yet again. At home (Mac OS, Chrome browser), the webpage appears in all its new, non-flash glory. Thank the Heavens for that.

    • Only IE8 is served the Flash version.