MINI Releases Videos Details JCW Accessories

Despite being on the market for awhile, MINI looks at its current range of JCW accessories as just coming into their own. As cars get older owners typically start to think about modifications and MINI wants to remind us all what they have on offer. Thus we now have these videos detailing a few key products and accessories.

All eight videos after the break.

  • Spa2k

    Too bad MINI doesn’t have any factory go-fast parts for the real JCWs.

  • John

    Last video talking about carbon fiber hood scoop – “You can just feel the air being sucked into the John Cooper Works Tuning kit” Ummmm… yeah okay. Lots of air being sucked in from the non-functional hood scoop.

    • Kev50027

      Yeah, that was pretty bad. What’s even worse is that he’s almost certainly reading off of a cue card, so someone at MINI told him to say that. All it takes is a pop of the hood and it’s obvious that hood scoop is for looks.

  • MiniCurious

    JCW tuning kit for the Countryman S? Is that true?

  • JonPD

    Blows my mind but still see 5 2013 GPs for sale at my local dealership.

    Lets hope the parts sell better for them.

  • Jason Natanson

    What’s going on with the spolier on the coupe!

  • Kev50027

    He talks about using the alcontera steering wheel, and they show the regular wheel that comes standard (albeit with red stitching). They don’t even show the wheel he’s talking about.