Next Generation MINI Platform to Allow for Diesels in the US

The F56 MINI scheduled to debut on November 18th on MF and at the Oxford Plant is just the tip of the Iceberg. We’ve known for quite some time that the UKL platform would spawn as many as a dozen new MINI models. However now we have a bit more information on MINI’s future thanks to Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW’s board member in charge of the brand. Automotive News Europe interviewed Mr. Schwarzenbauer about the brand and came away with a few interesting nuggets.

Here's a rundown of the more interesting things in things mentioned:

  • At this point it's unclear if MINI will stick with the current models entirely or kill a few off to re-align the mix. For instance - will we see a follow-up to niche products such as the coupe or Paceman?
  • For years we've known MINI was developing a plugin hybrid - now we have proof it's coming to market.
  • Since 2011 we've reported that MINI would be bringing diesels to the US in conjunction with the UKL platform. Now we have confirmation that they're coming.

Read more at Automotive News EuropeAutomotive News Europe.

  • Potentially exciting news and a great article to read! Thanks for the heads up. Regarding the confirmation that diesels are coming, are you referring to the line, “I think that the U.S. market is ready for diesel engines now and this is something we definitely have to consider also for Mini.” I suppose that’s as close to a confirmation as any manufacturer would ever admit about a future product, but it still sounds like the door is being left open.

    Any thought/rumors of if the Diesel came over if it would be the Cooper D or the Cooper SD? On the one hand, the Cooper D is only .6 sec slower than a Cooper but has more torque than a JCW and gets 42% better gas mileage in UK testing than a Cooper! The Cooper SD splits the difference on acceleration with a 0-62 of 8.1 rather then the 9.7 of the Cooper D although it still trails the Cooper S with the 0-62 of 7.0 (all factory numbers to be taken with a grain of salt). It’s fuel economy is only 25% better than a Cooper and 34% better than a Cooper S. I assume there isn’t room for both the D and SD? I’m guessing we’d get the D rather than SD, but what to see what other’s think.

    • robble

      You are using numbers for the current engines.. Remember the F56 is going to have new engines..

      • If you’ve read any of my other comments you’d know I’m very well aware of the latest petrol engines of the F56 but as we have no word on the next gen diesel engines, I was merely speculating on whether the US would get the Cooper D or Cooper SD based upon comparisons to current engines. This is why I specifically used percentages, because if the power and efficiency of both the petrol and diesel engines increases, say by 15% evenly across the board for both petrol and diesel, my rationale as to whether the Cooper D or Cooper SD would come to the US is still sound and I wanted to know what others think.

        • Our information is that if we get diesel in the US, it will be a US-specific variant of the SD power plant, which is wholly separate from MINI/BWM’s new line up of petrol engines.

        • Awesome; thanks! Given that both the current non-US Cooper SD and the US BMW 328d are based upon the same N47 engine, it would make sense some variant would be used in the potentially US-bound SD. Hopefully it would be tuned hotter than the 163hp/225lb/ft of the current SD which isn’t much torque for a 2.0L diesel. Even the new petrol 2.0L turbo will have 207lb/ft of torque! If we’re lucky it will be tuned closer to the 180/hp/280lb/ft of the 328d (and hey that engine’s already US emissions certified!)

          I suppose it makes sense to only have the SD as prospective US buyers might balk at the 0-60 time of the Cooper D. Also, for the ultimate in efficiency BMW will have their i3 and there are rumors of a hybrid MINI. However as VW will have two diesel hatches in 2015, the Golf TDI and the hotter GTD, I wonder if the US market would eventually accept/demand and make the business case for a two diesel MINI line…

  • lawrothegreat

    It’s worth noting that this is not the real red that will be released, instead it is a shot of the orange with changes to the hue of the photograph. With this shot it should be possible to show the car as white too. It’s good to see different renderings though!

  • glangford

    I’ve said in this forum for a long time my next car will be a diesel. I’m still skeptical about mini bringing over a diesel, so we’ll see. They’ve said yes, then no before. Well I couldn’t wait any longer and took delivery of a 328d last friday. Wonderful car particularly paired with the ZF 8 speed.

    • RKCA1

      That’s funny I’ve been saying the same 🙂 I ended up with a 335d and earlier this year X5d but I would be more than willing to get a F56 D 🙂

  • AMS

    What color is that? Doesn’t look like the Yellow Cab “Orange” they keep showing.

    • b-

      It is a photoshop of that same picture that was posted here before. It is that yellow/orange car.

  • scamper

    I’d honestly consider a hybrid. Really hoping for a full electric model though. A small one, not the Caveman or Pacemaker models MINI have been focusing on lately.

  • Harold Dill

    The design is absolutely ugly. Even since the R53 MINIs have gotten fatter and uglier. Conversely, as a cartoon car it’s a spot on dead ringer. Bringing the diesel over is definitely good news. Too bad it must be packaged in such horrible design.

    • whocares

      good thing no one will force you to get one, the design is far from horrible, so stop exagerating

      • Mike

        That’s debatable..

      • b-

        Yes, it is a horrible nightmare!

    • LMAO

      Amen brotha!

  • Ozzie

    Frightened little goldfish now turns red.

  • ulrichd

    Wow, 41% of european MINI sales are diesel.

    • wetwolf

      honestly, I am surprised it is not 75-80% diesel. With such high gas prices, the diesels with their high mpg are the way to go. There are definitely not as many hybrids.

    • tobi

      FYI, 80% mini sold in belgium are diesel.

    • Bob Hayhurst

      I can’t remember where I read it but it seems to me I saw that 70% of all new car sales in Europe are diesel…

      • r.burns

        I confirm. But Minis are made to drive with pleasure …and that means no diesel 😉

        • Definitely have to disagree there. Some of the most fun I’ve had in a MINI was in a Clubman SD on the Autobahn. That much torque in such a small car was fantastic.

  • Aaron Granger

    This is all I have to say about MINI selecting “UKL” as the platform designation:×225.jpg

  • bavarian racing green

    …diesel = me buying a clubman… …no diesel = sticking with my TDI until it hits 300,000…