Video: The TWINI on Jay Leno’s Garage

No matter your late night viewing loyalties, there’s no denying that Jay Leno is the gear head to end all gear heads. His collection includes motorcycles, antique fire engines, tractors and more cars than one could count. While he calls it his garage, what Jay’s got is a private motor museum of his own making. That facility isn’t open to the public for tours (yet), but Jay shares his passion for all things that turn energy into noise and speed on his long-running web series, Jay Leno’s Garage.

While machines from his personal collection often feature, Jay Leno’s Garage also showcases custom builders, OEMs and race teams who’ve made remarkable creations.

Recently Jay welcomed Team TWINI, whose twin-engine R53 race car is as bonkers as it is wonderful. We covered the TWINI back in July, but here’s a fresh look and Jay’s perspective on this truly one-of-a-kind MINI monster.

  • m8o

    Bummer he’s gunna have to start selling the collection off over time now that NBC looks like they’ll be replacing him for good. 🙁

    • I’m sure his retirement package and decades of making big money has him well cared for.

      • Mike Burley

        Leno lives off his busy standup career and banks his Tonight Show money. Doesn’t spend any of it. Im sure he’ll be just fine.