Drive Takes the JCW GP to the Silver State Classic

Drive TV – a Youtube favorite of ours features a handful or different shows that explore every corner of the automotive world. One of our favorites, Tuned with Matt Farah recently took a JCW GP to the Silver State Classic. An open road challenge in the Nevada Dessert, it’s a timed event that involved speed, endurance and math. And on a long holiday weekend it’s also a perfect thing to sit back and enjoy.

  • b-

    What a jackass.

  • tobi

    lol funny video

  • JonPD

    Safe to drive faster than 120 on a closed course with airbags, guess that I can’t argue that as long as they don’t crash then all bets are off. “safe” is not the ability to do something its surviving it when all hell breaks loose.

    Now well over a year later there are still GP’s setting at dealerships gathering dust. Lets hope MINI gives us more than this yawn inducing miniscule improvement that the GP2 has over the real GP.

    • GP Owner

      Let’s check the facts. MINI dealerships in the US have already sold more GP2 than GP1 cars. Yes there are a few (a little more than 10%) remaining, but it is hardly “well over a year later” since the first US deliveries were in late March of this year.

      I’ve owned both generations, and both are fantastic. Just growing weary of the pointless bashing. Have you driven one for any period of time?

      • JonPD

        Not bashing the GP2, its better than that origonal GP in small ways but to me the way MINI handles JCW with tiny incremental perforemance upgrades is miserable. You are correct that its been less than a year, the fact is also that the origonal GP had a few cars sitting at the dealerships as well. I am still waiting for a car to come from MINI that earns its JCW label. Would love to see a more ///M type of development.

        Have driven a friends GP2 on a track and on the street some though noting extended. We have a jcw coupe and honestly the performance gain on the GP’s over the standard coupe are yawn inducing to me sorry to say. Part of the reason my R53 GP is no longer with us. Either way pretty sure MINIUSA was hopping for better sales on the GP2.

        • GP Owner

          Agree that the GP isn’t as fully developed as an ///M car. As nice as that would be, it would also cost closer to $50k and very few people would buy it.

          MINI USA has sold all 500 of them long ago. They sell cars to dealerships.

        • Sans the engine, I would argue it is as developed if not more. In many ways it’s suspension and tire set-up is more serious than a standard M car. And it’s brakes are massive as compared to the weight of the car. In my mind this is the first real product MINI has created that lives up to the JCW name.

        • BimmerFile_Michael

          It’s the drivetrain that is lacking and M has always had a special drivetrain. This GP checks all the aero, suspension and braking boxes of an M but lacks the dedication to the driveline.

          I would suspect that would price it in the stratosphere and why it has not been done. If M was not mass marketed as it now is there is no way BMW would invest in it- we are seeing a decrease in the M R&D for engines now…. we are also seeing sub-branding in M with higher performance limited run products that are much more hard core- like this GP. At the end of the day it is all business and products must sell at a profit.

          Love the new M235i Racing as a shot in the arm to M, maybe MINI can do the same?

        • Bob Hayhurst

          “…it is all business and products must sell at a profit.” Exactly right. When all the marketing and hype go away, there it is; car makers can’t stay in business if there’s no profit to be made. Model derivatives like GP, JCW WC50, Goodwood, Sidewalk, etc. all serve to expand the model base and give consumer choice in product selection. Hopefully, they make money for manufacturer and dealer. If not, they fade away, as evidenced by the Club van.

          BMW ///M is engrained in BMW and is part of corporate culture. I just don’t believe MINI can generate the sales necessary to truly establish JCW as a performance product as ///M is to BMW. Nor do I really expect it to be.

        • JonPD

          Think another think missing still is that MINI believes stickers are a performance mod. I also believe BMW is nervous to keep the performance of MINI below that of their bloated cousins.

        • They clearly didn’t with the GP. I think they have a grasp on what needs to be done in the future as well. The fact is they were hemmed in by costs associated with developing what was going to be a dead-end engine program. So they did everything else they could which in turn created somerhibg pretty incredible.

  • Ihateyourprius

    I own a GP2. I have owned every car under the sun worth owning. I have had plenty of M series car in my stable and will no doubt own more. The one thing which was missing from my tuned 135i or M3 I had previous to the GP was fun.They were rocket ships and would embarass most cars leaving the toll booth but it was too refined. To have fun in my e46 M3 you had to be defying physics and on the threshholdof destroying the car or yourself. That is what is great about the MINI, it is fast, and loud and instills confidence in your driving. You can be going 40mph and its thrilling. I will be removing my stickers and dedicating this to the track eventually but in the mean time it is a god damn blast tearing through corners in this. The breaks are fantastic as is the feel of the steering.