Happy New Year & Thank You From the MotoringFile Team

Happy 2014 from the MF team to you. And thank you for making 2013 such an amazing year for the site and for each of us.

  • Bob Hayhurst

    Thanks Nathanial and Gabe for making and keeping MF great. I Hope you all have a happy and prosperous New Year!! Cheers…


    Happy 20014 to all you MINIACs!! Now that we’re in the new year, does anyone have any specific info on the date when the F56 will be able to be configured on the MINIUSA website??? As I understand it’ll be at dealers here by sometime in March. Maybe the MINIUSA F56 configurator will be ready before the end of Jan???

    Although I’m interested in the next fall reveal of the F55 5 door hatch, building the F56 on MINIUSA will give me a good idea at what I’ll be facing come next fall. Would guess the base F55 will probably cost 1.5K more than F56 (ie closer to the current Clubman base than the 2 door hatch…….

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      MINI is at an interesting point here… maybe the 5 door will be cheaper as it will be the bread and butter model.

      That said- BMW is charging 750 euro more for the 1 series 5 door compared to the 3 door. I would imagine that would be the difference for the MINI 5/3 door as well. The clubman will be significantly different this time around and will differentiate itself more.

  • Bob Hayhurst

    Btw, I really liked the video of all the cars driven. I noticed two things in particular. The ’70 something Mercedes and the MSRP for the ’98 325i. $39,495 in ’98 is way more then 2013 GPII money. What, I wonder, is there to b***ch about. Go figure…

  • brt356

    A BIG thank you to everyone involved in bringing us timely Mini news throughout the year. It’s my go-to site for all things pertaining to the world of Mini. Your Mini reviews & informative articles are the best. Thank you again and again — look forward to more great coverage this year.

  • Gary

    Thanks Gabe and Nathaniel — as always — for the steady and thoughtful flow of relevant, thorough, and timely information. Congrats on being the #1 independent MINI news source for our enthusiast community and please keep up the superb work.

  • Mr Remi

    A big thank you for all you put into MF.

    I hope 2013 wrapped up brilliantly for you and that 2014 proves to be yet another kick-ass year. 🙂

    With gratitude, Mr Remi