MINI Final Final Test Drives: Vote for a Winner

The best of the best have been chosen and voting is now open for MINI’s Final Final Test Drive. Head over to MINIUSA and get voting

What’s the Final Final Test Drive and what are these MINI fans trying to win? Traditionally car companies hand the car to the media. The media dissects the car and tells the consumer what to think. MINI wants to turn that on its ear and allow owners to get the firs crack at the new MINI and report on it themselves. The idea is simple – MINI USA asked to hear why someone deserved to test the new MINI before anyone else and how you’d do it.

So why do this? The winner gets to not only live out this test but do it before the car goes on sale and before much of the media even drives it. Yes, you will become an internet celebrity.

But the best part is what MINI will give you next.


MINI will give you a chance to design your own package that will be available for anyone to order. MINI will team you up with a designer to create graphics awhile you curate the options from MINI’s endless list.

  • Brian
  • glangford

    Nobody put in a run on the dragon?

  • Jack

    Out of all the interesting ideas submitted, how did “Facebook Sex Appeal” get to this round…

    • BC

      I am totally biased because I am fortunate to be in the top 20 but I really liked a few of the original submissions a lot and surprised they did not make it.

  • Bor

    voted for the kayak-on-the-roof guy, rings close to my MINI loaded with windsurfing gear 🙂

  • Alexandre

    As I said over at WRR, I think most choices are pretty terrible (lack of taste and originality) which worries me in regards to the look of the special edition. But hey, I haven’t submitted anything so who am I to criticize…

  • dez