Spied: 2015 MINI JCW

Less than 24 hours after the introduction of the JCW Concept, we now have our first glimpse of a JCW test mule. Nothing too surprising here and there isn’t too much to see. This looks like MINI has the JCW Aero Kit front in order to test cooling on the new JCW 2.0L engine. Also seen here are the exact same front brakes that we saw on the new JCW Concept.

The 2015 JCW should debut in about a year — early 2015. Output should be over 220hp and be available with both manual and automatic transmissions. The suspension will be unique to the JCW along with unique brakes and plenty of exterior and interior trim.

Source: Gmotors

  • Herr26

    Everything shown with the Concept is pretty much carried over from the aerodynamics and optional personalisation if you do so wish to… The interior not shown will also feature some exclusives such as new seats specially for the JCW and trims and colors and of course extra Carbon detailing.

  • r.burns

    At last a dedicated suspension…

    We did not dare to believe

  • lawrothegreat

    I was half expecting the JCW to be released with the 9-speed only, though I haven’t read that suggestion anywhere. It’s comforting to know that the manual option will be available – it suggests that there is life and further capability with the revised 6-speed manual in the F56. The power output of 220hp seems on the low side, but I do get the philosophy behind improving lightness and feel instead. Other manufacturers are focussing on 260-270hp, however the reality is that off the line they’re not much quicker, and the loss of power to the road will be far greater. It’s worth noting that the standard F56 Cooper S manual and auto variants match the 0-60mph times of the original 4WD Golf R32. Interesting.

    • Herr26

      It bodes well for the new car because not only is the car tailor made for an enthusiast generated by the move to make JCW models more exclusive like BMW M. With a similar engineering philosophy to make it a car that is memorable and highly distinctive in the segment.

      Whilst there is scope for Carbon accessories for the exterior and interior as you would expect from a JCW. The possibilities are gathering for further progressive performance further down the model line when it is not unthinkable and this is being evaluated on a MINI currently that a CFRP roof and bonnet lid could possibly feature with progressive performance model such as a GP.

      The MINI and this MINI in particular is a huge deal for BMW because there will be a significant profit on the new car as well as profit from personalisation. MINI stands at the forefront of being the choice if customers downsize from larger luxury vehicles and are primed for the growth of premium city cars which can continue to grow and grow each year.

      This is why joint BMW / MINI cars have been developed. They are coming at the right time for the industry.