Spied: The F54 Next-Gen Clubman Gets Caught Winter Testing

With the F56 all the way out of the box, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing more and more F56-based MINI variants out and about for prototype testing. The latest is these shots of a next generation Clubman, the F54, out doing some cold weather muling. As previously reported here on MotoringFile, the next Clubman will be a larger car than today, sharing its footprint with the next generation Countryman and Paceman. As the Countryman gets more “soft road” focused, the Clubman will be that slightly larger MINI super wagon that so many MINI fans have been hoping for.

One thing to note about the GMotors article where these photos are shared. They talk about a “new navigation system” but this is just the HUD we’ve already seen on the F56. Not really a story there. Still, go check out the photos and let us know what you think.

Source: GMotors

  • Don Hopings

    While I realize that the Countryman and Paceman (which I like MUCH better) have a particular role to play, the F54 presents NO reason for me to forsake my fJCW R55. In my view, there is NO reason for the Clubman to grow.

    • The reason is AWD. With the 4-door version of the hardtop hatch coming as the F55, then a small Clubman is pretty redundant. In the larger package, it’ll likely have the ALL4 system available, which for me, makes it really appealing — especially as I look out the window and watch the snow come down.

      • BimmerFile_Michael

        It is also lower to the ground by design and will be a “wagon” rather than “SAV”. There is a rumored new version of All4 with vectoring underneath as well- which is great for snow and performance. One thing BMW has learned is that thanks to Suburu and Audi dumping boat loads on AWD ads is that customers now want it and will pay a premium- basically every BMW is now offered in AWD- do to packaging MINI is not in the same boat.

        Having seen the F54 in the flesh (with less camo than pictured) I can attest that it is much sportier than anything else in that market place. Unless they mess some of the finite details up it will be very different from the current car, the 5 door hatch and the Countryman- I honestly think that if MINI fans truly want the best handling and most practical product the new clubby is the answer.

        • Captain

          I started w/the 2008 Club and currently own a 2013 Club.. looking forward to this generation as my kids were born in ’04 and ’06 – want to stay in the MINI family, but can’t stomach the Countryman/Paceman.

      • Don Hopings

        At 65, I’ve lived all of my life to this point in the upper midwest or the east. I understand snow and I used to have a real 4×4. It got traded when I bought the Clubman. The other 6 cars that I’ve owned have been either sport sedans or sport wagons. However, I really don’t have a need to carry more than my wife and me. Further, I like the extra space of my Clubman, but I don’t need 4 doors. If I wanted something larger and with AWD, I’d look at a Paceman as a 2nd car. I understand what you are saying, but it isn’t resonating with me.

      • Herr26

        New MINI Clubman will have All4 . BMW see Clubman as a lifestyle car , still that quirky character but with more practicality.

        All4 is seen as essential as the car is imagined as a youthful trend setting vehicle in which the demographic may surf , ski or snowboard and such locales require good traction .

        Also with the Countryman in its last days When the Clubman is launched , the choice is needed to prevent existing MINI customers moving to competitors in the meantime . Which for the Countryman there will be at least three new competitors.

      • jbkone

        I’d argue you have that backwards. Make the Clubman the smaller 4-door with the suicide doors. Then the 4 “regular” door version of the Hardtop becomes redundant, making it the wagon, 4 regular door, MINI.

        • I say even what you’re describing still isn’t redundant because we’re talking about two different sizes of cars.

  • chris94602

    it does look wider for sure! and the roof looks like it slopes a bit more than my current clubby.nice side profile. hummm….. I might consider it so long as the lower front bumper loses the gawd-awful underbite that these new mini’s seem to have.

  • JW

    I just hope they give a WHITE ROOF as an option on this generation of Clubmans


    not bad. As long as it doesn’t have the hideos horizontal tailights a pic on another group’s Facebook page posted last week. Definitely think there wil lbe a market for an all wheel drive version. I love my R55 Clubman, but it may be due for replacing in 2015.

    • Herr26

      I seen that. But the lights are more like the Paceman’s in how they are positioned , that was a bit too bizarre in that render. The MINI Clubman retains its quirky character but there is now more practicality than before which customers wanted.

      For extra Practicality the “Spacebox” is like a taller Clubman.

    • m8o

      Good thing is if they are, you don’t have to look at them… :p

  • likey

    Length looks somewhere between current countryman and x1. That will be nice.

    But is this a 2015 or 2016 debuting in 2015? I thought new clubman was due in 2 years.

    • It’ll be 2015 – likely latter half but they may have sped up the process to springif 2015. The F55 four door debuts next fall.

      • Herr26

        I think the Cabrio version will appear at LA in November. After the 5dr in Paris 14 this becomes the next addition. Possibly this car appearing at either Geneva 15 or IAA Frankfurt 15. With the production JCW at NAIAS 15.

  • Tom Kennedy

    It’d be nice if they’re adding that extra space they put in enough for a donut spare.

  • chris94602

    I hope the offer it in the ltd. ed. champagne color.. saw it in person and it is a stunner.

  • m8o

    I really like the way this looks. Hope it’s about 500lbs lighter than the F31.

    • m8o

      p.s. contrary to Don Hoping’s comment and many who may think the same. I have an R56 JCW and tho I have 3 other bigger cars, I’ve been trying to live with the Mini exclusively as an only car the past year, and it is impossible. I drive around with a 13 cu.ft. storage container on my roof racks 100% or the time now’days. I for one will jump at something that’ll give me great economy + performance plus space to live with. Give me this in JCW garb with upped performance from today’s engine tho. I suspect Mini won’t be producing a clubman I’m willing to buy for two or three more years.

      • Don Hopings

        Why isn’t a Paceman a viable option then?

  • Aurel

    MINI for the love of all creatures big and small, go get a new Passat and study how they made proper legroom for rear passengers in a relatively average size cabin. And save from having to buy that appliance on wheels.

    I really hope this Clubman is configured to give more rear leg room than the Countryman.