MF/WRR Q&A with Pat McKenna, Product Manager at MINI USA

Todd and I go in depth with Pat & Chris on just about everything. First off we grill the guys on JCW – what we’ll see and when we’ll see it. And about the F56 – we dive into some of those specific product questions many of you have been waiting for. How does the 3 Cylinder Cooper sound? What’s the must-have option on the F56? If you’re considering a new MINI, this interview is a must hear.



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  • jbkone

    I clicked the Play button and this broadcast is from Nov 2013. Where’s the interview?

    • jbkone

      It was still a good listen though.

  • The correct file was in the second link. It’s now in both links.

    • jbkone


  • lawrothegreat

    This was great to listen to, thanks. I’m looking forward to the seats! My question is when will the first road tests be published? I’m assuming that magazines may already have access / or will do shortly, but may be embargoed so that the 2er and 4er first reviews can have some space. F56 MCS due to be delivered late March…….

    • Jason

      If they’re due to be delivered in late March why hasn’t the F56 gone up on the configurator yet? Did they cover that in the interview?

      • lawrothegreat

        Sorry I’m in the UK. The configurators are going live on different dates in different countries. This may have something to do with the number of R56 hatches unsold in the US. I note that the USA website is offering 0% finance which supports this. March delivery for me may not happen anyway…..!

    • We will be among the first journalists in the world to drive the car next Thursday. The second the embargo lifts you’ll read our review right here on MF of both the Cooper and Cooper S. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for a behind the scenes as well.

      • lawrothegreat

        Thank you! I can stop my mad OCD-like daily trawl of websites now!


        I’ve seen several people on several items on MF asked if anyone knew when the F56 configurator will arrive on the MINIUSA website. Other than ‘lawothegreat’ responding to ‘Jason that he was in the UK so didn’t know about the MINIUSA site..

        Otherwise , there has never been a reply/answer to this question by anyone in the know. Likewise, when it was asked in the this Q&A with Pat McKenna. It was never answered directly.

        I had always thought that if the F56 reaches dealers as early as late March, getting on the MINIUSA configurator might arrive late this month?????

        • We’re just as curious as you are at this point. Would love to play with the options and configurations.


          I’m interested in the 4 door hatch F55 to come out near the end of the year, but want to use the F56 configuration build to give me an idea at what to expect re cost, options, etc when the F55 comes out. Expect the F55 might run roughly about $1500 more than the F56 compatibly equipped…..

        • Not a bad theory.

        • It’ll likely launch later this month.

          Gabriel Bridger | | | |

      • Chilly

        Can’t wait! 🙂

      • lawrothegreat

        I saw an F56 this morning on the public road. It was around Newbury, which is 30 miles south of Oxford in the UK. It was a standard Cooper in volcanic orange. Though travelling in the opposite direction at low speed, the front grille design was very noticeable. The car seemed bigger overall in person, though in proportion. I did think about turning around to chase but I needed to get to work…..

    • Chilly

      I attended the NE Auto Show in Boston this past weekend and can confirm that the new sports seats are fabulous – leagues better than in the R56. The whole interior is a quantum leap in quality; oh, the steering wheel is much better too.

      The exterior looks MUCH better in person. The rear lights don’t look too big and the front ‘chin’ only really stands out when viewed from the side and even then it’s no where near as bad as you might have feared.

      You won’t be disappointed. 🙂