2014 MINI Cooper & Cooper S Launch Gallery

Often times the initial launch photos of a car do it a great disservice. They’re overly processed and produced to the point that they lack content. Luckily at the F56 launch event we have access to a treasure trove of high quality real-life photos that tells a the F56 story better than anything yet. Click through for the full 300 photo gallery.

  • JeffH

    Great pictures, guys! The Cooper interior looks fantastic. Base or sport seats, colors?

  • Chris Samyn

    amazing details in the pictures

    can’t wait for the full review

  • Jgh548

    GREEN Mode – “Consumption optimised driving fun”

    Everything that is wrong with current BMW’s and, this F56 encapsulated in one photo, IMO!

  • Diego

    What’s up with the space (lines) between the hood panel and the black trim around the front wheels, the front grill and the front bumper? Did they not close the hood properly for the photos or is that space normal? Looks like there is too much space up close… Example: http://s3.motoringfile.com.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/010_Cooper_S.jpg

    Nice pictures thank you!

    • It’s normal. The black you see are rubber gaskets meant to help with aero.

      • Diego

        Thanks Gabe.