MINI USA Announces 2014 MINI Pricing & Configurator

It’s official, the F56 MINI will start at less than $20,000. While prices are up slightly, MINI has held the line on many things and increased specifications across the board. Here’s the full break-down:

  • Cooper: $19,950
  • Cooper S: $23,600

(Prices do NOT including $795 destination)

Perhaps even more exciting for many of you, the MINI USA configurator has launched in conjunction with the pricing announcement. So grab your favorite beverage and get configurating. Let us know your thoughts on the pricing and options in the comments.

  • Henry Wu

    Courtesy of Motoring Alliance – Nathan configured this beautiful BRG F56:

    The interior is stunning if I do say so myself 😉

  • Jason

    All this for just a hair over $26k? Yes please. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

  • Speck

    Gabe – do you know what the three automatic options are? There’s a regular manual, steptronic and manual with paddles. Same tech? Different tech?

    • Different software – it’s called sport auto and we detailed a few months back.

      • Speck

        Thanks – its a pretty hefty premium ( I think $1,000) for the Steptronic. I’m surprised its just software and not a mechanical change for the price. When are you scheduled to drive?

        • Reviews coming at 6 pm and the the larger one tomorrow.

        • Stew

          whats that GMT?

        • I believe midnight tonight GMT.

        • Stew


  • pmindemann

    It’s amazing how much better the F56 looks when you can only see it from the side.

    The interior (at least) is a nice upgrade, though the central speedo will be missed. I don’t care if no one used it… it was still cool!

    • lawrothegreat

      I know; the side shot at the top of this article looks great. The front overhang doesn’t look that big at all. And that’s not being sarcastic!

      • yup

        I saw it in person and the overhang isn’t actually big. It’s the gray paneling that accentuates it to make it look huge. Until I saw it in person I thought the “chin” was just hanging down by itself because the photos hid that gray trim in the shadows. I really hope there’s an option to get those guards body color painted. I’m sure it won’t take long for aftermarket parts to show up… “ugly gray trim delete mod” 🙂

  • Kevin Armalay

    I call Shenanigans. According to the configurator, one must choose the S AND the JCW Steering Wheel in order to get the flappy paddles. Boo! With the enhanced performance of the Cooper, it certainly seems to me that it ought to have the flappys.

  • fishbert

    Disappointed in the colors for the Cooper S … only real option appears to be the Volcanic Orange if you don’t want red, dark, or greyscale car.

    Maybe I’m just spoiled by the Lightning Blue that I wake up to every day.

    • r.burns

      The new Deep Blue is much more beautiful than the Lightning Blue

      • Yes the blue is pretty stunning.

        • fishbert

          It must look different in person than on the color picker in the configurator, then, yes? (first time that’s ever happened, for sure)

        • It does.

  • BK_R56

    WTH??? The spoiler is an option on the Cooper S? That seams super cheap to me.

    Here is my build:

    Also seems like we have EDLC as the diff. Can’t be switched off. Let’s hope it’s good.

    • That’s the JCW spoiler.

      • bk_R56

        Oh. Weird. The configurator’s pic of the car seems to show no spoiler on the car before you select it.

        I can’t wait to see what you guys think of the car. As much as I hate to admit it, I love minis and really miss my R56 Cooper S.

  • R.O

    Here are my comments on new F56 configure.

    Good: Volcanic Orange available for Cooper and Zero cost option

    Bad: Only two colors for F56 are Zero Cost option (vs. 3 for R56)

    Bad: Only one 15″ rim available (vs 3 on R50/53 and 2 on R56) + 16″ rim cost kind of high since 15″ selection limited.

    Bad: To get LED headlight and Fog Lights – required to get white turn signal. I dislike White Signals!

    Is Bluetooth now a cost option? On R56 is was standard.

    Audio (center stack) screen – only see two sizes: Regular and Large (Nav). Wasn’t there suppose to be a middle size? It was in the S Cooper F56 at SF Auto Show in November. What happen to middle size screen (no Nav size)? Gabe?

    One poster (Speck) asked: “what three automatic options are?” I only saw one AT on the config. Did I miss something?

    Lighter and Ashtray now a cost option? Yeah it’s only $50 and I don’t smoke but it’s always a good idea to have a lighter and ashtray makes for good storage.

    Sports seat thigh bolster looks quite a bit large than standard seat thigh bolster? Does standard seat have one?

    Not a good explanation what Mini Connected XL vs Rear view Camera+PDC size screen is.

    Kind of unclear what “Wired Package” is vs “Wired Upgrade Package” and why is the upgrade $150 more than the Wired package? Shouldn’t it be the other way around (i.e. Upgrade).

    Also no MPG listed/shown? Shouldn’t Mini know by now what it is?

    Not Bad: I configured a Non S in what I would want and it’s comes to only $2,750. more than I paid for my 2004 R50. I would now include: 16″ black rims, JCW steering wheel, autodim inside mirror, storage package, bonnet strips. I’d say that price diff. between 2004 and 2014 is reasonable. One note – No CD (single slot) player – Major negative for me!! 🙁

    • Jason

      The wired package and upgrade package are both clearly defined if you click on the little “more info” button.

      You do realize that the white turn signals just change out the yellow housing for a white housing right? The actual bulb is still amber and it still blinks amber.


    Re transmission choices, as I see it there are 3….the manual & 2 automatics…one without paddle shifter & one with the paddle. That sound right?

    Bluetooth is now optional.

    Why is it that the rear view camera is in the same package as the rear detection monitoring system…both are doing the same thing except for the visual by the camera & the ‘wedge,’ depiction by the other feature which I currently have on my ’12 JCW Coupe. Is the primary technology the same to operate both of these options?

  • lavardera

    That’s the best picture of the F56 I’ve seen so far.

  • rb

    Wow! F56 Cooper S spec cost more than my fully loaded 2013 R56 JCW. Confirms BMW’ized MINI comes @ a cost along with the typical BMW nickel and dime ya on the options…

    • fishbert

      Funny, I was just marveling at how my F56 dream build comes in just under what my R56 cost.


      I also did a build on a F56 S on MINIUSA with a good many of the new (and old) options & compared the bottom line with my 2012 JCWCoupe. Despite the base price being about 6-7K less for the F56 S hatch compared to my JCWCoupe, the new tech options that are too enticing to skip, bring that bottom line very near what I paid for my Coupe…both in the 37-39K range!!

      I’m seriously considered the 4 door F55 S when it comes out late this year but expect that could run 1.5-2K more than the F56. So with all those optional goodies that I like it could easily peak over 40K. WOW!!

  • Chilly

    What happened to all the accessories such as roof graphics, etc?

  • Lee

    Still needs some work. Weird interactions with packages. I selected the Fully Loaded package and it is still telling me to add the sport package to save money. Also, on IE 11 (yeah blah blah blah, IE sucks) at least, the information panels are displaying way up the screen. Once you get going, the screen just darkens or you see the very bottom of the pop up if at all.