Official: Countryman Wins Highest Value Retention

A new winner in a familiar story: for the tenth time in a row, the title of ‘Value Champion’ goes to the British premium brand MINI. For the first time, it is the MINI Countryman that has been voted as the car with the highest value retention level its class on the German car market. The MINI Cooper S Countryman gained the top position in the small car category of the ranking list published in the ‘Auto Bild’ motoring magazine, making it the ‘Value Champion 2014’. It follows in the footsteps of the MINI and MINI Cabrio, which ever since 2005 had been alternately winning the top position for outstanding value retention.

Since its launch, the first MINI with four doors and large tailgate has developed into a worldwide success, attracting new customer groups who are excited to discover the brand’s trademark driving fun. The MINI Cooper S Countryman has not only successfully translated the unmistakeable style of the brand into one that suits a new vehicle segment but it also enhances its characteristic agility in a decidedly sporty manner. Its perfectly coordinated four-wheel drive results in an optimum level of road stability while the attractive vehicle design also guarantees maximum value stability. This latest study, conducted by ‘Auto Bild’ in association with the market-monitoring institute Schwacke, attests a residual value of 59.1 percent to the MINI Cooper S Countryman, which translates to the best value retention in its class.

The results of the comparison are based on a forecast conducted by car market experts of the sale price that can be achieved after four years with a car first registered in the year 2014. The calculation takes numerous factors into account that determine the ongoing popularity of a model in the used car market. In addition to the car’s specific characteristics, other factors are also taken into consideration, such as its new price and operating costs, its performance in comparison tests, and its brand image, as well as general market trends. The current comparison values were determined for eleven vehicle classes and subsequently published in the current issue of ‘Auto Bild’.

As the difference between the new price and later resale price represents a considerable cost factor, value constancy can be seen as a decisive purchasing criterion for many potential new-car customers. The ‘Value Champion’ ranking can therefore be regarded as an important aid to customers when it comes to choosing a new vehicle. The current list is yet further proof of how much investing in typical MINI riding fun pays for itself in the long run.

Source: MINI

  • Random

    BooM! Take that R60 haters.

  • Nick Dawson

    So when the sales manager at my local MINI dealership, persuaded me to buy a new Countryman Cooper, instead of a new Clubman S which I had set my heart on, reasoning that the residual value of the CM would be much greater in three years time, he was right!

    The Countryman currently also provides you and your loved ones with better crash protection than any other MINI, and is kinder to pedestrians should you come into contact with one. I am eager to learn how F55 will perform in this regard, compared to the CM.

  • jppd

    I own a 212 All4. It has 21000 miles on the clock. It has most bells and whistles including navigation, and cost over 35K. Shopping for a new ride this week at Mercedes, Audi, and BMW as well as MINI, offers ranged a low of $18400 to a high of $21. This is a bit of a sobering experience given the story here, but then again it MINI Countryman is the best hard to fathom what others must be worth.

    • Highly recommend selling any car yourself for a much better deal. Sites like make it incredibly easy.

      • jppd

        In Wa St there is a huge tax penalty with private sales. This is written into the tax code. In general this is as much as 3K. The dealer is in the catbirds seat.