Update: Just Hours Left to Get Your Vote In for MINI’s Final Test Test Drive Limited Editions

Update – Just Hours Left. Get your vote in now!

You might have noticed a few banners around the web and on MF talking about MINI’s “Final Test Test Drives” contest. The idea was to pick ten MINI fans to help create a special edition F56 MINI that will actually be produced. Once those cars are designed the public will vote on which one will ultimately be made by MINI USA for anyone to order. Which brings us to our point – it’s time to vote folks. The ten finalists have been chosen and they have crafted ten rather unique looking special edition MINIs ready for your viewing.

Click through for our favorites and a look at who we think might win.

Being MotoringFile we’ll naturally have some opinions on which we’d rather be seen in. There are many imaginative designs but our favorites (perhaps unsurprisingly) play up MINI’s rally and motorsport history. Click through on each to see how many votes they’ve received and to read more. (In our preferred order):

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 1.08.36 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 1.08.59 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 1.08.49 PM

But you better get voting as there’s only a day left and there is already a clear leader.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 1.11.00 PM

While we certainly like Thomas L’s approach, we’d love to see a closer final count – especially with one of rally focused designs.

Go vote now!

  • minicooperracer

    Wow Thanks for listing ours at the top of your choices! We are thankful for the overwhelming response we had for our video and we fly to LA next week for our test race (I mean drive)

  • MINI Surge

    Brian – I like yours as well! As my mom would say, Great minds think alike! Glad to be posted as second choice here. Enjoy your trip!

  • fishbert

    How does a panoramic sunroof play up MINI’s rally/motorsport history?! Two of your three favorites have that.

    Don’t forget to look at the options as well as the paint/graphics to pick a favorite. =)

  • steveGP

    i’d be more impressed with the top 2 vote getters if the votes werent going up at the same consistency – that smacks of bot/automated voting.

    • Alex Coyle

      HI Steve. Designer of deLux here. Yes, unfortunately two nights ago a thread on Reddit apparently went viral where a bunch of redditors wanted to troll the contestants by skewing the competition. I e-mailed the person in charge and things should hopefully be sorted out. Until midnight tonight, I will be continuing to gather as many votes as I can and hope that measure can be taken against whomever was externally playing with the votes.

  • Alex Coyle

    Hi guys! Designer of deLux here. A little wild I know, but that’s the fun part. This chrome-lined Mini of light comes with dynamic damper control to shift the suspension from sporty to eco friendly. Consider giving it a vote; as a student dual majoring in art and advertising this would mean a lot to me and I’m not too far behind first! 🙂

    • Easily the best of the ore adventurous designs – well done Alex.

      • Alex Coyle

        Thanks Gabriel! It would be incredible to see it in person. Give it a share, as you know, voting is super easy 🙂

  • Miniben

    Alex C’s entry is the only one I’d purchase. Shame the current vote leader did it via cheating.

  • scotteast

    Just one person’s opinion, but the blue dragons on the white car are much more Nissan Sentra than MINI Cooper.

    • Bmwmike

      More Like Kia Soul or Scion TC ( fast and furious ) …. Hey wait didn’t they do this on Ford for AI..

      +1 Black Knight edition for the F56. I think most people would like that.

  • oldsbear

    Welcome to “Land of the Stickers”!

  • Scott Miller

    DeLux for sure. NCO would be my second choice. Sorry to hear about the voting up by the reddit idiots.