Spied: New MINI F55 5-door Caught Doors Open

With the weather warming, we’re seeing more and more spy shots emerge of the upcoming 5-door MINI Hardtop Hatch. Internally designated the F55, this is a slightly stretched version of the F56 Hardtop Hatch which incorporates four conventional passenger doors. While spy shots have been coming in at at more steady rate, this set over at GMotors are the first to give us a view of the open doors. As expected, the rear doors are small, but look like they’ll serve just as well as any other small 5-door like a Honda Fit.

As always, check out our F55 Section for the most info on the web about MINI’s next model.

  • b-

    Looks like the small sedan doors will be a tight fit for even us tall people! One thing I love about my R52 is that getting and out is no problem at all with the long legs or the head. In the 2010 535xi not only do I hit my head and have leg issues I also hit both my shoulders!

  • KO

    Looks like framed windows on the doors. We’ll see how that affects ‘airiness’ of the cabin.

  • Nick K. Arena

    R50 forever!!! It’s not a real MINI!!! 😛

    Looking forward to seeing it in person. Should give those Mazda Speed 3’s a run for their money.


    There’s really no way to have doors on a small hatch like the 4 door F55 to be as large as the front doors of the F56. That’s probably the same for other small makes that have four doors. So those out there that are extra tall may have a problem with both front as well as rear door access on the F55. For a shorty like me at 5’8″, that’s no problem!

    • EHans

      Agreed. I don’t know any 4 door sedans that have front doors as large as what you see on the same model’s coupe version. That can actually be a good thing in a garage or parking lot.

      • Longer doors on two-door cars are to allow rear seat access. If you have an actual rear door, this is no longer necessary.

        • fishbert

          If you have an actual rear door, [longer doors are] no longer necessary.

          my legs beg to differ…