MINI UK Quietly Recalls the F56 Cooper D

We don’t have much information on this one yet but here what we do know. Several MF readers have been asked to return their newly bought Cooper D to the dealer due to an “acoustic audio” problem.

This is unrelated to the Active Sound module since that’s only in the MCS. What this is referring to we’re not sure but were hoping one of you might have the answer. If so let us know in the comment section below.

Speaking of unpleasant news (and some that may not be UK or Cooper D specific), we’ve also heard of some slight production delays affecting all cars with deviating roof/mirrors in black or white and with option 7KN. Worth noting as any of you will be patiently waiting for production updates.

  • lawrothegreat

    Yes this article is spot on. I’m in the UK awaiting a delivery of the MCS. Ordered in November and originally due 15 March, it is still yet to be built. The information coming through dealerships is that some options are on back order – at one stage my delivery had been put back to June but it is now mid-April thankfully. Those customers who had already taken delivery of the Cooper D model have had to return them and Cooper D demonstrators are being kept off road. It is frustrating but I’ve heard through a friend who has a family member who works at the factory that there have been a couple of health and safety incidents there. Hopefully those involved are okay, but it does put it all in perspective. It will arrive when it arrives!

  • Ollie T

    It’s something to do with the balancer idle shaft. Dealers have been warned not to take demo cars above 1500 miles.

  • jbkone

    What is option 7KN? I looked in our options list and couldn’t find a 7KN. There’s no ZKN or 6KN or 8KN or 2KN either.

  • Kevin
  • Spike

    One D & Cooper D are the only models affected. The official release states ” Balace shaft” . Everything is being done to put it right but unfortunately customers will have to wait a few weeks while BMW/MINI put it right.

  • Spike

    Orders affecting Black roofs / White roofs. Can’t paint them quick enough.

  • John

    Let the F56 recalls and 1st model year issues commence!

  • Marcus in E17

    I picked up my Iced chocolate F56 (petrol) Cooper on Thursday and have fine 500 miles so far. The only problem is that I ordered the Satellite grey colour line to match the seats, but it was built with dark grey colour line. They say they will retro-fit it. Leather fit on the seats could be slightly tighter too. Apart from that it’s a beauty!

  • Spike

    Update: Engines fixed. All F56 D ‘s will be replaced with new engines.

  • Mini tech

    During factory engine durability testing, it has been found that there could be a problem with the counterbalance in some engines. Should this problem occur, it may lead to rough running and possible engine failure.

    Therefore under no circumstances should vehicles be delivered to customers before rectification work.

    All dealer demo vehicles should not exceed 1500miles. When approaching this milage the vehicle must be taked off the road.