(UPDATED WITH OFFICIAL STATEMENT) MINI USA Delaying all Cooper Deliveries Due to Defect

MINI USA has responded to our report with an official statement regarding the situation.


“At MINI, our owner safety and confidence is our first priority. Earlier this week, as part of our ongoing quality analysis, our team discovered that certain new MINI Hardtop vehicles could experience some engine coolant leakage from the oil filter housing. This can result in a power reduction and subsequently cause the yellow/red “engine overheating” warning light to light up. We immediately brought this issue to the attention of all of our dealers and issued an immediate stop delivery on all affected vehicles. For the small number of Motorers who have already taken delivery of their new MINI Hardtop, we are working to quickly and effectively replace the needed part at no charge.”

MINIUSA is holding all Cooper deliveries ahead of the 4/15 launch date due to a oil filter housing problem. We reported the news, courtesy of several sources, via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook yesterday but held-off reporting it on MF in order to confirm the details.


According to sources the issue only affects the F56 Cooper and not the Cooper S as some rumors had us believe.

The delay shouldn’t last long as the revised part is expected in the US and at dealers within a week or two. That means those waiting for for a delivery of a MINI Cooper around the launch date likely won’t have to wait longer than a few extra days.

  • Kev50027

    Ouch. This is not the way to release a car. First the biggest fans of the brand don’t like the look, then you delay it.

    • r.burns

      You don’t like the new Mini, maybe you have other things to do rather than criticize all the time

      • Kev50027

        Am I not entitled to my opinion because I disagree with you?

        • Dusty

          Yes, you are entitled to our opinion Kev. It brings back memories. My 2007 which was bought back by MINI and traded for a 2008 due to a freezing throttle issue. Same thing. Issues right from the start. MINI is a fun car and it’s interesting to follow this site. The new S though is pretty damn ugly. I seen it at our auto show. The base cooper is better, though I will probably never own another one. Way to many reliability issues.


          Then there area people like me who have had few repair/maintenance issues with my 2 MINIS. On my ’08 MCS hatch, had an AC compressor problem at 18K miles which was taken care of under warranty. Put 40K miles on the car with no other issues

          Then traded for my current ’12 JCW Coupe. Only 1 issue with this one…the Bluetooth stopped working at about 20K miles & was taken care of. That’s it for both cars over close to 70K miles of driving!!! I’d call that very good reliability!! So not all of us MINI owners have complaints re reliability.

    • Chris

      The biggest fans love the look. I had attended a private launch event with my local MINI dealer and Mini club. All of the hardcore MINI owners (the ones that never get rid of their R53’s) loved the changes. I didn’t hear a single negative.

      • James D

        I am on my 4th MINI, 2003, 2006, 2009, and 2012. I won’t be buying one of these new ugly F56s. But you’ll probably say that I am not fan because it doesn’t go with your opinion. Also, more than a few my buddies in my club feel the same way.

        • lawrothegreat

          I remember everyone saying that they would buy the last of the R53s and would never touch the second generation! It’s funny how it’s the same all over again….. 🙂

        • glangford

          It’s natural. Everyone wants to think the one they have is the best.

        • Gene Leeds

          I have a loaded and tuned R56 JCW. It’s my second Mini. I think the new S is terribly ugly. I don’t think I have the best. I still pine after a first gen GP! 🙂

        • I’m on my 4th MINI as well and from what everyone has said go see it in person and drive it before you make a final judgement. I will be doing that Saturday myself but I remember the EXACT same statements made about the R-56 and almost all of my Club members have upgraded to a new Model, Myself included. 1 R-53, 2 R-56’s and an R-61 Paceman. This MINI Has way more positives going for it then negatives. Go take one for a spin : )

      • Kev50027

        They were all there to see the new car.. In other words, that’s a self-selecting sample that is there because they WANT to see the new car in person.

    • Jason

      Did you just imply that anyone who likes the F56 is less of a MINI fan?

      • Kev50027

        No, I never implied such a thing. What I meant is that MINI did not cater to their fans when they designed the new car. MINI fans wanted a smaller (or same-sized) lighter car. MINI already makes a bigger heavier car..several of them, and the hatch is the basis for all of their cars, so there was a lot riding on this design.

        Finally, I don’t hear many people saying they like the look of those massive rear lights.

        The Cooper actually looks okay besides the massive front overhang and those rear lights, but it’s still too big and heavy for a MINI hatch IMHO. I’ve always preferred the simpler look of the Cooper though, even though I drive a Cooper S for the power and suspension.

        • Jason

          You just said that you didn’t imply it, and then implicitly stated that true MINI fans do not like the F56.

          You’re really good at ignoring things you don’t want to hear I guess. The overall reception of the F56 has been crushingly positive. From the “biggest fans” to the professional critics.

  • lol

    and so it begins

  • R.O

    First the F56 Cooper D and MINI One and now the Non S F56. The non S also seems to be the more popular look too.

    Wonder what’s next? Should we expect more problems? If so, will MINI do the right think, not like the R50 with the CVT and power steering.

    • R.O

      “right thing” not think. Typos …aaaaah

  • Sal

    Leading & finance rates finally announced.BMW finance wants my 2011 Clubman S back by Monday from extended lease while waiting for new car. New Hardtop S arrived early but lease and finance rates have push it way passed my current payments. My payments on a $37000 Clubman S are lower than new Cooper S by $70-100. In fact I can get a BMW320ix with moonroof and media package on lease for almost $60-100 less than most all current MINI’s-Hardtop S, ClubmanS, Countryman S, Paceman S, Coupe S etc. The aggravation of a new model year is incredible. I’m off to the dealership to discuss options but BMW finance says I start paying penalties on Monday if I don’t take the price gouging new vehicle. The dealership wants me to order a less optioned car for a June delivery but so far BMW says no more lease extension. I may have to buy back my Clubman & wait it out. Very disappointed by the news and delivered on my birthday no less. 🙁

    • stew

      Having ordered a Petrol Cooper here in the UK I’m not pleased at all that a fault has cropped up so early even before delivery. I contacted my dealer yesterday and they knew nothing but in fairness the sales guy who has been fantastic was off on holiday so had no access to the MINI system. This is a shocker! Make me think I should have never ordered a split new Car that is just being released world wide and went with an Audi or VW no matter how boring I probably would find them. If they are more bullet proof that’s al I want a car that does not worry me. I’m sure its not a complicated fix and will not delay too long but considering the price of the car and its BMW running the show I’m not impressed. Is it just early cars built before the 14th of March still????

      • We haven’t been able to confirm build dates yet. But that aside every automaker has minor issues like this from time to time on completely new cars. I wouldn’t be concerned about the issue having any lasting effect on your car.

        • Stew

          Cheers, my Car started it build on the 21st March. If there was a date cut off my car was going through the Factory and the engine is installed as I know having visiting the factory near the end so its more like 26th after body shop and paint shop etc and I hope by then the replacement part was in place.

          Looking forward to any new information and your effort on this its very much appreciated.

      • James D

        I think anytime you buy in the first few years of a new platform, you almost have to assume that there will be a few bugs. If you don’t, you’re not very smart. Now, whether these bugs will be serious or not, that depends on the make and its past history. So with this being a MINI, I’d say the odds are there will be other issues and some will be big deals. Buyers beware…

    • Sal

      UPDATE: The dealer was able to work it out with BMW Finance and I was able to get a better rate with a MINI Select instead of a lease. I am picking up my Cooper S tomorrow morning. A full report will follow.

      • Awesome. Looking forward to hearing about it. Feel free to send is your review via the contact form and we’ll see if wecan feature it somehow.

  • piper

    Of course there are people that also like the look of Azteks and Pacers and think fat is fabulous. Like Kev50027, I am not one of them. Aside from being a larger vehicle, the new MINI design is coarse and fat looking. This is the trend MINI has followed since the R56. Good for MINI that many are okay with it. The interior design and mechanical improvements are undoubtedly steps in the right direction, but that’s about all many of us can positively endorse.

  • JJ

    I’m frustrated to not have my Mini yet but am alright with this recall. Just a guess, but it may be that Mini wants to fix minor issues quietly and quickly so they don’t repeat the same mistakes the Chevy Cruise is dealing with right now (recall on the most popular model, going back all the way to 2007). That would be a PR nightmare.

  • lavardera

    Note that this same fitting is a chronic problem on the Prince engines and many other BMW engines. Just google for it, you’ll find the discussions. I’ve had a drip at this seal on mine, and had the entire piece replaced. Its also a source of cross contamination between coolant and oil, and seems to be a staple of BMW engine design.

    • walk0080

      Thanks for posting – I was not aware. Makes me proud to own a car (R56) designed in Germany with a French engine in a car built in England. What could go wrong! 😛

      • lavardera

        Well, that french engine claim is bs that zealots used to throw out. They had some say in the design, but this is a BMW plant, and this gasket is a consistent design approach in their engines. So french, no, BMW’s fault, yes.

      • Gene Leeds

        Yes great engine in our cars. My car goes through a quart of oil every 500 miles and the dealership says that it’s within tolerances! lol (I’m only slightly exaggerating) Still love the thing though.

        • lavardera

          I think that is not related to the oil filter housing, but I know that is no consolation. My own sips a quart every 1000, and the replacement of the filter housing didn’t change that.

        • walk0080

          Didn’t see this reply… Sorry to hear about your engine issues. My 2012 JCW doesn’t require oil fill-ups between the approx. 10,000km oil change intervals. I purchased a quart of MINI oil when I got the car brand new three years ago and the jug is still in my storage locker unopened.

  • lawrothegreat

    This isn’t the biggest issue in the world. It seems to me that it’s being blown out of proportion. No one has taken delivery yet and broken down…. The factory is closing down for two weeks over Easter and this may be to rectify this and other known issues.

    • That and there are several other major auto companies also doing significant recalls right now. They happen. Expecting perfection, especially with a brand new model, is unrealistic, but more than that, recalls mean something is getting FIXED. Not ignored, but rectified.

      • Alexandre Sitbon

        I agree with you both. This is somewhat “expected” of a car that is completly new from the ground up. While everyone should bare in mind that this is in no way comparable to the troubles GM and Toyota are experiencing, the fact that other manufacturers are doing recalls at the moment doesn’t excuse MINI.

  • RacerX

    Interesting that it is now reported here that only the B38M engine (F56 Cooper) is the only one affected by this issue. The actual MINI service bulletin SI M11 01 14 does not single out the Cooper and the VIN list attached to the bulleting showing affected vehicles includes both Cooper and Cooper S (B48M engine) models. Furthermore, the DCS printout for both Cooper and Cooper S print with a “Delivery Stop” warning that the vehicles cannot be sold.

  • ulrichd

    I wondered when they’d get around to fixing the tail lights 🙂

    • Alexandre Sitbon

      Good one 😉 I still like them though.

  • EHans

    Odd how it si the Cooper and not the Cooper S. I thought it was the same engine, just one more cyl. attached. Why would this part be different?

  • Alexandros Cannas

    They are also delaying the diesels in Europe by three months… They said acoustic problems were the culprit, but I reckon they are getting the same chain and chain tensioner problems they had on the N14 and N47 engines…

    • J1

      why would you think that ? fact not fallacy please.

  • Andrej Tsukamoto

    oh well it’s just a normal way of things, early models of every new generation car are always faulty, always have, always will be. If you’re a new car buyer than it’s not that much of a trouble since you’ll have warranty to cover for all the hassle, but when buying a used one, you should mostly avoid the early birds. That being said, my 2003 Coop wasn’t really a troubled soul 🙂