Exclusive: All R5X Models to Get Halo LED Foglights for 2015

According to MINI US product managers, all current R5X MINI models will get the same LED fog lights that debuted this week on the Countryman. Furthermore the Paceman will also receive all the R60 Countryman updates (sans the All4 appearance package – the silver accents) for the 2015 model year. The best news? This will be standard on all cars. But that’s not all that is changing for 2015.

MINI will also be making automatic climate control and rain sensors standard across. This will eliminate the basic HVAC controls for the US market and (in our minds) make the R5X interior what it should have been from the start. It’s a great added value for the range as it enters its golden years.

  • RakSiam

    Had the LED DRL/fog lights retrofitted to my 2012 R58 a few months ago. They are pretty sweet.

    I love that Jungle Green. If the 2015 F56 comes in that color too I could me even more tempted…

  • John

    Will the F56 have auto climate controls too?

    • Yes all 2015 US MINIs get it.

      • fishbert

        So, auto climate is standard across all 2015 R5x and F56… And the LED circle foglights are standard across all 2015 R5x but not the F56… Right?

        • It already has LED fogloghts that come with the optional LED headlights.

        • fishbert

          Key word: optional (and it’s a different style… not the LED circle fog lights so many have been lusting after) I was looking for clarification that the LED circle fog lights and auto climate control were both becoming standard across a different reach of models.

      • John

        Cool, thanks! I think it makes the cabin look much nicer on the F56 and of course all the R5x models too.


      All ‘current’ R series have available climate control as an ‘option’. Apparently, the 2015 Countryman & Paceman will make it ‘standard’. The F56 & assume future F series like the F55 will have optional ‘dual’ climate control…interesting (redundant?) feature on a MINI size vehicle so the passenger can have his hers own heat/AC levels separate from the driver.

  • ml

    Wait, so when is 2015 model exactly? Didn’t 2014 just come out? I’m planning on getting a new hardtop in July and was kind of hoping I’d get in on this…

    • U.N. Gawah

      Yeah, if we just bought a 2014 or are about to pick up the one we ordered, 2015’s arriving too soon will be a real bummer!

  • ml

    BTW, can anyone fill me in on what the missing toggles and button are in the dash? Hoping to spec a full bank for once… Asked this in a previous thread, but no one responded 🙁


    • rlb

      I could be wrong, but I think the left is the park distance control and the right is the heads up display. Not sure what the missing button is.

      • John

        Something like that, it’s a shame that they still design them to have blanks…really ruins the look of the toggles.

      • jbkone

        The blank button I think is the heated windshield in Europe.

    • fishbert

      Does this help?

      • ml

        Oh great thanks! So there is no way to have a US spec car with all the buttons? That’s really disappointing if that’s the case. They should have at least switched the position of the heated windshield and heater so there isn’t that gap. UGH! I hate how they do this 🙁

  • R.O

    “MINI will also be making automatic climate control and rain sensors standard across”

    Nice but there goes the price of the Base Cooper under current 19, 950 (under 20K). It’s like any product, i.e. “now with XX % more for same price” then a few months later, price goes up. MINI will be doing the same. No such thing as more for same of less.

  • kathy

    where are pictures of other two new colors – midnight grey metallic and starlight blue metallic?

  • kathy

    where are pictures of other two new colors – midnight grey metallic and starlight blue metallic?

    • Spike

      don’t know about Midnight Grey, but Starlight Blue has been available on the Paceman from launch.

  • EHans

    I love my automatic climate control in my R60. I cannot imagine having to fiddle with the controls in this day and age.