MINI Paceman 2015 Refresh Debuting in Beijing Next Week

The MINI Paceman will debut the same 2015 refresh we saw with the Countryman in NYC in Bejing next week. The refresh will focus in three new colors, improved sound deadening, new grill designs for all models and new exterior and interior trim.

Additionally MINI is taking it’s R56 accessory LED headlights and making them a factory option (standard on the MCS and JCW) on the R60 complete with halo rings. The foglight portion is powered by by three LED units arranged horizontally at the centre of the cluster. The daytime driving light takes the form of a luminous ring fed by 15 LED units. When the parking lights are switched on, only five LED units are active in the upper third of the ring.


Finally look for standard rain sensing wipers and automatic climate control across the range in the US.

The updated Paceman will arrive in showrooms this July and August.


  • veggivet

    Kind of reminds me of that great Silk Green…

    • It’s taken directly from the Paceman concept from several years back.

  • Kev50027

    You know what would make the Paceman really unique? A convertible version. Why? Absolutely no reason. They should do it as a one-off.

    • John

      Don’t tempt BMW……..

    • D

      Because that worked so well with the Murano Cross-Cabriolet… That’s at the top of my ugliest-cars-ever-made list.

    • Herr26

      Yes we have indeed took the roof of the PACEMAN to see what it would be like , but it was found internally to be a car too far. Then Land Rover took the roof of the Évoque but I am not sure if that car will be given the go ahead.

      Given the arrival of the BMW X4 and the announcement of the X2 and X7 respectively. We have not reached the plateau of the BMW X family and of course with the ever progressing market needs for flexibility are looking at additional models we looked at a few years back to determine if this is the time.

      The SUV segment is of course the fastest growing segment globally and that includes all levels of the market. Currently being considered for the next X3 and made possible by the next generation of architecture is an additional X3 model with seven seats but the real interesting part is it is being conceived as a more lifestyle orientated version with more outdoor rugged features think of it as the first BMW Sport UTILITY Vehicle rather than an ACTIVITY vehicle. Internally it is known as “K”

      We also investigated a production version of the BMW Xcoupe from 2001. Which combined the Z family with the X family. The concept then changed course to eventually morph into the X6 due to market demands.

      • Herr26

        But a new model is being considered using the same idea as the XCoupe including a proper Coupe shape rather than the 3dr fastback of the X2. Dubbed as “Y” the halfway between the X and Z.

      • Kev50027

        Herr26, I respect you, MINI, and BMW, but I was kidding, and sort of poking fun at MINI and BMW for making every single variant of every car possible. In reality, if they can make money with so many models, it’s better for consumers since we get more choices and a more varied lineup. That said, a convertible version of the Paceman would sell about as well as a stinky shoe with a MINI logo on it.

        I do appreciate all of the inside info though! Thanks!

  • piper

    Front-end design looks very nice and much better than the F56.

  • heli_guy

    What are the three new colors?