MINI Interns Create Paceman Truck

With shades of the Beacomber concept, MINI interns have created the Paceman Adventure. The project was dreamt up and executed start to finish by German interns at BMW as their final project. The extensively modified Paceman includes reinforcing the body, revising the underbody, B-pillar, raising it, fitting off-road tires and topping it off with a light bar and roof rack.


There are no plans for production at this time.


  • b-

    What, is this April Fools? Why do these always look so terrible? Not unlike the RedBull R52/3 the rear window section of this looks like it was done by a little kid and the bed looks pretty bad too. How about just pushing through a Beach Comber model and forget things like this?

    • Right? Not that BMW/MINI could have prevented RedBull from violating the Hardtop like they did, but….

  • jamesn

    why have I never pictured this before? the paceman is a fantastic platform for a reimagining of the classic mini pick-up compared to the hatch and countryman. The proportions are just right!


    Re the previous comments from b- and jamesn, one can see the 180 degs apart on how each views this ‘created’ Paceman truck. One said it looks terrible while the other appears to give it two thumbs up! Sounds like very much like the ongoing disputes of the look of the F56 as well as other MINIs over the years. It’s ALL subjective!….

  • piper

    this is bizarre and impractical as hell. it may be useful for carrying your crayons to the kiddy carnival, but that’s about all. and it’s ugly as hell to boot! please do not build this deformity.

    • R.O

      Not much different that an El Camino, the Ranchero, the Pontiac G8 sports truck or a shortened 2 seat version of the Honda Ridgeline.

      Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      You must have large crayons when going to the kiddy carnival 🙂

  • nervous

    I like the off-road wheels!

  • DaCrema

    I do not know how much time and money they had. I would venture to say not much. I kind of like the idea. To be useful leave the wheelbase but stretch a little behind the wheels for a little more bed space and clean up the roof line. I still like the Subie Brats of the 90s. This project also give you a good idea of what a Paceman convertible could look like.

    • b-

      A Paceman convertible would look too much like the Nissan Murano convertible, one of the ugliest cars ever made.

      • DaCrema

        Brrrr… shiver me timbers. I hope MINI would not make it look like one of those.

  • I honestly thought they would have used the Coupe’s roof design … I like the idea just not the design so much.

  • glangford

    A lot of negative comments for sure, but you know, I’d drive it if you gave it to me.

  • Jessica

    I like how the license plate says “adventure”.

  • Jessica

    I like how the license plate says “adventure”.

  • ulrichd

    MINI’s take on the Subaru Brat. It just needs the rear facing seats.

  • Minian

    It’s about time!!! I swore I would not buy another Mini util a truck was made or a really sporty looking Coupe. So for now I’m keeping my R53. I don’t care if many of you don’t like the look of the P-man Pick Up. If they build it I will buy. I can already see a Dark Silver and Black Mini P in my driveway with real mud slinging tires. BUILD THE FREAKING THING PLEASE!!!! I’ve been waiting 10yrs.