Worldwide MINI Sales Down -14.9% for April 2014

F56 new model roll out delays continue to hurt sales for MINI worldwide, which were down nearly 15% for April. MINI, however, is optimistic that sales will make up in the coming months as supply better matches what appears to be an ever stronger demand for the new MINI. Here’s how MINI put it officially:

April saw 20,917 MINIs delivered to customers (prev. yr. 24,583/ -14.9%). Year-to-date sales are down 13.2% with 78,785 units sold (prev. yr. 90,739). This expected decrease in sales is due to the recent model change in the core model MINI Hatch. The strong interest customers are showing in the new MINI is expected to be reflected in the retail figures from summer onwards.

The sooner MINI can get up to full production capacity and get over these initial launch hurdles the better. Response to the car has been extremely positive pretty much across the board, so the sooner MINI can actually put cars in the hands of customers, the sooner we’ll likely see this numbers climb significantly.

  • spyshots

    why dont you guys have the spy shots up of the cabrio and 5 door? tsk tsk. slow

  • fishbert

    Having basically no option other than aggressively-bolstered seats is keeping me away. Really hope MINI lets me “you-ify” them away sometime soon.

    • Harrison.Lambert91016

      The seats bother you more than the front of the car and it’s black strip and fish mouth grille?

      • fishbert

        The seats prevent me (a fat man) from sitting comfortably in the driver seat. And they do not pass the girlfriend (a normal-sized woman) test in the passenger seat. The appearance of the car is just personal taste; the seats are body mechanics and comfort. Also, it’s just bonkers that a manufacturer who prides itself on build-to-order customization would not have any way for a customer to option their way out of such an aggressive seat. Especially when they’re taking such obvious strides elsewhere to appeal to a wider audience.

        • Jason

          Have you tried the non-sports seats? They have much a more traditional fit.

        • fishbert

          Cooper only. Would love it if they had an option to “downgrade” to the non-sport seats.

  • Dacha H

    For the most part, I have seen most previous generation owners dislike the new MINI, other than the ones who would buy it without a test drive.

  • robs8114

    Yeah… the new hatch is really ugly. Let’s be honest.

  • GoRixter

    For me the looks (especially the front grill on F56) are nothing to get excited about. I think MINI has too many variations and has confused customers as to what really is a MINI (brand vs car). And there’s still the nagging quality issues. Shopping for a small SUV, there wasn’t a single review that stated the reliability of the Countryman in a positive light. If I pay a premium price, I also want premium reliability.

  • Don Compton

    I had an ’08 R56s, sold it, regretted it, and bought a ’12r56s. Mechanically, the I like the improvements of the R56s over the years. I probably will buy an F56s, but it will be after the model has been out for awhile.

  • VHines

    When are the delays going to be resolved? How can a contrasting roof be an issue?! Has any one heard the status of the HK supply?

  • Jackson Hall

    I hated the way the new car drove. I know it’s gotten much more positive reviews than in the past, but my sneaking suspicion is BMW padding journalists pockets with elaborate overseas trips, and a promise to let them have the first whack at releasing the reviews. I’m disappointed in the lack of flexibility the new powertrains offer compared to the R56 S N18 engine. The N18 engine had a much better sound, powerband, and overall peppyness. The B48 just felt like the same engine you could get in a Hyundai. It was nothing to write home about, it sounded terrible compared to the previous S, and it didn’t push you back in the seat at 1250RPM like the N18 engine did. It also felt anemic at higher rpms. I know I’m not the first to say this. I’ve seen several other people feel the same way. They ruined the car by taking out its MINI-ness (engine and exhaust noises, and it’s ultra precise suspension tuning). In the hope for a more mass market appeal, BMW abandoned the owners that made this brand so successful in the first place, and put our loves of the last cars on the back burner. The B38 engine on the Base models was a little better than the 2.0L, but the gearing was outrageous. Seriously, the base model car could do over 70 in 2nd gear, so it never felt like it was that powerful as the gears were so long. The start stop system is rough, and like the new S, it lacked any quality engine or exhaust noises. The center LED lights are the dumbest gimmic I’ve seen in a while. I can’t imagine how distracting that will be at night – especially if you don’t know how to hunt through the menus and disable it. Overall, it’s a definite step back in driving. It’s interior is a small step forward, but there is still a lot of room to grow. In a car this expensive for the size you get, I was expecting more.

    • BlueBoomPony

      Yes, the only reason someone could ever disagree with you is they were paid off.

      The narcissism of the modern era is just everywhere.